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Can You Eat Green Tomatoes Raw? (Answered)

Do you happen to have some fresh green tomatoes around your home and are you wondering whether they are safe to eat raw or not?

You may even be surprised by all the nutrients and vitamins these green tomatoes can offer. They may not look as colorful as the red ones, yet they sure are packed with prominent elements which are very beneficial for your health.

Can you eat green tomatoes raw?

You can eat green tomatoes raw without a doubt. Green tomatoes may have some toxins in them but they are of minimal amount. They do not cause a health issue for you rather they offer versatility in their cooking methods and are stocked with vitamins A, C, and k.

Is it ok to eat green tomatoes raw?

It is very much safe and okay to eat green tomatoes raw and it is not poisonous. Due to some myths originated from Europe, these versatile fresh green tomatoes are deemed as poisonous which is a mistaken point of view.

Rather, they are very rich in proteins, vitamins, and fibers. Whether eating them raw as salad or as salsa, they are great for your health.

Is a green tomato just an unripe tomato?

Green tomatoes can be called an unripe version of tomato and it is green because of its chlorophyll levels which give it a green color. This makes the red and green tomatoes taste very different from each other. Unripe green tomatoes can be very hard and can have a very tart flavor.

However, there is a small variety of tomatoes that will always remain green. Green Zebra tomato is the perfect example of that which has stripes on them and tastes almost like red tomatoes. These are also called heirloom tomatoes.

Are raw green tomatoes poisonous?

You can definitely try raw green tomatoes but it does not have a burst of flavors that some people may like or prefer.

In addition, raw green tomatoes can be pretty bland however, they are not poisonous and have limited toxicity. In this sense, you can eat them for sure but they will not be as flavorful. 

Moreover, tomatoes have alkaloids and some people may react badly to them nevertheless, it is based on different individuals. You can also feel gastrointestinal distress. Nevertheless, they are not poisonous but overeating may upset your stomach. 

What happens if you eat raw green tomatoes?

Green tomatoes contain tomatine which is a less toxic Alkaid and they also contain solanine. They have limited toxicity but they are not harmful.

In addition, not all people are going to react similarly to green tomatoes as peoples’ digestion capacity is very different. 

If you consume a lot of green tomatoes at once, your body will react differently and you can have a stomachache or gastrointestinal distress due to overeating.

Moreover, there are some naturally green tomatoes which are called green zebra tomatoes which taste just like the red tomatoes and will not cause you any problem. It is not the fruit itself rather it is the person whose tolerant level matters. 

How to eat green tomatoes raw?

There is no doubt that you can eat green tomatoes raw and even it can be beneficial for you as they contain some of the best nutrients. The possibilities of adding them to your food diet or adding them to your cooking recipes are endless. 

Make a salad:

If you are a person who really likes to eat salad then green tomatoes can be a great addition for you to your salad. 

It will give you the perfect crunch to your salad therefore, will give your salad some textures and will give you a change of taste which will make your salad less boring.

Make a Green Tomato Salsa:

You may be tired of eating the same salsa all the time which always has red tomatoes as the main ingredient. 

However, if you use green tomatoes in your salsa alongside the usual salsa ingredients, it will add a different taste and will also add vibrant colors in your salsa which you can enjoy earnestly with your chips.

Pickle Your Green Tomatoes:

Another great way of eating the green tomatoes raw and fresh just as they are is to pickle them. It does not alter the original flavor and keeps the crunch intact without compromising on the flavor.

What are the benefits of green tomatoes?

People may not be familiar with the variety of benefits that green tomatoes provide. Green tomatoes are a great source of energy and nutrients that can be a great addition to your regular diet allied with the fact that they can really be cooked and served in a variety of ways. 


Green tomatoes are really a great source of hydration as green tomatoes contain almost 94 percent of water. Moreover, green tomatoes also help with the digestive system and constipation.

Additionally, green tomatoes will be great food for you, especially in the summer times by keeping the water level intact.

Eye Care:

Green tomatoes are an amazing source of vitamin A. Green tomatoes have antioxidant beta carotene in an ample amount.

In addition, antioxidant beta carotene will ensure your eye health and will prevent cancer and thus it will prevent blindness. 

Vitamin C:

Green tomatoes are the powerhouse of vitamin C and can offer you a huge amount of it. Green tomatoes have 29 milligrams of the antioxidant in them which is a great source of energy.

In addition, the elements in the green tomato can help prevent cardiovascular disease in the long run. Moreover, they really help you with your immune system.

Moreover, this great source of vitamin C helps your body with cold, flu, and so on. Green tomatoes also keep your gums, teeth, bones healthy and strong.


Green tomatoes are a great source of fibers and fibers can help with intestinal and digestive systems. Furthermore, fiber also helps with constipation. 

In addition, in your diet, you need a good amount of fiber to reduce the probability of conditions and diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and so on which can be aided by green tomatoes.


Green tomatoes also give vitamin K which strengthens the bones and their density. Green tomatoes also have phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, and potassium. 

In addition, green tomatoes can also be a good source of protein. Moreover, these nutrients help your body grow healthier and stronger. 

Can you eat green cherry tomatoes raw?

There is nothing wrong with eating raw green cherry tomatoes. Just like the red-green tomatoes, you can also eat green cherry tomatoes. 

In addition, green cherry tomatoes are very rich in nutrients such as Vitamins A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, potassium, and so on. 

Additionally, little green cherry tomatoes can be a great addition to your salad as they will not only give a crunch but will also give flavor and texture.

Can eating green tomatoes raw harm you? 

Green tomatoes are not just unripe tomatoes, rather they can naturally be green which tastes just like a normal tomato and does not cause any harm to you.

In addition, there are some amounts of toxicity in them which is also common in other plants however, their toxicity is not that harmful as most of the toxicity goes away when it is cooked. 

A minority of people may be sensitive to alkaloids which are present in green tomatoes and can cause irritation to the stomach. Nevertheless, in most cases, green tomatoes are very safe to consume.

What should I do with my green tomatoes? 

There are thousands of things you can do with your green tomatoes to create delicious dishes which will make these green tomatoes taste a thousand times better.

In addition, you can pickle them in vinegar or brine, and additionally, you can also make jam out of them to go with any dishes which you can put on the burger and sandwich to spice up the sweet and savory flavors.

Moreover, there are so many Asian recipes that you can try for fun such as green tomato curry, soup, and so on. Furthermore, you can sauté these green tomatoes and put them in pies and pasta. You can bake or make stews with fresh green tomatoes.

Do green tomatoes give you gas?

It is not typical that green tomatoes give you gas but some people react badly to tomatine and solanine which are some of the elements of green tomatoes. 

In that case, you may have gas other than that, it is rather fine to eat and use green tomatoes in your regular cooking preparations. 

People may go through solanine poisoning which can cause vomiting, diarrhea, drowsiness but the fruit itself does not give you gas.

Are frozen green tomatoes safe to eat? 

Frozen green tomatoes are very safe to eat. Freezing green tomatoes will not alter any element in the tomatoes therefore, they will be pretty safe to eat. However, freezing them will limit how you want to use them. 

In addition, frozen tomatoes will still be tasty and like other frozen fruits can be juiced to create healthy and fresh juice or to make stews with them. 

Final Thoughts:

Green tomatoes are a great source of all the necessary elements that are demanded by your body. Although green tomatoes do contain some toxicity by the elements present in them such as tomatine and solanine, they are not poisonous to eat. They can spice up your dietary routine.