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Why Does My House Smell Like Onions? (Read This First!)

It might get stinky when you travel and leave your house for several days. You may struggle to breathe entering the house after a long time. Some also experience an onion smell.

If you want to get your house a fresh smell, you can follow our tips. Also, there are some particular reasons behind the stinky smell. But you can get rid of the fact, with some simple solutions.

Why does my house smell like onions?

Your house smells like onions if you cook the onion. But there are some more reasons, including mold, old carpets, refrigerators, and rotten vegetables. You may count more. If you leave your house for a week and close everything, your home may smell like onions and stink.

Regular cleaning can make your house smell fresh and soothing. But lack of maintenance can cause several reasons to rise to make your house smell like the onions. Let’s get to know about them.

Old Carpet:

Carpet is an essential home material to protect our floors and decoration. It serves for a long time. When it gets old, it creates some issues.

Especially if you have an ancient carpet and leave your house closed for a week or a month, the old carpet will spread an odor.

Mainly, the closed door and window won’t let any air pass through the house or the carpet. As a result, it becomes stinky. When you enter the room, your home will smell like onions.

Rotten Vegetables:

one of the most common reasons your house smells like an onion is the rotten vegetables.

When you have rotten vegetables, and you can’t clean off the house, in that case, it will smell like the onion. Also, the unused onion might be another reason.


Sometimes, the fridge also causes your house to smell like onion. If you put the sliced onions into the fridge and forget to use a container, your refrigerator will spread the onion smell to the entire house.

It’s always better to clean the refrigerator once a week. Also, you have to clean the refrigerator if you come to the house after a long time.


Sometimes, the dishwasher also causes your house to smell like an onion if you forget to run the dishwasher after loading the washer. It happens with most of us since we forget to run the dishwasher for one or two days.

Cooking Onion:

We cook onions or use this item in other recipes; it might spread the smell through the air-conditioning. If you have AC and cook the onions in your kitchen, it will spread the onion smells throughout the house.

It would help if you used the home refresher after cooking the onions. It will remove the pungent smell within a while. We will also talk about some ways to remove the onion smells.

Why does this room smell like an onion?


The kitchen room smells like an onion because of the onion recipe or the rotten vegetables.

We put all our cooking ingredients and fresh vegetables in the kitchen. When we cook something with onion, this room will smell like an onion, and it’s a common incident.

Moreover, the rotten vegetables may also cause the kitchen to smell like an onion. Also, if mixed with the vegetables, the unused onion may cause the kitchen to smell like it.

Son’s room:

There is no particular reason to have an onion smell in your son’s room. Only the AC can bring the onion smells through the air.

Let’s say you cook onions in the kitchen, but you have the air-conditioning son’s room nearby. When you cut and cook the onion, the onion’s smell will come to your son’s home.

Another reason could be the eating habit. If your son loves to eat by sitting in his room, it may cause the room to smell like an onion. Especially when the food is made with onion, and your son left the dish or utensils for an hour, the room will smell of onion.

Laundry room:

Sometimes, the laundry room also smells like an onion if this room is adjacent to the kitchen or refrigerator. When you cook onions in your kitchen and the laundry room is nearby, the onion smell might go to that room through the air.

Additionally, washing your cooking clothes may leave the onion smell in your laundry room. You may use gloves to cut onions and other vegetables.


Your bedroom may also smell like an onion if you store the onion, garlic, and vegetables here. In addition, the air-conditioning system may also bring the onion smell to your bedroom. It will occur if the kitchen is adjacent to your bedroom.

You can use the air freshener to remove the stinky and onion smell. If you want the best solution, keep reading, we will talk about other solutions.

Can a gas leak smell like onions?

The gas leak should not smell like onions; instead, it can smell like rotten eggs since it has sulfur ingredients. But the smell may vary from person to person. Not all people smell the same. Rarely some people may smell the gas leak like onions.

You should check your gas pipelines and try to smell them. Maybe the stinky or pungent smell comes from the pipe instead of the gas leak. It happens with the old gasoline pipes. And, it may turn into an accident if you cook with gas leakage.

Does carbon monoxide smell like onions?

The carbon monoxide doesn’t smell like onions. It does not smell like anything else because carbon monoxide has its smell. If you have gas stoves, water heaters, and similar home appliances where you need to use gas, your home air may contain a carbon monoxide smell.

The carbon monoxide smell may also come from the car engines, generators, and furnaces. These appliances also use gas and release carbon dioxide and monoxide accordingly. You can use the monoxide detector to avoid health damages and identify any leaks.

Does mold smell like onions?

Mold smells like onions when you leave the house closed for a long time. We travel and visit our relatives or other countries for one week or a long time, and we close everything before we leave our house.

Mold will grow in damp places or wet walls or floors. If it remains there for over a week, the mold will spread a stinky smell in the air, and you might smell like an onion. You have to clean your house and remove all the mold when you return home.

What smells like onions in the house?

We have already shown you some reasons and ingredients that will smell like onions in your house. If you skip that part and want to know the list of items that smell like onions in the house, this section is for you.

  • Rotten Vegetables
  • Mold
  • Rotting Plants
  • Old Carpet
  • New Furniture
  • Onion Recipe

How do you get rid of the onion smell in a house?

Removing the onion smell might take time. Especially if you cook the onion recipe, the scent will last for at least two days. But we have come up with some great solutions to get rid of the onion smell in a house. Follow our tips and enjoy the fresh air.

Clean the House:

The best way to get rid of the onion smell is to clean the mold and other smelly things. When you are not at home and go on a tour for over a week, you should clean the house after you arrive home.

When you clean the house, you should remove all the mold and other stinky things from the entire house. You should check the whole house and every corner and clean them properly.

Use Air Freshener:

After cleaning the entire house, you have to use the air fresheners and remove the onion. You can buy the spray from any dispenser and spray it twice a week.

It will help you remove the stinky and foul smell from the closed house within a while. Also, if you want to get the instant solution and remove the onion smell, you should use air fresheners.

Vacuum & Deep Clean:

You can vacuum the entire house before applying the air freshener and other cleaning methods. However, while you are vacuuming the house after a long time, be sure to get rid of the dust.

After vacuuming the entire floor, you should deep clean the area. It will give you an excellent relief and remove all the stink and onion smell from the house. If you still have that smell, you should use air fresheners to give you the instant solution.

Final Thoughts

Removing the onion smells is complex, and it’s not a usual problem for the homeowner. Your house may smell like an onion due to the old carpet, rotten vegetables, mold, and more. They all play vital roles in creating the onion smell in your house. You can follow our tips and get rid of them.