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Lemon Garlic Butter Chicken and Green Beans Skillet

Welcome to a culinary adventure that promises to delight your taste buds and simplify your cooking routine! Today, we’re diving into a recipe that’s not just a feast for the palate but also a testament to the beauty of simplicity in the kitchen.

The Lemon Garlic Butter Chicken and Green Beans Skillet is a dish that brings together the zest of lemon, the warmth of garlic, and the richness of butter, creating a harmony of flavors that’s hard to resist.

This recipe is a perfect fit for those following paleo, low-carb, or keto-friendly diets, and its quick preparation time makes it an ideal choice for busy weeknights.

There’s something truly magical about creating a mouth-watering meal all in one skillet. This cooking method is not just about ease and convenience; it’s about the flavors that meld and intensify when everything cooks together.

Imagine the chicken absorbing the essence of garlic and lemon, while the green beans catch hints of butter and spices – all in one pan. The result? A dish with layers of flavor and a cleanup that’s as breezy as the cooking process.


Let’s unveil the stars of this culinary show. Each ingredient plays a pivotal role in creating a dish that’s bursting with flavor and nutrition:

  • Chicken Thighs (3 – 6 pieces, skinless and boneless): The perfect canvas for our spices, offering a tender and juicy bite.
  • Green Beans (1 pound, trimmed): Fresh and crisp, they add a vibrant color and a crunch.
  • Butter (3 tablespoons, divided): For that rich, velvety texture. Use ghee if you’re on a paleo diet.
  • Garlic (4 cloves, minced): The heart of the dish, offering a warm, aromatic base.
  • Paprika (1 teaspoon): Adds a subtle heat and depth of flavor.
  • Onion Powder (1 teaspoon): For a hint of sweetness and earthiness.
  • Salt and Fresh Cracked Black Pepper (1/4 teaspoon): Essential seasonings to enhance all the flavors.
  • Lemon (Juice of 1/2, plus slices for garnish): Brings a bright, citrusy zing.
  • Chicken Stock (1/2 cup): Adds moisture and richness to the skillet.
  • Hot Sauce (1 tablespoon, like Sriracha): For a spicy kick.
  • Crushed Red Chili Pepper Flakes (1/4 teaspoon, optional): If you love a bit of heat.
  • Fresh Parsley (1/2 cup, chopped): For a fresh, herby finish.

Each ingredient is carefully chosen to contribute to the overall harmony of the dish, making every bite a delightful experience.

Stay tuned as we delve into the heart of this recipe – the step-by-step cooking process, where we’ll explore how to bring these ingredients together into a symphony of flavors.

A Step-by-Step Cooking Guide:

Embarking on the journey of creating the Lemon Garlic Butter Chicken and Green Beans Skillet, we focus on the art of blending flavors and textures to perfection.

This section of our culinary adventure is dedicated to guiding you through each step, ensuring that your dish is not just cooked, but crafted with care and attention to detail.

