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How to Hang a Guitar on the Wall – 8 Steps to Follow

If you are worried about how you can keep your guitar in your room safely, you have come to the right place. You should know how to hang a guitar on the wall which is a common method used by everyone nowadays. Many people have a misconception about hanging guitar is that to leave the guitar out of the case and hanging it is bad. This statement is not entirely true.

You can purchase a hanging bracket, or you can make yourself one. It will probably cost you more than 15 bucks for a wall mount. If you are tight on budget and you want to make something creative to hang your electric guitar, we will suggest you make a DIY guitar hanger as it is a simple wood project.

how to hang a guitar on the wall

If you are comfortable with woodwork, you will be able to display your guitar with a guitar hanger in no time. Alternatively, you can use a few handy tools if you don’t want to make the guitar hanger from scratch. We will show you the way to hang a guitar on the wall with a step by step guide.

How to Hang a Guitar on the Wall – Follow these 8 Steps

Step 1: Gather the necessary tools and supplies

You will need a few supplies for this project. You will need a piece of wood, saw, brad nails, wall bracket, sandpapers, chisel, marker, wood glue, sawdust, etc.

Step 2: Take the required measurements

You can make a guitar hanger which looks like the shape of the guitar itself. The guitar-shaped hanger will look great at any corner of your room. The first thing you will need to do is to take a few measurements. Take a marker and make an outline on the wood. You can use any type of wood, or you can use a piece of wood from your old drawer or cupboard.

Draw an outline on the wood, which has a height of around 18-18 centimeters and a width of around 10-12 centimeters. As you will need to make the arms of the guitar holder, you will need to measure the space between it as well. Although it depends on the size of your guitar, usually 4-5 centimeters space will be perfect to hold your guitar. Take a tape measure and measure the space from your guitar.

Step 3: Cut the wood based on the measurement

You will need a saw to cut the wood. Don’t forget to mark the wood once you have taken all the measurements. Now, cut the wood carefully using a saw. Use a sharp blade by replacing the old one. You will need a proper cut to hang the guitar securely. Then, you will need to draw a rough outline in a guitar shape on the wood.

Step 4: Trim the corner of the wood pieces in round shape

To cut the curves around the outline, you will need a chisel. Don’t worry too much if you can’t cut the edges properly. Once you are done cutting this part, move on to the arms of the hanger.
Cut the arms in shape with rounded corners. It is crucial to keep the corners round. You have to do is make sure that the tuning machines of the guitar do not get damaged by the sharp edges of the hanger arms. Otherwise, the sharp corner might cause cut to your hand while using the guitar hanger.

Step 5: Make the arms of the guitar hanger

The next step is to make the arms of the guitar hanger. You will need to attach the arms at an angle so that it can hold the guitar properly. For this, you will need a precise measurement. Take a caliper and measure the headstock of your guitar.

Then, mark this measurement on the piece of wood. You will need to make two holes for the arms to be set on the body. You will need a chisel to make these holes. Try to keep the holes small and large enough at the same time so that the arms can sit there perfectly.

Step 6: Cut one side of the arms at a 45 degrees angle

If you weren’t successful at the first attempt, you don’t need to worry. After one or two attempts, you will be successful. To place the arms in the hole, you will need to cut the end of the arms at a 45 degrees angle. This angle will help the arms to sit on an angle as you wanted. If you don’t make the arms angled, there will be a possibility that the guitar will slide off once you hang it in your wall. Use a piece of 80-grit sandpaper to make the pieces smoother.

Step 7: Assemble the pieces with a wood glue

Once you are done cutting all the pieces, you will need to assemble the parts. for assembling, you will need wood glue. You will need to make the back support at first. For this, glue the back support behind the piece of wood.

You can add some brad nails to make it more secure. Then, glue the two arms on the holes you made earlier. If you feel like you have made a larger hole than needed, fill the space with some sawdust. Now, wait for some time so that the glue gets time to dry.

Step 8: Sand the parts for a smoother finish

After you are done with the assembling, you will need to give it a finishing touch. Start with using 80-grit sandpaper and end the process with 240-grit sandpaper. It is important to sand the pieces otherwise the sharp edges might cause a scratch to your guitar.

Using a 240-grit at the end will give you the best finish you want. The tough part is done. Here comes the fun part. Now, coat the guitar hanger to protect it. At last, use a drill to attach wall hangers at the back. Add two screws in your wall so that you can hang your guitar securely.

Taking care of your guitar will make it last longer. It is one of the best ways to hang a guitar on your wall. If you are worried about if it is ok to hang your guitar on the wall, you don’t need to worry. This DIY wall hanger will securely hold your guitar in place. You can use this same method to hang other instruments as well.

DIY guitar hanger for wallhang a guitar on wall