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Can You Use Bona on Laminate Floors? (Answered)

Bona timber cleaner is an excellent ready-made or instant cleaning solution that you can buy & use accordingly. It’s for all floors; especially the wood floors are the perfect match for a bona one-time cleaning solution. If you get strong stains on your surface, try a bona cleaner.

It’s an easy solution that will start working within a second and go through the stain and firm dirt. You can clean the surface by adding some water or finally clean the surface with fresh water.

Bona cleaner on laminate floors:

You can use bona on laminate floors since it contains some natural cleaning solutions and chemicals. You will find different versions of bona hardwood cleaner in various sizes & weights. You can use the bona wood spray cleaner to clean the laminate surface quickly.

Bona cleaner has all the essential ingredients to work against laminating floors, dirt and strong stains.

If you have any dirt on laminating floors, you must use bona cleaner on them since it can deep clean the laminating floors. You can also use this cleaner on stone and tiles to remove strong stains.

Laminating floors are mainly wood, resin, and other material that looks lucrative and decorate your house correctly. If you use laminate floors, you will have a great look at the floors. But it will attract dust and dirt easily, leaving some stains on laminate floors.

You must have a perfect cleaning solution to remove those stains and revive your laminating floor.

If you leave your house for a long time, you must have strong stains on there, and it will become a mess for you to remove them. If you delay, they will become permanent stains on laminate floors.

Your first choice should be a bona instant solution that you can avail of from any super shop or nearby cleaning store.

You will have different sizes and prices of bona cleaning solutions, and you can use them out of the box, but you will get the user manual guideline with your bona cleaner.

You must read those guidelines and get through them to clean the area properly. It will not take too much time to clean & remove strong stains from laminate floors. But cleaning laminating floors will be easier since you can mix bona cleaners and water and spray on laminate floors.

Apart from the bona cleaners, you will also find other solutions to deep clean your laminating floors. You will get some outstanding cleaning solution that works against laminating floors, dirt & stain. If you ever find a bona cleaner is not working, you must try those cleaning solutions.

Before using them, you must try the bona cleaners. It has all the ingredients to work against your hard dirt and remove the strong stain.

It could be the reverse: for instance, if you already use any cleaner to clean your hard floor or laminate floors, you should try a bona cleaning solution.

Does bona floor cleaner leave a residue?

The bola floor cleaner will not leave any residue after cleaning. You will get a crystal clear surface without dirt and stains if you know the best way to clean your surface or laminate floors with bona cleaners.

Other cleaning solutions or spray cleaners will sometimes leave some residue because of strong chemical reactions.

Here, the bona floor cleaner has no harmful chemicals that can leave residue on your floors. You should make different bona clear solutions with your DIY skills and get the best cleaning experience.

Deep cleaning the entire laminating floor without leaving any residue will take a few moments.

Which Bona product is best for laminate floors?

Bona Hard-Surface Floor Cleaner Spray is best for laminate floors. You can use any bona hard floor cleaners to remove the solid stains and dirt from your laminating floors. They are effective against laminating floors and can deep clean the entire surface quickly.

You will find three reasons why all bona products or bona hard floor products are best for laminate floors. These reasons are also applicable for other bona products and their natures.

If you are confused, you may consider these reasons, cross-check your bona cleaning products, and ensure that.


Bona’s well-known shower cleaner works on all complex surfaces counting cover, which suggests you won’t have to purchase diverse items for all your flooring.

The speedy & simple Bona Hard-Surface Floor Cleaner is made particularly for your hard-surface floors. The rinse-free, streak-free equation cleans hard-surface floors by expelling tidy soil and grime, making your floors clean and wonderful.


Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner is secure for your cover floor. Bona Cleaners are secure for your floor as long as your floor is fixed or wrapped up and unwaxed or unoiled.


Cover floors are regularly considered to be impersonation hardwood. That’s since cover flooring employs a picture layer to imitate genuine wood.

But laminate flooring still incorporates a center with a base of built wood, called particleboard.

So, Bona hardwood cleaner is ordinarily effective in cleaning up cover floors. In reality, most hardwood floor cleaners say they’ll mainly work with the cover right on the name.

How to use Bona on laminate floors?

You will find different ways to use Bona on laminate floors since it’s an instant cleaning solution. You can buy the bona sprayer or the liquid solution on laminate floors. Whatever you use, you will have several ways to use that I will describe below.

Directly Use Bona:

If you buy the bona spray cleaner solution, you can start using it right out of the box. You need to buy the sprayer from a nearby shop and uncover it.

Then set the sprayer mouth and start spraying on laminate floors; you don’t need to add anything to the sprayer.

Once you spray the cleaner, you must scrub that area with soft fiber. You must use a soft scrubber and clean to remove the stains and firm dirt. Never over scrub the laminating floors since it will leave some strong stains on your floors.

Use Mixture:

If you have the bona cleaner solution (Not the sprayer), you must use some water and vinegar. It will be better to avoid vinegar and only use some hot or freshwater. You can mix it with water and make a good cleaning solution.

Once you add hot water and bona cleaner together, it will wash and remove your strong stains.

You may also use a non-toxic cleaning solution along with some hot water & vinegar. You will love that cleaning solution and can start using it within a while. It will not take too much time to clean the laminate floors.

Use with Tiles Cleaner:

You might have a tile vacuum cleaner where you can put your laminate floor cleaning ingredients and clean the entire area within a while.

It’s the best way to clean laminate safely. Especially if you have regular tile cleaners, you can pour some bona cleaner and clean the laminate floors.

You can clean the entire laminate floor in a couple of minutes and will remove the strong stains from there. It will deeply clean that area by eliminating extra dirt and strong stains. If you have other solutions, you can pour them into the same bucket.

What other cleaner can be good for laminate floors?

Here are some other cleaners that can be good for laminate floors besides bona hard floor cleaners.

You can substitute your existing laminating clear with any of the below products and get the best result quickly. However, these cleaners have different names, but their ingredients are similar to bona cleaners.

Let’s look at the other cleaners for your laminating floors and get the best result. 

Black Diamond:

Since Black diamond cleaner doesn’t have a sticky wrap-up, filth and other garbage won’t stick to your floors after using it.

It also contains a biodegradable equation that cleans designed wood, cover, and other difficult surfaces. This splash is simple to apply and does not harm cover floors.

Better Life:

If you search for a safer laminate floor cleaner, Better Life will not disappoint you. It employs plant-based fixings instead of other harmful chemicals to urge its cleaning power and natural scent.

It incorporates a plant-based equation. Clients with hypersensitivities or sensitivities preferred this cleaner since it features a light fragrance.


This vacuum-based cleaner cleans your carpet with a brush head, but you’ll too switch to its difficult floor mode that closes off the brush roll to dispense with the risk of the unforgiving bristles scratching your cover floors.

It incorporates a parcel of suction, is tough, and cleans numerous surfaces.

Final thoughts

Bona has all ingredients used on laminate floors, stone, and other tiles. You will use the bona cleaners for all cleaning purposes. However, you must read its package if you have concerns about using bona cleaner solutions. It doesn’t have any harmful ingredients.