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Can You Tint Plexiglass? (All You Need to Know)

You might have seen Plexiglass in windows, photo frames, and even in greenhouses. So, Plexiglass is pretty well-known nowadays. But you might not know the difference between Plexiglass and normal glass. So, when you want to tint Plexiglass, you might get confused.

While painting on the Plexiglass, you might see that the paint is not sticking or working well on the surface. So, you might be confused that whether you can tint Plexiglass or not.

Well, we have to know about the properties of Plexiglass to know the compatibility of Plexiglass with paints and colors.

Can you tint plexiglass?

You can tint Plexiglass. But you can’t paint it following the same process to tint a regular glass. Plexiglass is not the actual glass. It is made of polymeric materials or plastics. So, it is also known as acrylic glass. That’s why you have to follow a different process to tint Plexiglass.

When you tint on glasses, you have to use glass paints. But when you want to tint a different surface, glass paint will not work well on it. So, when you want to tint Plexiglass, glass paint will not work on it. Because Plexiglassis, not the actual glass.

But if you use paint that is suitable to use on a plastic surface, you can tint Plexiglass. So, tinting Plexiglass is not that difficult if you use a suitable tinting paint.

Can you use window tint on plexiglass/perspex?

Yes, you can use window tint on Plexiglass or Perspex. Generally, window tints can be of different types. Some window tints are for glass and some are for plastics and polymeric materials.

Special window tints and window films are also suitable to use on synthetic materials like Plexiglass or Perspex. But don’t apply standard window tint on Plexiglass or Perspex. Because they can outgas.

So, if you want to tint Plexiglass or Perspex with window tint, make sure to use a special window tint that will stick to the surface of Plexiglass or Perspex.

Can you put mirror tint on plexiglass?

Yes, you can put a mirror tint on Plexiglass. If you want to make a mirror with Plexiglass, you can make it. For doing it, you have to use mirror spray paint.

So, for putting mirror tint on plexiglass, you have to spray mirror paint on the backside of the Plexiglass. Let it dry for some time. Then if you put a frame on it, it will become a mirror.

Moreover, if you want to tint a larger size Plexiglass, you can do it. You have to spray the mirror tint on it. Generally, mirror tint adheres to Plexiglass or acrylic glass.

How do you tint plexiglass?

Plexiglass is a special type of transparent plastic that is not the actual glass. It has thermoplastic properties. So, when you want to tint Plexiglass, you can’t do it randomly. You have to follow a step-by-step process.

So, let’s see how you can tint a Plexiglass. Following this process, you can also tint boat windshields.

Clean it:

You have to clean the Plexiglass from excess dirt, dust, and grease well.

Make the surface rough:

Then you have to make the Plexiglass surface rough. Otherwise, the tint will not adhere to the Plexiglass surface and fall off. So, you can make the surface rough by using wet sand.

Sand the surface lightly so that it doesn’t create grooves or damage the Plexiglass. Simply, roughen a little bit using sandpaper.

Clean the sanding dust:

Then clean the sanding dust and dirt from the Plexiglass. You can use a piece of cloth or a soft brush. Wipe away the excess dirt and materials from the surface.

Cover the areas:

Cover the areas around the Plexiglass or the areas of Plexiglass that you don’t want to get tinted. For example, you might want to tint a specific area of the Plexiglass.

So, you can cover the other areas with masking tape so that those areas don’t get tinted.

Apply one coat of spray paint:

Apply one coat of spray paint of your choice on the surface. Make sure the coat is done evenly. Moreover, make sure the color is the same color you want to tint. You might need more than one coat if you want a deeper color.

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Dry the plexiglass:

Then dry the Plexiglass in the natural air. If you want to make the drying process fast, you can provide fan air.

Apply a layer of clear coat:

Then you have to apply a layer of clear coat. This coating will protect the tint over the Plexiglass surface.

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Dry the clear coat:

Dry the clear coat and remove the masking tape carefully.

How to get tint off plexiglass?

Plexiglass tint might be essential to remove sometimes. Sometimes, bubbles can form on the Plexiglass. Besides, it can be discolored. Some people also remove the tint for aesthetic reasons. Whatever the reason is, you have to get tint off Plexiglass properly.

So, let’s see how you can get tint off Plexiglass.

Using heat:

One of the easiest and most common methods to remove Plexiglass tint is to use a heat or hair dryer or heat machine. You have to hold the heat source two inches away from the surface. The heat should be high to melt the tinted glue.

Change the position and angle of the heat so that the glue melts and peel off from the surface. Rub the surface with a piece of wet cloth. After all the adhesives melted, you can wash the surface properly.


You can also use steam to get tint off Plexiglass. You have to provide steam to the surface. Make sure the steam is not very hot. Otherwise, it can melt the Plexiglass.

After a couple of minutes, you will see the tint is peeling off from the surface. Peel off the tint and clean the adhesives from the surface.


You can also scratch with a sharp object to remove tint from the Plexiglass. But as a sharp object, don’t use metal objects. You can use a plastic sharp object like an ice-scraper.

Other ways:

You can also follow some other ways to tint off from Plexiglass. For example, you can wet the tint with hot soapy water and keep papers on it. When the paper will dry, you will have to scrap the paper with tint.

Moreover, you can also use rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover to tint off from Plexiglass.

Does tinting on plexiglass make a difference?

Yes, tinting on Plexiglass has some benefits. First of all, tints on Plexiglass provide extra protection for the Plexiglass. Moreover, it can protect from ultraviolet radiation.

When you tint a Plexiglass, the thickness of the surface increases. That means it will have a greater load-bearing capacity. Moreover, it also increases the inside glass protection. Besides, some aesthetic requirements are fulfilled with tinting on Plexiglass.

Can you buy tinted plexiglass?

Yes, you can buy tinted Plexiglass. Plexiglasses are also available with different types of tints. A lot of colors can be an advantage to choose the appropriate color for you. If you buy tinted Plexiglass, it will be beneficial.

When you tint a Plexiglass manually, you have to care for a lot of things. But buying tinted Plexiglass will reduce many efforts. Moreover, the layer of tint will be durable and strong. So, you can buy tinted Plexiglass.

How to color tint plexiglass?

You can color or dye tint Plexiglass. Generally, tint is an extra layer on the Plexiglass. So, you can put color on it. If you want to color small-size tint Plexiglass, you can use food coloring. You have to mix water, food coloring, and glue in a bowl.

Then you have to dip the Plexiglass in the bowl for some time. Thus you can color tint Plexiglass. Moreover, you can also use boiling water to make a large amount of color bath for large-size Plexiglass. You can also apply spray acrylic paint to color tint Plexiglass.

Can you dye plexiglass?

Yes, you can dye Plexiglass. Dyeing Plexiglass is not that difficult. You have to choose the right color that will adhere to the Plexiglass surface. You can use acrylic color on the Plexiglass.

If you want to dye small or medium-size Plexiglass, you can do it in a bucket. You have to mix color and glue and dip the Plexiglass into the bucket.

But if you want to dye large-size Plexiglass, you can paint on the glass with an appropriate color.

Can you spray tint plexiglass?

You can spray tint Plexiglass. You have to clean the Plexiglass surface and adhere to some masking tape where you don’t want to tint the Plexiglass.

Then you have to spray the tint on the Plexiglass. Make sure to coat spray evenly. Then you can add more coats of spray tint if you want a deeper color.

Final Thoughts

You can tint Plexiglass following a special process. You can’t tint Plexiglass with regular window tint because it will not stick to the Plexiglass surface. Plexiglass is not the same as regular glasses. So, you can tint with acrylic or other media to tint on Plexiglass.