  1. Seasoning the Chicken: Begin by mixing together the onion powder, paprika, salt, and pepper in a small bowl. This blend of spices will infuse the chicken with a depth of flavor. Generously season the chicken thighs with this mixture, ensuring each piece is evenly coated. This step is crucial as it lays the foundation of flavor for the entire dish. Set the seasoned chicken aside, allowing the spices to slightly penetrate the meat while you prepare the green beans.
  2. Preparing the Green Beans: Place the trimmed green beans in a microwave-safe dish, adding 1/2 cup of water. The water will steam the beans in the microwave, ensuring they retain their crispness and vibrant color. Microwave them for 8-10 minutes. You’re aiming for beans that are almost fully cooked but still have a bit of a crunch. This pre-cooking step is important as it ensures the beans won’t be overcooked when they join the chicken in the skillet.
  3. Cooking the Chicken: In a large skillet, melt 2 tablespoons of butter over medium-low heat. The butter not only adds flavor but also helps in achieving a golden-brown sear on the chicken. Place the seasoned chicken thighs in a single layer in the skillet. Let them cook undisturbed for 5-6 minutes, then flip them over to cook for another 5-6 minutes. The goal is to cook the chicken through (reaching an internal temperature of 165°F or 75°C) while also achieving a beautifully browned exterior. If the chicken is browning too quickly, don’t hesitate to lower the heat. The thickness of your chicken thighs may require adjusting the cooking time slightly. Once done, transfer the chicken to a plate and set it aside.
  4. Sautéing the Green Beans: In the same skillet, reduce the heat and add the remaining tablespoon of butter. This step is about building layers of flavor in the dish. Add the chopped parsley, minced garlic, hot sauce, and red chili pepper flakes to the skillet, followed by the pre-cooked green beans. Stir and cook for 4 to 5 minutes. This process isn’t just about cooking; it’s about infusing the green beans with the aromatic flavors of garlic and spices, while also allowing them to pick up the savory notes left by the chicken.
  5. Creating the Sauce: Now, it’s time to bring a zesty twist to the dish. Add the lemon juice and chicken stock to the skillet. Let the mixture simmer and reduce for a couple of minutes. This step is crucial as it thickens the sauce slightly, ensuring it coats the chicken and beans beautifully, marrying all the flavors together.
  6. Combining Everything: Finally, push the green beans to one side of the skillet and return the cooked chicken thighs to the pan. This is where everything comes together. Reheat the chicken quickly in the skillet, allowing it to soak up some of the sauce. Adjust the seasoning with a bit more pepper if needed.

Flavor Profile:

In this dish, each ingredient plays a role in creating a symphony of flavors. The lemon adds a bright, citrusy note, cutting through the richness of the butter and balancing the warmth of the garlic.

The paprika and onion powder bring a subtle complexity, adding depth without overpowering the other flavors.

The optional red chili pepper flakes and hot sauce introduce a gentle heat, which you can adjust to your liking. This interplay of flavors ensures that each bite is a delightful experience, with the tangy lemon and spicy notes dancing on your palate.

As we near the completion of our Lemon Garlic Butter Chicken and Green Beans Skillet journey, let’s delve into the nutritional benefits and explore ways to tailor this dish to your personal taste and dietary preferences.


This skillet meal is not just a treat for the taste buds but also a boon for health-conscious eaters. Chicken thighs, a lean protein source, provide essential amino acids, while green beans offer a bounty of vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

The use of spices, garlic, and lemon not only enhances flavor but also brings in antioxidants and vitamins. For those on a paleo, keto, or low-carb diet, this dish fits seamlessly into your meal plan, offering a balance of protein, healthy fats, and low-carb vegetables.

Customizing the Recipe:

For Extra Crunch: Consider adding crispy bacon bits to the green beans for an additional layer of texture and smoky flavor.

Chicken Variations: While chicken thighs are recommended for their juiciness, feel free to substitute them with chicken tenders for a quicker cooking option. Just be mindful not to overcook them.

Vegetable Variations: Swap green beans with asparagus, broccoli, or bell peppers for a different veggie twist.

Spice Adjustments: Tailor the heat level to your preference by adjusting the amount of red chili flakes and hot sauce.

Cooking Tips and Serving Suggestions:

Achieving the Perfect Sear: Pat the chicken dry before seasoning to ensure a beautiful sear. Cook undisturbed for the first few minutes to allow a crust to form.

Meal Prep and Storage: This dish can be prepped ahead and stored in the refrigerator, making it a convenient option for busy schedules. Simply reheat in a skillet or microwave.

Serving and Presentation:

Serve this dish hot, straight from the skillet for maximum impact. Garnish with fresh parsley, lemon slices, and a sprinkle of chili flakes for a pop of color and flavor.

Portion-wise, this recipe comfortably serves three, making it ideal for a family dinner or a meal with leftovers for lunch.

In conclusion, the Lemon Garlic Butter Chicken and Green Beans Skillet is more than just a recipe; it’s a celebration of flavors, textures, and nutrition.

It’s a testament to how simple ingredients, when cooked with care, can transform into a meal that’s both satisfying and healthy.

Happy cooking!