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What Is Passive Door Lock & Unlock? How to Turn Off?

Passive doors have become an exciting innovation of modern science. It makes life easier and fruitful. Therefore, it becomes our everyday use system.

In particular, you will find a passive lock and unlock system in your car. Most modern and updated cars come with passive door options. Sometimes, you need to add this feature to your existing vehicle.

However, people are getting used to using passive doors worldwide. But, it’s not the usual door system anymore. Therefore, it creates some queries among the users.

If you want to know how a passive door works and its lock and unlock system works, you are at the right place. You will find everything here. Keep reading to know everything about the passive door lock & unlock system.

What is passive door lock & unlock?

The passive door lock & unlock is a remote keyless entry system. It is a specially engineered door that doesn’t require any physical effort to lock and unlock. When you go outside, the passive door will automatically lock itself. Moreover, to unlock the passive door, you need keyfob.

Passive car lock & unlock is an automated system that doesn’t require any physical attempt or keyfob. It works based on artificial intelligence. But you have to be sure that your car’s door is passive.

You might hear the name of a smart home where most things work automatically following your command or voice. Passive doors are an integral part of that smart process and system. Now, manufacturers introduce this automation in the automated industry.

As a result, you are now becoming familiar with this system. For example, GM, Chevy, and Cadillac already have introduced this system in their car-making process. They all are international general motors companies.

These companies make the passive door theory popular among the others. Therefore, people get interested in passive doors and try them out.

Among the others, most GM cars are designed with keyless access to the vehicles. You need to fulfill some preconditions to make the process successful.

Chevy passive door locking is mostly the same technology we have talked about. It is also an automated system to lock and unlock doors without taking any keyfob help or pressing any button of the car’s remote.

There is another system called Cadillac passive door lock & unlock system. It also works in a similar method.

However, the passive lock and unlock methods are different from each other. Passive door entry lock works when you leave the car alone. It will lock itself within a second.

But the passive unlock system is quite different. This system works from the driver’s door handle, and you will find a button over there to unlock the door.

How does passive door entry lock work?

Passive door entry lock works with a system. Some refer to them as preconditions of using a passive door entry lock. It will work if you maintain all the conditions perfectly.

First, your car or home must have a passive door system. If you don’t have one, you can buy one and install it. However, most GM cars come with passive doors. If you have one, keep reading to know how it works.

You have to turn off your car or vehicle with the passive door locking system. Make sure the engine is off and ready to leave your vehicle. After that, you need to close all the doors.

Closing doors is the first thing you need to complete before your passive door lock starts working. After that, you need to remove at least one RKE. Then leave the door.

Your passive lock entry system will start working afterward. It will lock itself and will be safe for you.

All you need is to turn off the car, park in a safe area, close the door, and leave. A passive door entry system will rest and make the car safe.

How to turn off the passive door lock?

You need to use the system interface to turn off the passive door lock. Though it’s an easy task to do, it will create confusion if you try it for the first time.

In that case, we come with some easy steps. Follow them and turn off your passive door lock.

Go to system settings:

Go to your system settings from the car dashboard. Your car must have a monitor screen to find your passive door setting.

Go to “Go vehicle” option:

Find out the Go vehicle option. Press here, and then you will find the remote lock unlock option there.

Press on the passive door option:

From there, you will find a passive door option. Press on it. And follow the next step.

Now press turn off:

Now, you get the option to turn off the passive door lock and unlock it. Press on the turn-off option.

How will I enable passive unlocking using my keyfob?

Follow these steps if you want to enable passive unlocking using your keyfob. They will lead you to your destination.

Ensure the vehicle is turned off:

You must ensure that your vehicle is turned off. Otherwise, this process will not work anymore. So, keep your car off during this entire process.

Press the lock and unlock button for 3 seconds:

You have passive lock & unlock buttons on your keyfob. You don’t use it to lock your passive door.

But here, this keyfob will play the entire role. You need to press the lock & unlock buttons for about three seconds.

When the light flashes, it’s done:

Then, you will see the turn signal flashing four times. You’re done. 

Final Thoughts

Being a remote keyless entry (RKE) system, passive door lock & unlock is an automated way to lock the vehicle’s doors. You need to leave the car and close all the entries. A passive door locking system will rest and lock the entire vehicle door. And, you can unlock it through your keyfob.