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How to Make a Cat in the Hat Hat – 8 DIY Steps to Make it Right

Who doesn’t love Dr. Seuss’s the cat in the hat? Almost every child would love to play with a cat in the hat hat. If you are a parent and you want your kid to have a good time, you should know how to make a cat in the hat hat. You can also make an event for your kindergarten class to make a DIY cat in the hat hat if you are a teacher and want your students to have a learning experience. You can use 3 or 4 for your kid’s friend, as well. You can also use it as birthday hats.

We all know the contribution of Dr. Suess in children’s literature. The concept of the cat in the hat hat has mainly come from his book named “The Cat in the Hat”. However, making a cat in the hat hat won’t be a difficult task if you have the proper materials with you. Below, we have provided a step by step guide to making a cat in the hat hat.

how to make a cat in the hat hat

How to Make a Cat in the Hat Hat

Step 1: Gather the necessary supplies

You will need a few things to make a cat in the hat hat. The first thing that you will need is white and red colored felt. You can prefer the stiffened craft felt to the normal ones. The first one is preferred for younger children. They will find it easier to work with. You will need a few more materials. You will need scissors, tracing paper, measuring tape, glue, needle, and yarn, etc.

Step 2: Outline the measurement in a tracing paper

You will need a tape measure to take the measurement of your child’s head. It is necessary; otherwise, the hat might become too lose to fit your child. Take a tracing paper and outline the measurement with a pencil. First, draw a circle based on the measurement you took. Draw another circle inside the first one by keeping a space of at least half inches. Now, take 3 inches measurement from the main circle and draw a circle outside the first one.

Step 3: Cut the Red felt based on the previous measurement

Now, you will need to cut the red felt based on the measurement you took in the tracing paper. Cut the center of the felt and make it void. Don’t worry if the measurements aren’t perfect. If you are making your kindergarten students make this, you shouldn’t give them too much pressure for accurate measurements.

Step 4: Outline a rectangle on a tracing paper

Now, take another tracing paper. With a pencil, draw a rectangle. Take the first measurement and add one inch with it. With the new measurement, draw the rectangle. Keep the longer side of the rectangle around 15 inches. Now, based on this measurement, cut the red felt and another matching piece as well. Now draw one more rectangle with a smaller width and cut the white felt and make two matching pieces based on this measurement as well.

Step 5: Make a few holes in the white pieces

You will need a paper punch to make the holes. Between each hole, keep a distance of around ¼ inches. The purpose of the holes is to make stitching easier for the kids. Now, you will need to mark 5 dots in the red felt by keeping the same distance. Now, glue one white piece on top of the red felt. Glue the other one by keeping one block open.

Step 6: Use a needle and yarn to attach the red and white parts together

Now you will need a red yarn and a needle for stitching. Run the needle inside the holes you made earlier. If you are doing this DIY project on your own, you can use regular needles. But, if your kid or your student is doing it, you can’t allow them to use regular needles.

In that case, you will need to provide them plastic needles to work. For the plastic needles to work properly, you might need to make the holes bigger because the tip of plastic needles is a bit thicker than the regular ones. If the holes work well that you made in the first place, then you won’t need to make the holes thicker.

Step 7: Use a glue stick to attach the two edges of the hat

Now, you will need to assemble all these parts. Use glue to attach the hat by overlapping it. Use two or three binder clips to hold the parts. Don’t remove the binder clips until the hat is properly set and the glue is dried. Don’t use regular glues in this case.

Take a glue stick and attach the two edges with hot glue. If you can’t do this step on your own, you can take help from another person. Tell your partner to hold the two edges of the hat together while you apply the glue on one edge of the hat.

Step 8: Use yarn and a needle as an alternative

You can also use yarn and needle to attach the edges together. Using glue will be enough as well. You might not want to let your kid work with glue sticks. In that case, using a plastic needle and yarn will be a better option. On the other hand, if you making this DIY cat in the hat hat on your own, you can use a glue stick, which will be less time-consuming.

You will need to make a few holes at the two edges of the hat. Make sure that the holes are aligned so that you can run a needle through it. If you don’t take the proper measurement here, your hat won’t look properly aligned, and it might fall on one side. That is why this step is crucial. Be patient and allocate more time to this step.

If you want your kid to have a DIY learning experience, making a cat in the hat hat is the best option. Your kid is familiar with the story. As a result, he/she will have a great learning experience.

Diy dr seuss cat in the hat hatCat in the hat hat