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Will Vaseline Soften Toenails? (Quick Facts)

There are many home remedies that have been passed down from generation to generation to cure and help with various problems. And our elders usually swear by these. But are they truly as effective as they are hyped up to be?

Will vaseline soften toenails?

Vaseline is known to soften toenails. It is a topical ointment created by combining different types of beneficial oils and waxes together. And it is their moisturizing abilities that helps soften hard, thickened toenails. People usually use this home remedy to make clipping the toenails easier.

As people begin to age their toenails start to get thickened because with age the growth of toenails slows down and the new toenail cells all get caked together which then hardens and causes the toenails to get thickened.

So, when it is time to shorten the toenails, a significant amount of preparation is required. And that’s where vaseline or any type of petroleum jelly comes in. When it is applied and massaged into the skin around the nails and also the nail bed of the toenails.

You might also want to use a non-stick bandaid over it to keep it protected. It will begin to heal and soften the toenails by moisturizing them. This process should be repeated a few times but the end result is usually worth it.

And after the toenails have softened, you can now clip, cut or shorten your toenails to your liking. You will notice how much easier it is to cut the toenails.

And as the vaseline has moisturized the nail bed, you will notice that it won’t crack or splinter while you clip it which can happen when toenails are dry and brittle.

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Will Vaseline soften an ingrown toenail?

Vaseline is a product a lot of people swear by when it comes to softening an ingrown toenail.

Many even claim that after you apply vaseline to an ingrown toenail, it not only softens it but sometimes lets it slide out of the nail fold that it has been stuck in easily, without any extra tugging or pulling.

But many skin experts recommend patients against using this method. When vaseline is used to soften ingrown toenails, a lot of it can get trapped underneath the nail fold and is hard to clean out properly.

The trapped excess moisture can cause the skin to break down which will lead to breeding for bacteria and fungi. This is dangerous because it can easily cause the ingrown toenail to become infected.

Ingrown toenails are painful as it is and an infected one will be much harder to tolerate and take longer to heal.

Is vaseline good for toenail fungus?

Vaseline can be good for toenail fungus as it will fight a lot of symptoms associated with it but vaseline alone cannot cure toenail fungus. You must see a doctor and take proper medicines for it because often they are caused because of an internal issue inside our body.

However, vaseline, if used properly, helps cure fungus that is on the surface of your toenail. Vaseline stops water from reaching the infected area which is good as fungus can spread more when it comes in contact with water.

Also, the antibacterial properties of vaseline stop the spreading of fungus and this promotes healing. So, you will notice the fungus getting cured and your nails getting their natural color and texture back.

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Is vaseline or petroleum jelly good for toenails?

Vaseline or any other type of petroleum jelly can be good for toenails as they are packed with simple but very effective ingredients which not only contain moisturizing but also healing properties.

As people age, their toenails and cuticles can become hard and thickened due to their age or sometimes because of any acute illnesses they may be going from. The toenails will be thick and yellow with visible straight bumps on them, these are signs of dry and brittle toenails.

This, luckily, can be treated at home with the help of any good quality petroleum jelly, among which vaseline is well-known and also easily accessible. The vaseline should be applied on the nail beds of the toenail and also on the dry cuticles, you can then cover your feet with socks.

The added warmth will work with the vaseline to make your cuticles and toenails moisturized. However, this may take a few weeks depending on the conditioning of your toenails.

What do podiatrists use to soften toenails?

Podiatrists treat the hardened toenails of their clients by soaking their client’s feet in a warm water bath for 10-20 minutes. The warm water helps soften the toenails. They also add a few teaspoons of Epsom salt to the warm water bath.

The Epsom salt helps when it comes to softening the toenails. Hardened toenails also have a tendency to get embedded into the skin, Epsom salt can dissolve the parts of the toenails that have been wedged between the skin.

There is a lot of pain and inflammation associated with hardened toenails digging into the skin underneath and adding the Epsom salt to the warm water bath can reduce that significantly.

How do you soften hard toenails fast and naturally?

When toenails get thickened and hardened you might think it is not possible to soften them at home using natural remedies but that is incorrect! There are many easy ways in which you can soften your toenails right at home without much trouble.

Soak your feet in warm water:

One of the easiest and most well-loved methods of softening toenails is by soaking your feet in a warm water bath and mixing Epsom salt into the water for added benefits. This will soften your toenails faster than you think.

Urea cream:

You can also soften your toenails by generously applying urea cream on your toenails and cuticles at night and then wrapping them up using non-stick bandages and leaving them overnight.

In the morning you can take off the bandage and wash off the remaining urea cream. You will see a noticeable difference in your hardened toenails.

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Olive oil or coconut oil:

Readily available oils such as olive oil or coconut oil can also soften toenails and cuticles. This will reduce nails caking from dryness which is common in fungus-ridden toenails. 

These oils are also good in keeping the entire foot moisturized and softened.

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Will vaseline soften feet?

Vaseline can be an very effective product to soften your feet when it gets dry and tracked. The best way to use it is by gently exfoliating the dried skin cells with the help of a pumice stone or a natural sugar and coffee exfoliator.

Then wash your feet with clean water and dry it thoroughly using a cotton towel and then apply a generous layer of vaseline and massage it into the skin, this will create a sealing barrier that will trap in the moisture needed to heal dry and cracked feet.

You can wear socks to prevent vaseline from getting smeared on your sheets and leave it overnight to work its magic.

Does Vicks soften toenails?

Vicks does not soften toenails. However, as it is a topical ointment, there is camphor and eucalyptus oil present in it which can help treat surface-level fungus infections in toenails.

Vicks performed an experiment on 18 patients with toenail fungal infection in a study and out of them, 15 patients reported a positive reaction against the fungal infection.

Will vinegar soften toenails?

Vinegar does not soften toenails. But due to vinegar having antifungal and antibacterial properties, soaking your feet in a mixture of vinegar and water for 10 to 15 minutes daily will gradually help cure toenail fungus infection.

It will take a few weeks to get rid of the fungus infection but the results will be worth it.

What to soak your feet in to soften toenails?

In order to help soften your toenails, you can soak your feet in warm water mixed with a few teaspoons of Epsom salt. This has many benefits including softening your toenails effectively and in a short amount of time.

You can also add olive oil or other essential oils to the warm water before soaking your feet in it. They have great moisturizing properties which can help soften toenails.

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What is the best oil for toenails?

Fortunately, there is an array of different oils that can do wonders for your toenails. Each of them benefits the toenail in their own unique way.

  • Apricot kernel oil
  • Blackseed oil
  • Almond oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Argan oil
  • Peach kernel oil
  • Rosehip oil
  • Olive oil
  • Grapeseed oil

Final thoughts:

Vaseline contains many moisturizing and healing properties which makes it a great option when it comes to softening toenails. It is also safe to use on most people as it doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients, which makes it such a cult favorite for people having dry and hardened toenails.