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What Color Bedding Goes with Gray Headboard? (Explained)

There was a time people used to stick on white and off-white as interior colors. Grey was never in mind as a color to use in the house, especially for bedroom décor.

But these days’ grey is getting more preference as it creates a cool and relaxing atmosphere. May be that’s why people nowadays choose headboards in grey color to keep their bedrooms unique and comfortable.

But to make the whole room assembled and seamless with a grey headboard you have to choose the other décor’s color wisely.

When we talk about other elements the closest we have is the bedding.

So let’s find out what color bedding goes with grey headboard!

Bedding colors that go with gray headboard:

Since grey is a neutral shade it looks better when paired with vibrant and bright colors. For a mid-tone or dark grey headboard, you can use pink, pastel blue, white, light grey, or coral shade bedding. Dark blue, turquoise, yellow, dark grey, and orange are good matches for a light grey headboard.

Keeping up with the modern color pallet, grey today is used pften on different elements of a house. Because of the calmness and comfort, grey reflects a lot of people use this color for their headboards. The color might sound boring but if you can combine it with the perfect shades used in the room, you may thank yourself for going grey!

Before you look around the room to pick a color for every item, it’s important to look at your bedding first. The bed, cushions, comforters, or blankets are the closest things near to your grey headboard.

Once you find the perfect match for your bedding with the grey headboard the rest of the room is half done. 

After deep research here are our color picks for your bedding that has a grey headboard:


Grey and pink is a combo that can’t be denied in any circumstances. Whether you are choosing a color from your grey walls or grey headboard, pink is the one shade you can rely on to make the whole theme vibrant yet soft. 

Being a soft and bright shade pink is quite the opposite of grey so when used as the color of the cushions or for the comforter’s shade, it will enhance the beauty of grey. 


Who doesn’t adore the shades of blue? Grey and blue are almost on a similar side when it comes to the tone. But by mix-matching with your grey shade type, you can utilize blue as the color of your bedding.

For a dark grey headboard pastel blue or baby blue is a good choice. If your headboard is light grey we’d say go for a dark or navy blue to bring elegance. 


If you want your bedding to catch the spotlight go a bit brighter for example use yellow. If the headboard is grey, it’s quite calm and cool as a color of the room. 

Yellow bedding can brighten the whole look if you use one or two things in yellow. It will create the ‘Pop of color” vibe. Or you can use different shades of yellow as bedding colors to avoid flashing. 


Orange is for those people who look for a relaxing ambiance that comes with warm acceptance. Orange is the color that makes everything welcoming. It’s not too flashy or too dull instead when paired with a grey headboard orange bedding can really change the look of your bedroom.

Depending on what shade of grey is used in the headboard you can pick coral orange, faded orange, or even the bright tangerine orange color too.


Not blue, not green, turquoise is a unique shade that can make a friendly bond with grey. This color itself is a gem as it can change the whole atmosphere in the right way when used correctly. 

This aqua-inspired shade goes very well with dark grey. The dark grey headboard spread calmness and soothes eyes while the soft yet vivid turquoise can pull the whole décor together. 


White is the safest color to choose if you’re in dilemma. This shade can never go wrong. White is plain and simple but when paired with the right shade it brings variety.

A Grey headboard behind white bedding is one of the soothing combinations you can create in your bedroom. This combo has warmth, calm, and peace at the same time and can be paired with any type of grey. 


who says you cannot use grey with grey? It’s one of the cleverest ideas to use the same color that’s in your headboard but different shades and in a different way. 

For example, if the headboard is iron grey or shadow grey in color, use a foggy or cloudy grey for the bedding. To make it interesting you can pair the grey headboard filling the bedding with different shades of grey.

Things to consider before selecting your bedding color:

Before you go shopping and spent all the money on things you will not need later, let us tell you there are a few things that you need to decide first before you select the bedding color. 

So here’s a list of what you need to consider before choosing the bedding color:

Bed size:

You should keep the size of your bed in mind while choosing a bedding color. If you have a king-size bed you can go for darker shades such as black, navy blue, red, dark pink, teal, etc. Small or large prints go well with large beds.

If the bed is not too big solid colors are good options such as light blue, pink, white, and faded yellow. If you’re into print lightly printed floral bedsheets with solid color pillows are great matching. 

Room size:

If you don’t consider the room size before choosing a color for your bedding you might regret it later. If your room is big enough you can play with any color bedding. For small bedrooms, the bedding should be kept minimal following the less is more trend. 

Depending on the room and bed size you will have to decide bedding accessories number to avoid a messy look. 

Wall Color:

For darker wall colors lighter shades and solid fabric are great picks to make the room look bright. If you have light solid paint on the wall, you can use dark and printed bedding set for a good combination.

Choosing decor and colors for a gray headboard:

If you’ve decided to stick on a grey headboard for your bedroom, then you have to take care of the rest of the decorative items in that room so that the whole look comes out perfect. 

Since grey is known as a neutral color with a cool and calm vibe, the other décor should be picked very carefully by their material and color. 


With a grey headboard you can keep the dresser sleek and simple. The design has to be modern as it will go very well with the idea of using grey s the headboard color. Even if you choose a heavy design make sure the height is kept less than the bed and of course lesser than the headboard. 

Ashy grey, cloudy grey, white and silver dresser with a grey headboard is a balanced look for a bedroom. 


A nightstand is a necessity and at the same time it enhances the beauty of the area when picked right. If you have a grey headboard you can keep a little bit of grey shade on your nightstand. 

For example, a light grey nightstand with silver drawer lines. For contrast, look pick an opposite shade of grey such as white or you can go for pastels. 

Since the headboard takes a lot of the width, keeping the nightstand slim and light is important. Instead of regular shapes and materials, you can choose glass, steel in round or concrete material.


For a room that has a grey headboard over the bed, it’s good to choose a light shade for the walls. Thus the headboard will not get lost in colors as well the room will look bigger and bright.

Chalk paint or matte kind of paint goes very well with grey headboards. Avoid glossy wall color, intense texture, and prints to keep the room look sorted. 


For a grey headboard you can keep the rug color warm and bright. Pink, teal, yellow, royal blue, mauve, and beige rugs with a furry texture can make the atmosphere cozy. You can also use black and white check-printed large rugs that will compliment your grey headboard.

Final Thoughts:

For a grey headboard, warm and bright colors are the best choices. You can pick pink, bright blue, beige, or white beddings if the headboard is in dark grey. For a lighter grey shade, any warm tone will be perfect. To make the whole look assembled different shades of one color can be used.