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How Long Should a Bench Be for a King Size Bed? (Answered)

A bedroom bench should be of the right length that matches the size of your bed if you want to get the advantages of having both style and an additional seating capacity in your bedroom.

That being the case, you certainly would wish to learn how long a bedroom bench should be for a king-sized bed if you don’t know the right length of a bedroom bench for your king-sized bed. 

Bench Size For A King Size Bed:

Usually, a king-sized bed is 80″ wide, so a bedroom bench should be 60-70″ long in front of a king-sized bed to match the width of the bed. However, as per one’s taste, a bench for a king-sized bed can be shorter or of the same length as the width of the bed, but it shouldn’t exceed the bed’s width. 

While contemplating getting a bedroom bench for your king-sized bed, you must consider choosing a bedroom bench with the correct width and height along with its length so that the bench perfectly fits your bed. 

Therefore, what should be the length, width, and height of a bedroom bench for a king-sized bed have been briefly explained below for your information. 


The length of a bedroom bench for a king-sized bed should range between 60 to 70 inches so that a synchronized yet functional bedroom look is created. 

As a rule of thumb, a bedroom bench should have a length that takes 80-90% of the width of a bed. So, as a king-sized bed is about 80 inches wide, a 60-70 inches long bedroom bench is the perfect fit because it covers up to 80-90% of the width of the bed. 

However, if you want, you can opt for having a bedroom bench with a bit shorter length than 60 inches, or you can opt for having a bench as long as the width of your king-sized bed.

But remember not to choose a too short or too long bedroom bench as it would ruin the mood of your bedroom.


The widely accepted height of a bedroom bench for a king-sized bed is between 18 to 20 inches.

An 18-20 inches tall end-of-bed bench is neither too short nor too tall in comparison to the height of a king-sized bed. Thus, it not only complements the height of the king-sized bed but also ties the room’s look together. 

However, you can go for a bench of the same height as your bed if there’s a footboard. 


A bedroom bench meant to be kept in front of a king-sized bed should have a depth of about 15 to 20 inches.

In fact, it’s assumed to be the standard depth for a bedroom bench regardless of the bed size because benches surpassing 20 inches or benches less than 15 inches mark won’t feel comfy to sit on for a person of average height.

How To Measure And Get The Right Size Bench For Your Bed?

Go through the methods listed below to learn how to take measurements and get the accurate size bedroom bench to keep in front of your bed.

Take Measurements For The Bedroom Bench:

Start taking the measurements for an end-of-bed bench using a usual measurement tape. First, measure the breadth of your bed because a right-sized bedroom bench should take up an approximate length/width of about 80-90% of the measurement of your bed’s width.

This length/width ensures that the bedroom room bench won’t peep from both sides, nor will seem disproportionally tiny. 

Then go for taking the measurements of your bed’s height. Take a measurement from the floor of your room to the bottommost part of your bed’s mattress, and whatever the bed’s height is, choose a few inches shorter bedroom bench than the bed’s height. 

You can choose a bedroom bench of your preference depth but make sure that the depth doesn’t cross 15-20” so that you can maneuver and sit comfortably on it. 

Consider Functionality: 

Apart from using a bedroom bench to add elegance and style to your bedroom, think about its day-to-day functionality, for instance, how you’re planning on using a bedroom bench in your daily life. It will help you decide on what kind of bedroom bench you want. 

Prioritize Your Personal Style: 

An end-of-bed bench must complement other furniture in your bedroom, but it necessarily doesn’t require to match them exactly.

According to your personal preference and the overall decor of your room, you can opt for a bedroom bench that brings contrast and makes a statement piece of furniture. 

Work With Your Room’s Arrangement: 

After figuring out the particular dimensions and style of the bedroom bench, play with your room’s arrangement and be creative while picking a bedroom bench.

For example, you can choose two ottomans instead of a long bench that would coordinate with the room’s overall appearance and arrangement. 

Think Of Storage: 

Many bedroom benches come with hidden storage underneath the seat. So, if you want a space to store the random items in your room, go for a bedroom bench with storage under the seat.

What Is The Purpose Of A Bed Bench?

A bedroom bench is a practical piece of furniture that serves multiple purposes. However, the primary purpose of all is that a bedroom bench adds an extra comfy seat in your room to sit on and put on shoes, pull stockings, or button-up shirts easily. 

Moreover, a bed bench allows you have a handy spot to toss the extra or decorative pillows on it at nighttime. Besides, many bedroom benches come with built-in storage underneath the seat, thus, you can have additional storage to store the spare throws or blankets.

Except for being an extra seating spot, a bedroom bench is a piece of sophisticated decorative furniture that manifests your personality and ties up the room’s decoration together while adding dimension and texture, and marking the end of your bed. 

Tips For Choosing A Bench For Your King-Sized Bed?

Picking the most suitable bedroom bench for a king-sized bed isn’t a simple task always, as you must consider several factors before you choose an end-of-bed bench. 

So, here a few tips to guide you while selecting a bedroom bench have been listed below. 


Choosing a bedroom bench made of the same material as your bed creates a monotonous look in the bedroom. As a result, select a slightly contrasting bench for your king-sized bed, or vice versa if you are choosing the bed later.

For example, if your bed’s frame is made of wood, go for an upholstered bench to keep at the bottom of the bed.


The silhouette of the end-of-bed bench for your king-sized bed should be light and sleek because your bed is already a large-sized one, so a bulky bench won’t look eye-pleasing before your bed. 


According to many interior designers, if there isn’t a footboard attached to your bed, it would look better if you choose an end-of-bed bench with a backrest. Moreover, a bench with a backrest will let you have something to put your back against. 

If you want to have a break for the eyes in your room’s decor, it’s suggested to choose a bench with a backrest. But the choice of having a bench with a backrest for your king-sized bed still depends on your preference and the room’s decor. 


Functionality is the most important aspect, so you must choose a bench that not only looks stylish but also serves the purpose of having a bench in the bedroom. 

Therefore, consider the comfiness of the bench first so that you can comfortably sit there while putting on shoes or pulling stockings. 

Then, look for the storage. If you have a small-sized room, go for a bench with storage beneath the seat so that you can use that space for storing stray things or extra blankets and throws. 


A king-sized bed is nearly 80” wide, which clearly indicates that you must get a bedroom bench with enough length/width that goes well with the width of your bed. 

And a 60-70” wide/long bedroom bench is the most suitable one that’s well proportionate to the size of the bed. 

Also, select a bench that’s a few inches shorter than the height of your bed. An 18-20” tall bench is the right one. And depending on the clearance in front of your bed, you can choose how much depth you want to have in your bedroom bench.

Final Thoughts 

A bedroom bench of 60-70″ wide/long is the most fitted one in comparison to the width of a king-sized bed as it’s nearly 80″ wide. However, a bench of the same width/length as the king-sized bed is also acceptable but the length of a bedroom bench should never be more than a king-sized bed’s width.