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What Size Ground for 150 Amp Service? (Quick Answers)

If you build a new house or have a large house where you operate AC & other large electrical appliances, you might have a 150 or 200-amp service panel. This panel can serve your entire house and the large appliances efficiently.

However, you cannot just install a 150-amp service or panel; you must use proper grounding. I’m here to explain the required ground and other necessary things for your 150-amp benefit. You will also get the installation guide from my following tips.

Ground size for 150 amp service

The 6-4 AWG size ground is perfect for 150-amp service. But it will depend on several factors, including ground size, wire types, and your appliances. You must have different sizes and powerful home appliances to operate with a 150-amp panel. So, choosing the right ground is crucial.

Here, ground refers to the ground current carrying conductors. It will vary from the appliance, but the regular ground wire will be similar to the original panel.

You have two options; one is for 6-AWG, and the other one is for 4-AWG. You must go for the 6-AWG ground wire if you have large appliances.

I will explain the ground sizes for your 150-AMP service panel. You may consider them for safety purposes and give them a try; they will safely provide the right amount of electric flow to your appliances.

Anything else might damage your ground service panel or create electrical risks.

Bare/Earth ground:

The bare/earth ground wire is mainly for connecting the circuit breaker with a ground rod to make a safe connection between them.

It will be safe for both your ground and circuit breaker to have a bare or earth-ground wire connecting to the circuit breaker. However, the size of bare ground will vary from place to place & appliance to appliance.

Generally, 6-AWG bare/earth ground size is used for your 150-amp service panel.

It will give you the best electric flow that will be stable and will remain on your ground amp service panel when you install the amp service panel on your ground. Sometimes, the 4-AWG bare wire can be used on 150 service panels.

Aluminum ground:

The aluminum ground is one of the most usable and essential wires for every 150-amp service panel.

You will need this wire to run the electricity throughout all the appliances and other areas. It has a muscular build ensures safe electric flow to the desired ground area.

You will get the same aluminum ground wire size for every 150-200 amp service panel.

In most cases, the 4-AWG aluminum ground wire is used for the 150-amp service panel. It has a robust and quality structure that can serve your appliance with the right amount of electricity.

Equipment ground:

You need to have a circuit to protect the electric compounds of the ground panel. Here comes the equipment ground designed for the safety of your other electronic components.

However, the equipment size is not universal since the service panel might come with different conditions and variables.

The 6-AWG is a perfect equipment ground size for 150 amp service. You can’t use any other equipment ground for the same service panel since it will threaten your ground electric components.

So, stick to the 6 AWG wire or ground equipment for your service panel.

Ufer ground:

During world war two, people were introduced to the Ufer ground, ground protection for electric risks.

It’s a base that is designed with a rod and cement. Sometimes, it looks like a building block or foundation to work nicely on an electric circuit board.

4-AWG is the perfect UFER ground size for 150 amp service. But the physical structure for your ufer ground size will vary from area to area. Depending on your panel requirements, it could be several feet to a large area.

Copper ground:

One of the safest ground wires is copper ground. It must have ground wire for every 150 amp service panel or any amp service panel.

You cannot successfully & safely run your amp service panel without the copper ground wire, but the difficulty is to get the right sized copper ground.

6-AWG is the perfect copper ground size for a 150 amp service panel. You can use 4-AWG copper ground for the 150 amp panel, but the 6 AWG would be your best choice.

Water ground:

Water ground or ground water is a ground layer you will find if you excavate an area and dig for a long time with an excavation machine.

However, it connects the electric ground wire system and the water ground. You must have a clear picture of that.

Typically, the water ground size is several feet for your 150 amp service panel.

You must consider the water ground since you must maintain a distance between your groundwater and amp service panel. Otherwise, you must use the waterproof ground panel.

How do you size a ground for 150 amps?

In order to size a ground for 150 amps, you should keep in mind these things:


First, you must ascertain how many volts your gadgets require. This is typically visible when looking at wiring schematics or a rating plate. The value of your appliances in a garage will also be shown on an interior wall outlet.

Whether the wire is suitable for 120 volts or 240 volts depends totally on how far it is from where you reside as well as the distance of the breaker box. If so, a higher voltage will be required to operate the machines that require more power.


You must know each machine’s wattage for the following step.

For certain appliance manufacturers and models, you can find the wattage info within the reading materials you were provided. Most of the time, you can calculate the wattage manually.

Don’t forget to check that the wire you’re using has a wattage that matches the wattage of the devices it will be connecting to.


You must be aware of the spaces between your appliances. You can use this to get an idea regarding what amount of wire you need for a round for 150 amps. It will also help to choose the appropriate wire type.

How many ground rods for 150 amp service?

Two ground rods are safe for 150 amp service, although one ground rod is sufficient for everything.

If you require 250.56, you need to use two rods for grounding for safety purposes. If you don’t have 250.56 requirements, you should go for one rod, which will be more than enough.

Apart from that, you should go for two for safety when you can use both one rod and two rods. However, you cannot only rely on the single rod without considering the 150 amp service panel.

If your service panel or amp panel has different requirements, you must go for it. Otherwise, try to go for a two rods founding system.

You can increase your power or change anything soon. So, you must consider the amp panel service before installing the rod grounding.

How do you wire a 150 lamp base?

You can wire a 150 lamp base by following the instructions below:

Map Route:

To wire a 150 amp base, the very first thing you must do is to plan the paths for the four wires – ground, neutral, and two hot wires at the main service panel (black and red).

Now it’s time to clamp the cable after removing the sheathing and a knockout slug.

Then carefully place the neutral and ground wires and attach them to their respective bus bars(s).

It will be very simple to identify which wire connects to which breaker in a panel that has been expertly connected. More importantly, neat cables are less likely to come into contact.


In the next step, the red and black wires should be routed, cut, and stripped as per the requirement. After that, add a feeder breaker to them. Then, you must also insert the breaker with a snap.


Now, the feeder wires should be routed, stripped, and connected to terminals in the subpanel. Remember that the neutral wire should be connected to the primary neutral terminal.

Other wires such as ground and black & red wires should also be linked with the appropriate bars.


In the final step, the new circuit cables should be run into the subpanel and clamped.

Besides, connect the hot wire to a circuit breaker. For each circuit, it is also essential to connect the white and ground wires to the neutral and ground bus bar, respectively.

Final Thoughts

If you have a 150-amp service panel, you must use 6 or 4 AWG ground wire, depending on the wire types and other factors. You should also consider the Ufer, copper, and aluminum ground before choosing the right wire size for the 150 amp service panel. So, read them and select ground size.