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Can You Roast Marshmallows Over a Duraflame Fire Log?

Whenever we think about camping or hosting a backyard fire-pit party, marshmallows have always been the first choice in the list of our favorite snacks. There are multitudinous ways of making perfectly roasted marshmallows.

However, the techniques of making the perfectly roasted marshmallows vary from person to person. Whether made indoors or outdoors, marshmallows and dishes made with it are entertained in all seasons of the year.

Can you roast marshmallows over a Duraflame fire log?

You can roast marshmallows over a duraflame fire log and it’s highly recommended. They specially designed these logs for roasting campfire foods, such as marshmallows and other campfire treats. Besides, you can use duraflame fire both indoors and outdoors for its unique versatility.

Dureflame, America’s favorite firelog brand leader, has been producing numerous fire-related products like firelogs, fire starters, and barbecue products for over 50 years. Every fire product was designed for a specific purpose.

For example, there is a specific type of firelog that has been formulated only for roasting. The name of that fire log is duraflame campfire roasting logs. It is safe and the ideal fire log to roast marshmallows and other campfire foods.

Usually, when you roast marshmallows using regular fire logs, you would notice a nasty smoldering smell on them due to the emission of smoke.

However, duraflame fire logs wouldn’t do any such thing as they produce a very negligible amount of smoke and roasts marshmallows in a low flame.

It is safe to roast marshmallows over duraflame fire logs. When you burn regular fire logs, it produces a huge amount of carbon monoxide, which can cause respiratory irritation.

However, one of the many advantages of duraflame fire logs is, they are almost smokeless and don’t leave any unpleasant odor.

Secondly, these fire logs are environmentally friendly and leave a very minimal amount of residues if burned.

Marshmallows roasted on duraflame fire logs are completely edible and safe. Besides, you can also make delicious s’mores using these fire logs which are safe as well.

Duraflame fire logs are very easy to use. Moreover, you can easily carry them wherever you want. That is the reason why it’s the best option for the camping as you can enjoy the perfectly roasted marshmallows anywhere, anytime!

Can you cook over fire starter logs?

It is absolutely safe to cook over fire starter logs. Duraflame fire starters are definitely the best option for this. You just need to keep one thing in mind and that is, start cooking your food right after the fire starter has completely burned.

There are many types of fire starters- some are natural and some are artificial. Some of the examples of natural fire starters are pinecone fire starter, dried orange peel, conifer resin, tree bark, sawdust, etc.

Other than that, dryer lint, egg carton, wax, cotton balls soaked in petroleum jelly, cork soaked in rubbing alcohol, waxed paper, toilet paper roll, etc. can also be used as fire starters.

Duraflame fire starters are waterproof. Its certain exposure to places with high heat and temperature should be avoided for long sustainability. Store them in cool and dry places.

Maintain safety precautions while using fire starters. Keep them away from small children and pets. If necessary, use safety gloves. Cook your foods safely and enjoy.

Are Duraflame logs safe to cook over?

You can use regular duraflame logs to cook, but it is not recommended. Because if you cook over using the regular duraflame log, the remaining residue would give an unpleasant smell to your food.

Instead of using the regular duraflame logs, you can use the duraflame roasting logs.

It is safe to cook over duraflame roasting logs because they produce a very minimal amount of smoke, leave very less amount of ash and it is comparatively easy to light them up.

In today’s world, there are various brands of fire logs. The fire logs vary from one another in terms of ingredients by which they are made of, its durability, work efficiency, and price.

If we consider all these factors, Duraflame roasting fire log is a very excellent choice for cooking. 

What are Duraflame logs made of?

Duraflame fire logs are made up of recycled natural fibers such as nutshells, seeds, fruit pits, bark, coffee grounds, distillery grains alongside sawdust. Other than that, wax and oils are also used as a binding agent.

Natural seeds are also added to some of the fire logs to create a cracking sound. As most of the ingredients are natural, they are considered as eco-friendly fire logs.

Besides, duraflame fire logs are 100% renewable as they are made with renewable and natural materials. To extinguish the fire after finishing your necessary chores, simply cover the flames with sand or pour water into the fire logs.

All the raw materials are collected and are well-tested by the experts. The final product, i.e. the fire logs, goes through a thorough and vigorous quality test. Basically, these test is done to check the flame’s height, brightness and duration of burning.

Are Duraflame logs toxic?

Duraflame logs are eco-friendly. Comparing to the usual fire logs, it emits 30% less Smoke opacity, 63% less particulate matter emissions, 80% less carbon monoxide.

They are not chemically toxic as duraflame logs produce low flames and a very negligible amount of toxins.

Do Duraflame logs produce carbon monoxide?

Yes, duraflame logs do produce carbon monoxide. But comparing to the regular firelogs, duraflame logs produce 75-80% less carbon monoxide.

As the logs are made from natural elements, it is best to use it while camping or other activities hold outside.

What is the best wood for roasting marshmallows?

There is no particular wood that has been fixed or specified so far for roasting marshmallows. Although, for roasting marshmallows, there are 4 woods that are considered as the best options, and those are Dogwood, Ash, Maple, and Elm.

These 4 woods are also considered safe in order to roast marshmallows because of its substantial work efficiency. Those are as follows:


Dogwoods are abundantly available in United States and in some parts of Canada as well. Besides being used as bows, gold heads, mallets, textile shuttle etc., these are an excellent choice for roasting marshmallows.


Among different varieties of Ashwoods, White Ash is considered as the most eligible and durable wood for roasting the marshmallows. Unlike other Ashwoods, White Ashwoods are not insect-prone, are hard, least expensive and easily available domestically.

Other than being one of the best options for roasting marshmallows, White Ash wood is also used for flooring, millwork, tool handle etc. Besides, it is extensively available in North America.


Among various types of Maple trees, the wood of Hard Maple trees is strong, stiff, and reliable for using in our day-to-day life. It is also one of the best options for roasting your marshmallows on camping trips.


You will often get to see American Elms on the urban roadsides of North America. Elm woods are also considered as a safe and ideal choice for roasting marshmallows.

Are Pine Mountain firelogs and Enviro firelogs safe for s’mores?

Pine Mountain and Enviro fire logs both are completely safe for making s’mores.

Pine Mountain fire logs are made with food-safe ingredients. Food-grade ingredients like hardwood, molasses, shells, and nuts are used to make these fire logs.

The emission of smoke is 80% less comparing to the regular combustion of fire logs.

On the other hand, Enviro fire logs are the most versatile and eco-friendly fire logs that can be used in any season all around the year. In short, Enviro Firelogs are the perfect choice for making s’mores.

Not to mention, these logs emit 30% less greenhouse gases, 80% less carbon monoxide, and 86% less creosote. That’s why it is completely safe to cook delicious s’mores using Pine Mountain and Enviro fire logs.

What can I use to roast marshmallows indoors?

There are a lot of techniques available out there by which you can roast marshmallows indoors.

You can microwave the marshmallows in convection ovens, bake them in electric ovens, roast them in a low flame in a gas stove using bamboo or metal skewers, and can also roast them by keeping it over graham crackers; placing them under the oven broiler.

Final Thoughts

There are different types of fire logs available around the world. However, Duraflame fire log is an exceptional fire log and can be an ideal choice for roasting marshmallows. Apart from its versatility of its use both indoors and outdoors, it is long-lasting, eco-friendly, and easy to use.