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Can You Eat Chia Pet Sprouts? (Read This First!)

Chia seeds are slowly starting to become more popular as more people realize the benefits that it possesses. You might be wondering if the chia pet sprouts are edible or just as good for the body and you must do proper research before attempting to intake them. 

Can you eat chia pet sprouts?

Yes, you can certainly eat your chia pet sprouts. This is because they have just as high nutritional value as chia seeds themselves. They can taste a bit bitter or sour by themselves so if you add them to your other foods then it can mask the overall taste while giving your body the added benefits. 

Are chia pet sprouts edible?

Yes, chia pet sprouts are edible as long as you have not had them in a long time sitting down and collecting dust. It is best to eat it fresh and clean it thoroughly before consumption. 

Chia pet sprouts are known as superfoods because just like chia seeds they too contain protein, fiber, antioxidants, and omega 3 fatty acids. All these combined in a single food can give you numerous health benefits.  

There are microgreens such as sprouts for a ton of plants that you can consume. Chia pet sprouts are just like that containing a pack of health benefits. It contains extra added benefits that chia seeds do not have. 

This is because the sprouts contain chlorophyll that is good at building the blood in our body as well as replenishing it. They are very nutritious, but you should note that they do not have a mild flavor like other sprouts such as bean sprouts. 

They can be a bit bitter or sour to taste but you can counter that by adding to other foods to reduce the bitterness and make it a more balanced flavor overall. 

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Are edible chia seeds the same as chia pets?

Yes, they are technically the same because the chia seeds in themselves are used to grow chia pets. Chia pets are just the sprouts grown from the chia seeds and both are highly valuable in nutrition. It is a great marketing tactic that made chia pets and chia seeds famous worldwide.

Nowadays many people seek out chia seeds because it is a superfood and contains a plethora of health benefits. It is also worth noting that these sprouts from chia pets contain the same nutritional value and are highly packed with proteins, fibers, and omega-3. 

7 reasons why you should eat your chia pet sprouts:

There are many reasons as to why you should consider eating your chia pet sprouts for your own good: 


Just like chia seeds, chia pet sprouts contain soluble fibers that can avoid bowel problems and constipation. Additionally, it can help with heart problems and fight against toxins in the body. It is a very easy way to intake your regular dosage of fiber. 


Chia pet sprouts are highly dense in protein and essential amino acids needed for the body. These proteins are also very easily broken down by the body so you will not have to worry about digestion problems. 


Chia pet sprouts are considered superfoods for a reason. It is packed with minerals such as phosphorus, manganese, calcium, and boron and is very beneficial for the body.

Just some amount of chia pet sprouts mixed in with your other food can provide a lot of nutrients and minerals for your body. 


There are many advantages of the antioxidants and omega-3 present in chia pet sprouts. These antioxidants can help with issues such as giving the proper boost of energy needed for physical activities without adding in too many calories. 

It can help replenish the immune system. It can also help with heart diseases, tumors and promote a healthy cycle for the gallbladder. 


Chia pet sprouts contain a high level of omega-3 that promotes good hair and skin. It helps the brain work better and also helps promote good heart health. 

 Weight loss:

Not only does chia pet sprouts have an amazing nutrition value, but it is also great at retaining water. This, in turn, soaks up fluids and inflates your stomach which can keep you feeling full for a longer amount of time without consuming a lot of calories at once. 

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Unlike chia seeds, this is an added benefit that you will get only with chia pet sprouts. It contains a certain amount of chlorophyll that is known as a medium that can help you to cleanse your blood. 

It replenishes the red blood cells in our body in particular and makes it more efficient when carrying as well as delivering oxygen to all the muscles and organs in our body. 

How to eat chia sprouts?

There are many ways you can eat chia sprouts to get the added benefits and nutrients in your diet in one go. 

Avoid eating it on its own:

The biggest mistake people might make is eating chia sprouts on their own completely. This is because it has a bitter and tangy taste to it and eating it on its own can be very off-putting. 

The best way to eat chia sprouts is by adding them to an already existing recipe such as a smoothie, dips, sandwiches, or even in soups so that the unpleasant taste can be masked and the overall taste is balanced and great. 

Best way:

The best way to eat chia sprouts is by adding them to sandwiches because it adds an addition of a crunchy texture that can actually make your sandwich taste great. 

Prepare your bread:

If you are watching out for the number of calories present in your food then you can opt for brown bread or whole-grain bread instead of white bread. Nicely toast it with butter or on its own on both sides.  

Add in your sauce:

After you are done toasting your bread you should spread both sides with sauce. You can use any sauce to your liking and diet such as vegan mayo or low-fat sandwich spreads. 

Add in the other ingredients:

You can add in bacon, turkey, or even ham and a slice of low-fat cheese alongside that. You should top all of that off with your chia sprouts and a slice of tomato.

The combination can taste really good with the cheese as well as the crunchiness of the chia sprouts combined. You will not taste any hints of bitterness and it is a very fulfilling and balanced meal to help with your diet and daily nutrition intake. 

What can I use chia sprouts for?

There are a lot of ways you can use your chia sprouts. You can add it to your regular recipes to get that added benefit for your body and overall health. It can make any dish taste better with its crunchy texture adding more balance to recipes such as soups and sandwiches. 

It can be used in vegan recipes in various ways as well as be used as a good thickener for dips, dressings, and sauces. 

Do chia seeds sprout in your stomach?

There is no chance for the seeds to sprout in your stomach once you have consumed that. You do not need to worry because the acid present in our stomach will not provide a suitable environment for any seeds to sprout for that matter. 

However, since chia seed sprouts are soluble and high in fiber, it absorbs fluids and expands in your stomach. This can lead to a ton of bloating so you must be aware of that. 

The expansion of the stomach is not due to any seeds sprouting but because of the natural properties of the chia sprouts. 

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How tall do chia pet sprouts grow?

Chia plants themselves can grow quite tall. Chia pet sprouts, on the other hand, do not grow much. They can only grow a few inches in height which made them so popular and known as the chia pet sprout. 

When planted in a pot that is similar to the shape of an animal, the sprouts that grow only a couple of inches end up looking like the animal’s hair. 

How long do chia sprouts last?

It depends on how well you can take care of it and if you are providing the sprouts with the proper environment for them to thrive in. If you are properly maintaining all of it then the chia sprouts will last as long as the course of the chia seeds runs. 

This is about fourteen to sixteen days

Final thoughts: 

Chia pet sprouts are highly nutritious and have a lot of health benefits. It is easy to incorporate into recipes and also adds more texture to your recipes. You can consume it just as you consume chia seeds and can even expect added benefits because of the chlorophyll present in it.