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How to Make a Bow with Thin Ribbon – 7 Easy Steps

Making a bow with ribbon is quite an easy thing to do if you know the right technique. Ribbon bows are usually used for gift wrapping and different types of crafts. You should know how to make a bow with thin ribbon as bows made from thin ribbons are the prettiest. Make a simple gift look very attractive if you use a bow to attach in the gift package.

You can also use different sizes of ribbon bows for your Christmas or Halloween decoration. Little bows made with thin ribbons looks very pretty in Christmas trees. You will need a few items to make these beautiful ribbon bows. The trick here is to know the technique. It is not such kind of DIY project where you will need a lot of materials like tape, glue stick or scotch tapes, etc.

how to make a bow with thin ribbon

So, you will be able to make a bow easily without spending any money. You will need to follow a proper guide to make a bow with a thin ribbon successfully. The guide below will help you throughout the process of making a bow.

How to Make a Bow with Thin Ribbon

Step 1: Take a long ribbon to make the bow

Lay the ribbon on a flat surface or floor and cut the ribbon with a scissor. It is always better to use more length than you need so that you have enough ribbon to tie it. You can cut the extra part later. Make sure that the fan is switched off; otherwise, you won’t be able to keep the ribbon flat on the surface. As you are working with a thin ribbon, the airflow coming from the fan will not keep it flat. So, it is important to switch off the fan at first.

Step 2: Hold the tails of the ribbon with two hands and bring the tails in the middle

You will need to bring the ribbon tails in the middle. To do this, hold one end of the ribbon with one hand and another tail of the ribbon with the other hand. Now overlap the ribbon ends by bringing them in the middle. You will need to make sure that the two loops are of the same size. To measure it, you can see the loops and guess if it is properly aligned or not.

Step 3: Make the final loop by taking the first loop around the back

After you are done aligning the loops, you will need to take the first loop into the center hole by taking it around the back. Now hold the two loops with your two hands and pull them outside so that the loops are tightly attached. And that is how you make a simple bow with a thin ribbon. You can use these thin ribbons ta attach with gifts. You can also decorate your Christmas tree with different colored ribbons.

Step 4: Use a wire to tie the ribbon

If you find the previous steps too hard, then you can use a wire to tie the loops you will make from the ribbon. Following the earlier process, make two loops by laying the ribbon on a flat surface. Then hold the center of the ribbon so that the loops don’t get loosen up.

Now take a wire and tie the center of the ribbon with it. You can use glue to attach it. Or you can simply tie the wire by the simple technique. After attaching the wire, adjust the loops of the bow so that both the parts are symmetrical. If the ribbon is too large, then you will need to cut the ends.

Step 5: Make a thin grosgrain ribbon bow for wrapping a gift box

If you want a special kind of ribbon bow to wrap around your gift box, then you will need to go through a different process. For a typical gift box, you will need around 2 or 3 meters of thin ribbons. Hold one end of the ribbon at the top middle of the gift box and wrap the box with the thin ribbon. Use glue to attach the ribbon parts that overlap at the top of the box.

You can also use a matching tape so that the tape doesn’t look weird on the gift box. Then, make two loops from the center of the tape and attach the loops with another tape. Hold the center of the loops with your hand and tape the loops. Do this for the other side as well. After this step, you will have four loops in total.

If you think that four loops are not enough, you can also make another four, which will look good as well. We will suggest you to use a thin grosgrain ribbon to wrap a gift box because bows made with grosgrain ribbons are typically stronger than the regular ones. These ribbons also come in various colors and textures, which will help you for better decoration.

Step 6: Shape the tails of the ribbon bows

After you are done making your desired ribbon bow, you will need to give the ribbons a finishing touch. To make the ribbon look more beautiful, you will need to cut the tails of the ribbon. The tails of the ribbons are not usually straight. You can cut the tails of the ribbon bow with a 45 degrees angle for both tails. It gives a better look whether you are making a ribbon bow to wrap a gift box or for any other purposes.

Step 7: Use several ribbons with different colors and textures

It is always better to use more than one type of ribbon. You can pick a ribbon of one color, and you can use a contrasting color to match it. Contrasted colors always look good on ribbons bows, especially if you are making one for wrapping a gift box.

If you follow this step by step guide, you will be able to make a beautiful bow with a thin ribbon. Thin ribbons are the best for using on top of gift boxes and hats, as well. You can use cotton ribbons, grosgrain ribbons, or printed ribbons as well.

Diy bow with thin ribbonhow to make a bow with thin ribbon