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Can Turtles Eat Corn? (All You Need to Know)

Corn is a food item that contains Beta-carotene, lutein, and Vitamin E that all play a role in helping to protect cells from taking damage. It has a very rich source of fatty acids that help fatten up animals.

They also contain fibers that help in reducing the cholesterol levels in animals and humans alike. These fibers also help in the digestion of food too. When ground corn is cooked it becomes highly digestible for animals.

We can see how corn can be very healthy for animals to have, even for us humans it’s highly likable in every diet plan. Let’s go down below to see if Turtles can eat corn or not.

Can turtles eat corn?

Turtles are omnivorous animals that have a diverse diet throughout their lives. When they’re adults they mostly rely on vegetation both under seawater and on above land. So, turtles can eat corn but only when it’s given rarely. Since it doesn’t digest well, once a month is good enough.

Corn is a versatile food item that can be used in a multitude of ways in food items. Commonly corn is used to fatten animals like chickens, hogs, and cattle.

Corn flour for example is one of the healthy food items. Let’s look at a few of the most common forms of corn and if turtles can eat them.

Corn on the cob:

This is normally a culinary term that is commonly used for cooked maize. Turtles can eat this in moderation.

Corn husks:

Basically, the coating of the corn that covers it is the corn husks. These are not edible and are mostly used as wrappers. Some adult turtles might eat it.

Corn tortillas:

Corn tortillas have the upper hand by being the most nutritious. It’s due to the fact it’s made from whole grain, unlike flour tortillas. Furthermore, an adult turtle will chow down on a Corn tortilla happily.

Corn flakes:

Regarded as one of the healthiest breakfasts you have while having many different health benefits for us. However, turtles can’t have corn flakes or any other processed foods.

Corn chips:

Corn chips are healthy because they are made from Corn Tortillas. It might be healthy for us humans but it’s not healthy for turtles and they shouldn’t eat them.


This is made from dried corn. This staple food isn’t the same as wheat flour due to it being a bit gritty. This is not something that turtles can eat.

Cracked corn:

Cracked corn makes it easier for the birds to eat the kernels that have been dried and cracked into pieces. Turtles will not shy away from some cracked corn if given to them. 

But it is advised not to give them too much as it doesn’t digest well.

Baby corn:

This is another one of the healthiest foods on the list that has almost zero calories. However, still, the same theory applies to this one too. Since corns don’t digest well, we should give them rarely to turtles.

Cooked corn:

Corn on the cob is cooked corn. However, may the corn is, since they are not that good for the turtles, we shouldn’t let them have it regularly. 

Frozen corn:

Any kind of frozen veggies should be fine for turtles. As long as they’re thawed.

Sweet corn:

A turtle can’t eat this because sweet corn is mainly for human consumption. A high percentage of sugar can introduce poisoning for the animal.

Canned corn:

While not the best idea but when in a pinch a turtle can have some canned corn as it is as fresh as non-canned corn.

Is corn good for turtles?

When it comes to the diet of a turtle, a variation is very important. Turtles when growing up need different nutrients for a healthy and long life. Since turtles are omnivorous it’s a given that they have a big palate.

So, a healthy diet of different vegetables and fruits while adding protein here and is always healthy and beneficial for a growing turtle.

Corn is something that can be debatable when it comes to feeding it to turtles. Corn can be healthy due to the amount of fiber in it. However, we all know fiber usually takes a long time to digest. 

On the other hand, due to having fiber, corn in excessive amounts may not be good for your turtles.

Therefore, if you do give turtles corn to eat, let’s not give it regularly to them and instead rarely or if in a pinch should we serve them corn. That way the turtles will have time to digest the food well.

Can these turtles eat corn?

Turtles have a wide variety of diets. Human-made foods are also viable for them as long as they are not processed foods.

Turtles will love a handful of corns both cooked and uncooked. Let’s look at a few turtles below to see if they would eat corn or not.

Box turtles:

These turtles are usually preferring meat over the green than other turtles. Box turtles’ favorite food items are earthworms, beetles, crickets, etc. However, if we give box turtles some corn, they can eat it regardless.

Red-eared slider turtles:

Just about anything goes for these turtles when it comes to food. Be it protein or vegetables, it won’t matter. They will eat whatever they like. So, if corn was to be in front of them, they can eat corn.

Painted turtles:

small animals and or any kind of plants are the most common things this turtle likes to eat. They can eat cooked corn too if they need to.

Water/Pond turtles:

Slider turtles are most common when it comes to water pond turtles. Whilst they have a palate of different food items, these turtles can eat corn.

Baby turtles:

Infant turtles can eat a multitude of things including corn. and won’t be unhappy to explore new kinds of food items. However, they need to be in variety and moderation, especially corn.

3 reasons why turtles can eat corn

Corn itself is a healthy diet plan food and just a portion of good food for the consumption of us humans. There are different variations of the Corn both cooked, uncooked, and ground versions.

Corn provides a variety in their food palate and turtles-like variations. So, below are a few of those reasons why turtles can eat corn.

High amount of fiber:

Corns have a high amount of fiber that will make the turtle easily full on a small amount of it. So, when in need of alternative corn is a great option for a small amount.

Treated as fruits:

Corns can be treated as fruits with a high amount of carbohydrates, protein, sugar, and sodium. All these amounts of nutrients are slow to burn thus making them a good treat.

Thus, it takes a lot of time for them to digest it completely and due to that, it gives us time to make time for other nutritious food.

Nutritious food:

Turtles love nutritious food. Furthermore, corn is a highly nutritious food, thus the turtles love it when you give them. But they might disregard other food items if not given in moderation.

So however it might be good for the turtle. Make sure to give them corn in a moderation or they might not eat their usual diet. Otherwise, they might miss out on other important nutrients.

What can every turtle eat?

Turtles eat both meat and vegetables and they also like different kinds of human-made foods as long they’re not too processed.

Processed food materials that contain a lot of salt, sugar, or dairy can be poisonous to turtles. Here is a list of food items that almost every turtle would love to eat.

Drained Sardines:

Turtles are marine animals that spent most of their life underwater. Although they mostly rely on vegetation around the coral, turtles will eat other small marine animals too. 

Drained sardines are one of those options that we can give to our pet turtles as food. However, it is recommended that we rinse them in cool water to clean out the extra salt.

Turtle pellets:

These processed food pellets are a must-have for any baby or juvenile turtle. They contain elevated proteins that are very important for any growing turtle.

They also contain high levels of Omega fatty acids and Vitamin A as well. This will help in strengthening their immune system.

Trout chow:

Trout chow is a homemade combination of fish pellets and cream-style corn. We can add some optional flavoring to make something different if we feel like it. 

Turtles like this treat a lot because of the fishiness that comes from the pellets and also because of the highly nutritious corn present in the mixture.

Final Thoughts

Corn is undoubtedly a healthy food that turtles won’t shy away from when introduced to them. Corn is something that can be treated as a fruit and given in small moderate amounts when feeding the turtles. This food item will bring diversity to the turtle’s food palate; thus, turtles can eat corn.