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How Much Is a Black Walnut Tree Worth? (Answered)

Adding value along with an attractive touch lifts up your garden game one level higher. A black walnut tree is one of those valuable trees that adds a great value to your garden. 

If you are planning on cutting off your black walnut tree permanently, then think over the pros of having the tree. However, if you have made up your mind and plan on removing it, then you must wonder how much a black walnut tree is worth. 

Today we will be having a detailed discussion on how much a black walnut tree is worth and the factors that affect the value. So, without any further due let’s get into it. 

How Much Is A Black Walnut Tree Worth?

A black walnut can be worth $700-800. However, the price can vary depending on various conditions. The diameter affects the price of the tree. Other than the diameter, the height and other suitable factors can matter. A fully grown black walnut tree or a tree with 20 inches is worth $700 at least.

Black walnut trees usually grow as single trees or in small groups. These trees usually grow in the central or the eastern part of the US. If we talk about the usage or the pro factors, that would be an entirely different topic. However, the tree itself looks very attractive.  


Full grown black walnut tree: 

A full grown black walnut will at least be worth $800. The worth depends a lot on the diameter of the tree. Larger the diameter, the more it is worth. Over time the trees can grow larger and the value may go up.   

50 ft black walnut tree: 

A 50 ft black walnut tree can be worth $30,000. However, there are multiple individual factors that will and can affect the value, one of them is the diameter. The value will also vary depending on the lumber quality grade.     

100 ft black walnut tree:

Walnut trees can grow up to 100 feet, and have a great value for their lumber. And a 100 feet walnut tree can be worth $50-60,000. Apart from these, walnut trees provide us with nuts and it is a vital source of shelter for native wildlife. 


40 year old black walnut tree:

A 40 year old black walnut tree will grow up to having a diameter of 40-45 inches. And a tree with that diameter would be worth $1800-22,00.

30 year old black walnut tree:

Within 30 years the tree will grow up to having a diameter of 30-40 inches. The value of the tree would be $2000 at least due to its lumber grade.    

20 year old black walnut tree: 

20 year old black walnut trees will have 15-20 inches. Depending on the lumber grade the value would be $7-800.

Is a black walnut tree worth anything? How much money can you get for a black walnut tree? 

A black walnut tree is worth a lot of things. For at least 20 inches, the tree can be worth $700-800.  

The value of the walnut tree depends a lot on the diameter of the tree. Additionally, if the tree has a diameter of 30 inches or more the value of the tree will increase. 

When you think of cutting a tree off your garden, selling the tree is already an option. The easiest way to calculate the value is to calculate the diameter and height of the trees. And then you can count the trees and multiply the amount. 

However, you can also consult a professional to get the exact figures to determine the value.  

What affects a black walnut tree’s value? 

There are multiple reasons that can affect the value of the black walnut tree. Here are a few reasons that can affect the value of a black walnut tree: 

Quality of veneer: 

The quality of the veneer of the tree can be determined when it is thinly sliced. However, the final measure of the tree is always done by determining the diameter. 

To determine the diameter of the tree you can use an instrument known as a biltmore stick. Walnut trees with larger diameter can produce more veneer. Therefore, you need to determine the diameter of the tree to get higher quality veneer.       

Grade of lumber: 

Lumber grading is one of testing the value and the quality of the tree. However, the diameter will determine how much sellable your tree can provide. 

If your tree has a diameter of at least 18 inches, you can easily get paid $6-700. 

However, if your tree has a diameter of 24-25 inches, you can easily get paid $12-1400. Additionally, if the diameter of the tree decides the quality of your lumber. The diameter is what will affect the lumber quality and amount of lumber that can be produced.

How is a black walnut tree graded? 

There are a few conditions to figure out the grade of your walnut tree. 

Here is how to grade your black walnut tree: 

Depending on the clear wood: 

The grade of the walnut tree is basically graded on the clear wood having a height of at least 16 ft. Clear wood is the type of wood that is blemish free. This type of wood is highly demanded as any type of wooden products can be created from them. 

‘A’ graded trees are those which have no clear damages or blemishes and knots on them. ‘B’ graded trees are determined which have less blemishes and light damage on them. 

However, ‘C’ graded trees are those which have small knots on one side or both sides of the tree. And ‘D’ grades are those, which are covered with scratches and knots on both sides. 

Additionally, grade ‘1’ trees have multiple knots covering the entire tree. However, only some spots may be knot free. 

And lastly, grade ‘2’ trees have large visible knots and they are high in concentration. There can also be possible signs for scratches and damage.  

The less blemishes and less damaged trees are valued more. If you have a tree that is A graded and has a diameter of 25″ you can get paid at least $1400+, whereas a B graded tree will get you only around $800. 

How much is a black walnut tree worth for lumber? 

For lumber of black walnut trees you can get as little as $50 and as much as $500.  

However, all of this depends on the grade quality of the lumbar and the diameter of the tree. Additionally, if we break it down for a tree that has a diameter of 14-inches and it makes a log of 16 ft it can make up 50 board feet.    

And for individually each board you can get an average of $1 for this specific tree. On the other hand, a walnut tree with 8 ft logs can produce as much as 170 board feet, which will easily bring you $500.  

Therefore, the specific value of the lumber depends a lot on the quality and the grade of your tree. Of course, A graded wood will bring you A graded lumber and therefore the value will go up.

Are black walnut trees a good investment? Is black walnut expensive? 

Black walnut trees are indeed a good investment. A good quality black walnut tree can be expensive. 

There are reports that have shown that walnut trees have been sold for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. A good quality black walnut tree can be worth the money you pay. They are indeed quite valuable.     

Black walnut trees are usually used in manufacturing fine furniture, stocks and novelties. This wood is specifically used due to their grainy touch, color and ease to work with. 

Higher graded quality walnuts are cut into lumber and the best are turned into veneer.   

Several characteristics determine the quality of the walnut trees, such as the diameter. However, walnut tree buyers usually have the tendency to buy smaller trees if the trees are sold in groups. 

The trees which have a diameter of less than 15-inches, have a little less value than others. Quality lumber and veneer are produced from the trees having a diameter of 18-inches or more.            

Although most walnut trees grown in urban areas do not have the characteristics of the ideal walnut tree, they are still sold at a good price.   

Final Thoughts: 

A black walnut tree is worth $700-800 at least. However, it mostly depends on the diameter of the tree. If the tree diameter is less than 15-inches, the value would be comparatively less. Additionally, a tree having less blemishes, damage and a diameter of 18-inches  increases the value.