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What Size Fan Do You Need for a Bedroom? (Quick Answers)

In this scorching summer heat, living without a fan is almost impossible. In countries with high humidity, you may not always afford to keep the air conditioner switched on due to the high consumption of electricity. 

In that case, a fan gives you the satisfaction of sleeping properly after a long and tiring day. However, there are some aspects that you must keep in check before purchasing a fan for your bedroom. 

Mainly the size of the fan plays a vital role in determining your level of comfort as the fan needs to be large enough to cover your entire bedroom. 

So, here rises a question. What size fan do you need for a bedroom? If you are looking for the answer, then you are in the right place. 

Fan size for a bedroom:

Depending on the size of the room, fans between 36-60 inches can be bought. If you have the standard size room measuring 10 X 10, then you can go for the 42 inches fan. A 12 X 12 room can also accommodate a 10 inches fan. For larger bedrooms, you can also go for two fans of 36 inches each. 

A ceiling fan works wonders in your life if you keep in mind the amount of money it saves for you. In some weather conditions, air conditioners are not required and that is when ceiling fans do their magic. 

Compared to the cost of running air conditioners, ceiling fans are a blessing for your monthly electricity bill. So, selecting the correct size of the fan is essential. One of the most important places to have a ceiling fan installed is in your bedroom.

By simply changing the direction of the fan, you can be relaxed by being kept cool in summer and warm with a slight tinge of airflow in winter.

The size of the room varies from one apartment to another. The size of the fan depends mainly on the size and structure of the room. Different sizes of fans are suggested for a master bedroom, semi-master bedroom, and small bedroom. 

The size of the fan helps determine how much comfort you are going to receive and to what extent of the room the cooling effects of the fan with reach. In that case, the placement of the fan also plays a vital role. 

Here is a list of fan sizes elaborated for you to comprehend which size will suit your bedroom best. 

Small bedroom: 

For a small bedroom, the ideal size of the fan would be between 35 to 42 inches. A 36 inches fan is commonly used in small bedrooms, study rooms, utility rooms, etc. 

They are not too big and will not consume way too much power to run. They will cover the entire room if it is placed in the middle of the room. 

If you select a large fan for a small bedroom then the heavy airflow will cause immense problems and it is not feasible either. The correct size needs to be determined. 

Medium bedroom:

Medium bedrooms will refer to the next best room after the master bedroom. It is mainly given to the kids. In that case, a ceiling fan of size between 42 to 48 inches is appropriate. 

The slightly larger size of the fan will give them the utmost comfort by keeping in check the consumption of power. Depending on how much the fan is used you can determine which size between 42 to 48 inches suit your purpose best. 

Big Master bedroom:

In the case of a large master bedroom, you can choose a fan between 52 to 56 inches. Larger rooms require larger air blades for the right amount of air to flow in every corner of the bedroom. 

However, sometimes the fans are unable to cover the entire in that case you can consider getting two separate fans of 42 inches each. 

This way the whole area of the room gets covered with the cooling effects of the fan. However, if the 56 inches fan works for you then you should refrain from overdoing it by getting two separate fans. 

Bedroom sizeRecommended fan size
10 X 10 bedroom36 inches
12 X 12 bedroom42 inches
14 X 14 bedroom48 inches
20 X 20 bedroom56 inches

What is the standard room ceiling fan size?

For the standard room, ceiling fan sizes range between 42 to 48 inches. They are the standard size of ceiling fans. 

You need to keep a few things in mind before deciding on the correct fan size for your room. It depends on a lot of factors but the most important one is the size of the room. 

The standard size of the room of 12 X 12 can accommodate fans between 42 and 48 inches sufficiently. This site serves the purpose well. 

The airflow is distributed properly amongst the room and there is no wastage of power or current.

How to determine ceiling fan size for the bedroom?

As hectic as it sounds determining the correct fan size for your bedroom is essential to provide you with the utmost comfort and satisfy your needs. 

There are certain things that you need to consider to make sure that the airflow of the ceiling fan is suitable for your bedroom and serves your purpose properly. 

The things that needed to be taken into account for this process are discussed in detail below. 

Measuring the size of your room: 

The first and most essential step would be determining the size of your room. It can be done by measuring the length and width of the room and multiplying them to get the final result. 

After that measure the distance of the ceiling from the floor of your room. That way you have all the measurements necessary to determine the size of the room. 

Use a guide:

After you have the necessary measurements you need to consult a guide that will tell you which size fan suits the dimensions of your room best.

For example, for a 10 X 10 room 36 inches fan is sufficient and for a 12 X 12 room 42 inches fan is sufficient. You just need to find out which one is suitable for you. 

Look for obstacles in the ceiling: 

There might be some obstacles present in the ceiling and the position of the wiring might affect bigger size fans and make them barriers to certain aspects of your room. 

In that case, if you do come across any obstacles get rid of them as soon as possible or just go for a size that fits in well keeping the obstacles in mind. 

Check for the power connection and how the fan would look: 

Check the power connection and how much ability the connection has to withhold the stress of your desired fan size. 

You need to keep in mind the wire connections need to allow your choice of size. If you pick a fan that requires power more than the wire connection can provide, then the fan will not work efficiently. 

Lastly, make sure the size of the fan goes well with the ceiling and does not look too small or too big.

Are 3 or 4-blade ceiling fans better for bedrooms?

It depends on the user’s perspective. 4-blade fans cause less noise and are suitable for rooms that contain air conditioners. Since mostly all bedroom contains air conditioners the 4 blades fan can be a good choice after all. 

However, 3-blade fans do a better job at moving the air faster and they are less expensive than 4-blade fans. Weighing the pros and cons, whichever fits the user’s interests bests can be considered better for a bedroom. 

4-blade fans are also more stylish and modern than the 3-blade ones which can give your room a modernized look. 

Can you have two ceiling fans in one bedroom?

Yes, you can have two ceiling fans in one bedroom. In case the room is huge and one ceiling fan of 56 inches does not help the airflow to reach every corner of the room then using two fans can be a good option. 

You can easily go for two 36 inches or 42 inches fan side by side. They will help to make sure all the corners of the room are well covered. 

Final thoughts 

To sum up, the correct size of the fan depends mainly on the size of the room. But overall fans between 36-60 inches is enough. You can go for both 3 to 4 blade fans according to your requirement and budget. Both will satisfy your needs if you are able to choose the right size.