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Can You Use Chalk Paint on Outdoor Furniture? (Explained)

Your garden is the place where you spend most of the early mornings and eventful afternoons. You may love to seat in a rocking chair with a cup of coffee there or throw a buffet dinner with tables full of dishes. The same goes for your backyard too. 

That’s why these places need to be cozy and well arranged with chanceful outdoor furniture. Your patio furniture can amaze your guest and lift your mood if they are bright and unique. That’s why many people these days paint them with chalk paint. 

Chalk paints are very popular for their matte finish and vintage look. But are they safe to use outdoors in the sun, rain, and snow? We’ll tell you all of it here. 

Using chalk paint on outdoor furniture

Chalk paint can be used on outdoor patio furniture. It can easily sustain winter and summer weather if the furniture were prepared well before painting. Pressure wash to remove all the dirt and lose paint, polyurethane coating before paint works well to prevent chalk paint from flaking off. 

Chalk paint usually gives a matte and chalky appearance. It is used on furniture to present a rustic and vintage look. 

Nowadays, the use of chalk paint on furniture has become very popular. Even on patio furniture that remains outdoor, usage of chalk pain has increased.

Outdoor furniture can be made of several materials such as metal, plastic, wood, brick, glass, stone, etc. Let’s explore whether chalk paint sustains them or not. 

Metal outdoor furniture:

Metal furniture are a great choice as patio outdoor furniture. They can sustain a longer period in the winter and summer seasons. But the concern should be given to rust. 

Metal furniture has great potential to be rusty which is not desirable at all. Paint on metal furniture can serve the purpose of preventing rust. Chalk paint in this case is very effective. 

Chalk paint can be applied on metal furniture without sanding and priming. Just clean your metal patio furniture well and apply coats of chalk paint. They will sustain longer than you can imagine. 

Some people use wax after painting. You can apply a coat of wax, or you can skip this. Chalk paint lasts longer without a wax coat as well.

Plastic outdoor furniture:

Chalk paints easily stick to any surface and last longer. So if you are using plastic furniture such as a garden chair, armchair or seats but don’t want them to look usual and boring you can apply chalk paint on those. 

Chalk paint doesn’t need any extra adhesive for plastic furniture. Even if they are patio furniture you can use chalk paint on them by preparing the surface properly.

Plastic has a slippery base so bad weather can ruin it if you paint over it. But chalk paint can fight rain and moisture even with frequent use. Top over that, if a final coat of wax is applied it lasts more. 

Wood outdoor furniture: 

Chalk paint can change the look of wooden furniture so you can opt for any theme, vintage or modern. They are great for outdoor or patio furniture too.

So if you’re planning to decorate your yard’s wooden breakfast table or those cozy chairs for summer or winter, you can blindly trust chalk paint. Whether the weather is rainy or it’s snowing chalk paint will not wear off from the wooden base.

To make it durable for long days you have to sand the surface well and make sure it’s coated with a protective layer such as wax or polyurethane. 

Is chalk paint suitable for outdoors?

Chalk paints are used to give a rustic and vintage look to furniture. They have become very popular these days.

Their matte and chalky appearance help furniture stand out. You can apply chalk paint to all kinds of materials such as wood, plastic, metal, brick, stone, etc.

Their long-lasting characteristics have increased their acceptance widely. Outdoor furniture requires special concern as they are open to winter and summer season. Their durability often depends on paint as no material can sustain longer without a paint coat. 

Other paints often flake off the surface due to improper sanding and priming. But chalk paints do not require priming. They can easily be applied on a clean, smooth surface. It eases the application and enhances the durability of the furniture. 

Chalk paint among all other paints is the most suitable option for outdoor furniture irrespective of its material.

Does chalk paint need a top coat on outdoor furniture? 

Chalk paint is a great option for outdoor furniture. It not only gives a vintage, matte finish look to your furniture but also enhances its durability. Outdoor furniture requires special care due to its exposure to the sun and rain.

A wax coat is suggested on chalk paint to increase its sustenance. A top coat on your chalk paint works as a sealant that helps you to protect your paint and furniture from being ruined by moisture or touch.

Besides, a topcoat enhances the color and appearance of your furniture coated with chalk paint.

If you use vibrant multiple colors, a topcoat will enhance the beauty of your furniture. Often, wax is used on chalk paint as a top coat to pop out the transparency of the color. But you can skip it as this is not mandatory.

How to use chalk paint on outdoor furniture? 

It is easy to chalk paint on patio outdoor furniture. Even if your furniture is old, you can chalk paint them and make them look new and refreshing. Chalk paint usually lasts long and withstands the material.

However, you do not need to follow a specific procedure to chalk paint your furniture as it does not require any priming or sanding. You can chalk paint your furniture just by cleaning and applying coats.

Clean off all the dirt:

Though chalk paint does not require any sanding and priming, it requires proper cleaning. Chalk paint can sustain longer only on a clean smooth surface. Otherwise, the paint will flake off the surface.

You can use a damp towel to clean the surface and remove all the dirt. To remove the flaking paint from your old furniture, you can use a power wash. It is so functional and user-friendly, that it can make your surface smoother in no time. 

In the case of old metal furniture, you may find some rust. Then you will need to sand down to remove the rust and apply a clear coat to seal it. Otherwise, the paint will flake off.

Apply coats of chalk paint:

As soon as your furniture is clean and smooth, apply coats of chalk paint to them.

They dry out very soon, so you can reapply coats within the shortest possible time. Use the usual paint brush or roller as per your comfort. Let the paint dry well.

Apply top coat:

Last but not the least, you can apply a wax coat on the top of your chalk paint. It will enhance the color and durability of your paint. This is not a mandatory task. Usually, chalk paint lasts long even without a wax coat.

How do you protect chalk paint outside? 

Colorful chalk-painted furniture in your garden will surely catch a lot of eyes. But chalk paint

needs some care to last longer. Especially if it’s outdoor furniture there are many factors such as rain, heat, and moisture that you need to protect your furniture from. 

We’ve shared some tips here to keep your chalk-painted outdoor furniture new and looking for months:

Apply sealer before the paint:

Though sealers are meant to seal holes, pores, or rough surfaces, they can make the paint long-lasting.

When you use a sealer before putting paint layers, it smoothens the rough surface and conceals impurities. Thus the color sits well and doesn’t wear off too soon when the piece is placed outdoors.

Apply the paint properly:

If you prepare the surface well, seal it, and smoothen it but stop after applying a single coat, the paint will not work against the weather. You have to evenly brush 2-3 layers of chalk paint to secure it outdoors. 

Use topcoat:

Topcoat can make chalk-painted furniture more waterproof. Even if the paint is waterproof, use clear wax or polyurethane coat to protect the furniture from harsh sunrays, rain, mist and moisture. 

Final Thoughts

Chalk paint is suitable for outdoor furniture such as easy chairs, tea tables, or a swing. If applied right this paint can last long even in foul weather. To keep chalk-painted furniture shiny and bright for months you have to prepare the surface and use wax or polyurethane as a top coat.