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Can You Use the Pink Stuff on Grout? (Quick Answers)

A combination of baking soda, quartz, sodium, and soap makes an excellent hard floor cleaning material known as pink stuff. You can buy a large box of pink stuff from a painting shop or any super shop. It’s the best magical cleaner that works against tough stains and grease.

The pink stuff is also a great cleaning material that you can use for other purposes and will get instant results. If you have the above ingredients at home, you can easily make the pink stuff cleaner.

Using pink stuff on grout:

You can use the pink stuff on grout since it can easily give you the best cleaning experience of tiles, grout and other hard floors. When you get too much dirt between your kitchen or bathroom tiles, you must take it seriously and use some pink grout to revive your grout.

Although the name comes from the different combination’s outcome, which looks like pink color, if you have the exact ingredients and mix them at home, you will get the pinkish stuff as the best grout cleaner.

But the process of making pink stuff is challenging, and you should have a lab or perfect environment for that.

If your kitchen tile grout is infested with firm dirt, you will struggle to remove them quickly.

Here comes the pink grout with the strongest cleaning ingredients that will fight against those stains and dirt and give you a new tile’s grout. You can follow some tips to deep clean the tile’s grout.

You can use both the pink stuff paste & spray to clean your grout easily. You may use the tile cleaner before you apply the pink stuff.

It will soften the grout dirt and make things easier for pink stuff to remove the strong stains. Sometimes, the faulty application experience will damage the grout, and you won’t get the desired cleaning experience.

If you try to make the cleaner home, you can make the pink stuff paste. Cleaning paste always plays a vital role in cleaning the grout of your tiles.

You may also make other grout cleanings paste deep clean the grout paste. Moreover, the pink stuff paste is the best one for cleaning your bathroom or kitchen grout.

I will share with you the pink stuff paste and pink stuff spray and show you how you can use them for cleaning your kitchen & bathroom tiles.

You will find that any of them are very helpful and easier than the other cleaning ingredients. Let’s see which one cleans your grout better.

Pink stuff pastes on grout:

If your tile grout has a strong stain and too much dirt, you must use pink stuff paste.

You can use pink stuff paste on your grout and clean them within a while. However, the pink stuff paste on grout is an excellent solution to clean your stain and firm dirt.

You will find the regular pink stuff paste from different painting shops. You must use this pink stuff to remove the strong dirt and get the best cleaning experience from the above area; it is applicable for other hard floor areas to remove any strong stain.

Pink stuff spray on grout:

If you look for the easiest solution to clean the tile grout, you should use pink stuff spray. You can buy the pink stuff or make the spray at home by mixing water and vinegar with the pink stuff paste.

However, the final result will amaze you, although you will not get the exact cleaning experience like the paste.

If you regularly clean your tile grout, you should use the pink stuff spray. Otherwise, the pink stuff paste is your perfect choice to clean the hard floors within a while.

How effective is pink stuff on grout in the shower tile?

The pink stuff is highly effective on grout in the shower tile since it has the strongest cleaning materials to remove the stain and other dirt.

If you have any concerns regarding the pink stuff spray, you should always use the pink stuff paste, leave it for a couple of minutes, and let it remove the stain and dirt.

You cannot use a regular cleaner on your shower tile since it can damage it and create an unusual effect on it.

However, the pink stuff paste is the perfect and most effective cleaning solution for every tile grout or hard floor surface. You can use it on the grout and let the paste remove the stain.

But the pink stuff spray might not create any effective cleaning solution for your shower tile. Therefore, you should always use the pink stuff paste on your shower tiles to get the best cleaning experience. 

How long do you leave pink stuff on grout?

You should leave pink stuff on the grout for at least 10 minutes to get the best possible result. The grout between kitchen and lavatory tiles regularly looks messy, particularly on the off chance that it was initially a light color like beige or taupe.

The good news is that the Pink Stuff glue can bring grout back to its unique shade. For using pink stuff on the grout to get rid of grout, apply the item to the affected places and permit it to sit for 10 minutes sometime. Finally, you must wipe the remains with a damp cloth.

How to use the pink stuff on grout?

Using pink stuff on grout is easier than any other cleaning solution. You can use it per the cleaning instructions and get the best cleaning surface. You may get manufacturer instructions to clean the grout.

Remove Extra Dirt:

Before applying the paste to the tile’s grout, you must remove the extra dirt and water from your grout.

It will help to clean the grout stains and firm dirt easily. Otherwise, the pink stuff will fight against the upper layer of dirt and become a useless cleaning solution for deep dirt.

Clean with Water:

You may use fresh water to remove the extra dirt or anything from that surface.

However, the strong stain will be there, and your pink paste can go through those areas to deep clean the grout. You should use fresh water and regular cleaner to remove excess dirt from the tiles.

Apply Paste & Wait:

After cleaning the excess dirt from the tiles, you must apply the paste to the grout.

Before that, you might need to create that paste following the manufacturer’s guidelines. Sometimes, you will find the readymade paste, and you can easily apply the paste to the grout.

When you finish applying the paste to the grout, you must wait for ten minutes. Maybe you must wait for the paste to get through the stains and remove them automatically.

Clean the Paste & Grout:

After applying the paste and waiting for a certain time, you must remove the paste and apply fresh water to remove the paste.

You might need to scrub that area gently and remove the excess paste to get the cleaned area with fresh water.

You should remove all the paste & use some fresh water to eliminate the stains and dirt. You will get a clean surface and will be able to remove stains and strong dirt.

What are the best solutions for cleaning grout?

Below are some best cleaning solutions for grout. They are:


You can clean grimy grout utilizing boiled water and a brush. If you don’t, as of now, have a grout scrubber; most domestic centers and equipment stores carry a number of items that are particularly outlined for cleaning tile grout.

To maintain a strategic distance from harming the grout, prefer a medium-bristle nylon brush, not a difficult steel one. Essentially splash warm water on the grout lines and scour in a circular movement, letting it dry.

Soda Paste:

Applying a heating soda paste and showering with vinegar is another good solution. Cleaning grout with preparing pop will indeed bring more control to the party.

Oxygen Bleach:

Applying oxygen bleach is also one of the best solutions for cleaning grout. For harder stains on truly messy white grout, utilize oxygen bleach as a grout cleaner.

You’ll discover that this cleanser is most frequently sold in the powdered frame. Let the oxygen fade arrangement douse in for 10 or 15 minutes after completing the washing. Also, don’t forget to rinse using fresh water.

Finally, you need to ensure the bleach, which is spread here and there, is being cleaned to ensure the soil doesn’t become affected again into the grout lines.

Final thoughts

So, you can use the pink stuff on the grout to remove stains and extra dirt from that area. It will revive the old tiles. You will also love to get a new tile again. If your grout has strong dirt and stains, you must apply the pink stuff paste to remove stains.