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Standard Rug Size for Bedroom (Complete Guide)

The size of your bedroom rug is an important design element that can add dimension, style, and comfort to your space. The right rug size will enhance the feel of your space without overwhelming it, while still providing a comfortable surface to walk on.

Standard Rug Size For Bedroom:

Rug size is measured in square feet, which is the area of a rectangle that can be covered by a single square of the rug material. For bedrooms, the standard rug size is 3 feet by 5 feet. This size is just large enough to fit under the bed and still have room to walk around on.

More luxurious rugs can be found in sizes as large as 8 feet by 10 feet, which is enough space to cover the area under the bed, and also extend.

Experts suggest you buy a rug or two— as they help define your space and add a touch of style. The size of the rug you choose depends on the size of your bedroom. If your bedroom is less than 10 feet long, you should go for a 5’ x 8’ rug.

As a result, it’s a good idea to take some measurements of the space you want your rug to fill before you head to the store.

So in general, there is no “standard” sized rug for a bedroom, as it depends on the dimensions of your space. However, most homeowners start with 3’ x 5’ for small rooms. Larger bedrooms can accommodate rugs ranging from 5’ x 8’ to 12’ x 15’. 

The best way to find out the right rug size for your room is to measure the space and your bed, and then find a rug that fits within the room without overlapping.

For Single Bed:

The standard rug size for a single bed is 5’ x 7’. This size is the most common rug size, and is suitable for most rooms.

For Double Bed:

Double beds come with a standard rug size of about 6’ x 9’. Such measurements will cover the entirety of the space under your bed. However, you can also go wider if you want your rug under an ottoman.

For Twin Bed:

Twin bed rug size in an American household is usually around 5’ x 8’. However, there are different sizes of twin beds, which determine standard sizes for rugs. For example, homeowners can go up to 8′ x 10′ for larger-sized twin beds.

For Queen Bed:

It’s generally accepted that an 8′ x 10′ rug is the size most commonly used for queen-sized beds in America. However, most consumers go with 12′ x 15′ for beds of this size, as the rug can then flow under bedside tables and ottomans as well.  

For King Bed:

Rug size for a king bed is usually 9′ x 12′. It’s important to measure the exact size of your bed frame to ensure the rug fits properly. A king-sized bed is usually about the same size as a queen-sized bed, but it is longer.

For California King Bed:

Similar to King beds, California King Beds also require a rug size of 9’ x 12’. You can go even larger if your bedroom’s big enough, for a really luxurious look.

Rug Size Based On Bedroom Size:

Bedroom SizeRecommended Rug Size
13’ x 13’9’ x 12’
10’ x 13’ (for twin beds)3’ x 5’ (one on each side)
10’ x 13’ (for full beds)8’ x 10’
10’ x 11’8’ x 10’

What Are The Standard Rug Sizes Available?

The size of your rug is an important decision to make when redecorating your bedroom. Choosing the right rug size for the space is one of the best ways to add value to your home. Rugs come in different sizes, which we’ve listen down below –

3 feet x 5 feet:

Ideal for small bedrooms, with barely any space to house a large rug.

5 feet x 8 feet:

Perfect for rooms that can accommodate a medium sized rug, as well as bedside tables.

6 feet x 9 feet:

Such measurements are good for bedrooms with single beds.

8 feet x 10 feet:

Bedrooms with twin beds can opt for rugs of this size.

9 feet x 12 feet:

Optimal rug size for rooms housing queen sized beds.

12 feet x 15 feet:

Bedrooms with either king beds or California king beds are great for rugs of this size.

How To Choose The Right Rug Size For Your Bedroom?

When you are choosing a rug for your bedroom, you want to make sure it’s the right size. Experts suggest looking out for the following factors before purchasing your chosen rug.

Room Size:

When deciding on the size of a rug for a bedroom, the first thing to consider is the size of the room.

Large bedrooms can house rugs of dimensions as huge as 12’ x 15’, because the room can also accommodate king or queen sized beds. Depending on the size of the room, homeowners can also purchase two rugs of smaller sizes.

Bed Size:

Other than the bedroom you want a rug for, the bed itself also determines the sizing you should opt for. Single beds generally require smaller sized rugs, of only 5’ x 7’. You can also go with a round rug for such beds.

On the other hand, twin, king and queen sized beds naturally need larger dimensions to cover. You can find information regarding the size of rug required for such instances above.

Type Of Rug:

Did you know there are also different types of rugs available? As a result, the size of each also differs, which can be a problem when purchasing one for your bedroom.

Traditional rugs, such as those made of wool and jute fall on the larger side, whereas microfiber and cotton rugs are smaller.

Rug Placement:

Rug placement is important when determining the size required for bedrooms. Most rugs are meant to be placed right underneath the beds, without covering the area under the headboard.

On the other hand, you can purchase larger rugs if you want to cover the entire bed, including headboard and additional furniture.

Alternatively, homeowners can opt for rug placement that starts from the middle of the bed. This way, it will seem like the rug flows off the area under the bed.


Rugs for bedrooms come in all shapes and sizes, so choosing the best one is a difficult process. Round rugs tend to be smaller and cover minimum area, so they are ideal for tight spaces.

However, rectangle rugs are better for large rooms, with wide beds. You can cover a whole lot of surface area without compromising on the visuals. Go with square rugs if you want a pleasant focal point in your bedroom without going over the top.

Where To Put The Rug In A Bedroom?

Rugs are versatile, so they can be placed almost anywhere in a bedroom to create a focal point. But, some areas are obviously superior when it comes to creating distinct aesthetic value.

Under The Bed:

Placing the rug under the bed is the most common way to decorate your room. It not only creates a comfy area to lay your feet on, but also brings attention to the center of the room.

Twin beds also look nice with a rug right underneath. In this case, you want to find a rug that is large enough to cover areas under each bed.

Next To The Bed:

Another great option is to place your rug beside the bed (towards the bedroom door). You can place a mirror on the opposite end of the rug, creating a visually pleasing experience when you wake up in the morning. 

Underneath Bedroom Bench:

Placing a runner rug only under the bench by the end of the bed is a great way to create a statement. It is not the most common option for many new homeowners, however, it is still pretty unique.

The runner rug should cover the entirety of the bench, and also extend slightly horizontally.

The Entire Room:

Although not as common in most households, you can place your desired rug throughout the room. However, note that the rug needs to be properly sized if it is to cover the entire surface area of the bedroom.

Experts suggest it is better to go along with a slightly larger rug, than one that falls too small. You will want the rug to flow generously under all of the furniture in the bedroom.

Final Thoughts

The standard rug size for bedrooms depends on the size of the room. Smaller rooms can usually make do with 3’ x 5’ rugs. However, you can choose as large as 8’ x 10’ or higher for bedrooms with king sized beds and larger. The factors mentioned above also determine which size is ideal for bedrooms.