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How Long Does Deck Paint Take to Dry? (Read This First!)

Does deck paint take a long time to dry? Are you wondering what is the drying time for different types of deck paint? Are you also wondering what kind of factors can affect the deck paint dying time?

Deck paint drying time

Deck paint’s drying time fully depends on the surrounding environment’s temperature, humidity level, moisture level, wind, and so on. Therefore, different drying times can be attributed to deck paint however, the deck paint may take 1 to 6 hours on average for drying in general.

It is really important to know how long deck paint takes to dry in different situations so that you can mold your decisions accordingly and can also surpass any confusion.

Deck paint to dry before walking on it:

Deck paint should dry completely before you can walk on it therefore, you need to make sure that you at least provide four to six hours so that your deck paint is fully dried.

Additionally, the temperature, humidity level, the type of paint, and so on can also play a significant role in determining the deck paint drying time.

Therefore, if the temperature is hot, then the deck paint will dry within one hour and you can walk barefoot on it right after one hour.

However, if the temperature is humid or cold, then it will take much longer for the paint to seep into the wood pores and it may also take as long as 24 hours for the deck paint to dry before walking on it.

Deck paint to dry before rain:

There should be a significant amount of time for your deck paint to dry properly before the rain.

This is because if it rains just after the paint job is done for the deck, then you can end up with a botched paint job.

Moreover, the water will seep through the paint pores and will completely destroy the deck paint itself by creating an uneven look.

Therefore, you need to make sure that you maintain a drying time of about four to six hours on average for the deck paint to dry before it rains.

However, different types of paint will require different drying times to dry before it rains.

Therefore, when it comes to the water-based or latex type of paint, your deck paint needs to be dried for about four to six hours before there is a chance of rain.

Moreover, oil-based paint requires more time for it to dry before the rain therefore you need to make sure that your oil-based deck paint dries for 24-48 hours before the rain.

How long does these deck paints take to dry?

It is imperative to be aware of the plethora of different types of deck paint’s drying time so that you can surpass any kind of confusion while working with these different deck paints.

Acrylic deck paint:

Acrylic deck paint usually dries more quickly than other types of paint. Therefore, acrylic paint will take 30 to 40 minutes to dry when applied to your deck.

To get this 30 or 40 minutes drying time, you have to make sure that there is ample dry air available during the application time.

Additionally, the acrylic deck paint drying time can also be determined by how many layers of paint you put on your deck.

Oil-based deck paint:

Oil-based deck paint will take quite a long time to dry therefore, you can expect your oil-based deck paint to dry somewhere between 4-24 hours.

Additionally, this drying time depends a lot on the temperature of the surrounding area therefore if the temperature is above 60 degrees, you can only then achieve this drying time.

Water-based deck paint:

With the appropriate temperature, moderate humidity, and less wind, you can get your water-based deck paint to dry within 4-6 hours.

If you, however, want to add another layer of water-based deck paint then you have to wait at least one to four hours before doing so.

Latex deck paint:

There is a varying time difference for latex deck paints’ drying time therefore, it usually takes latex deck paint 1-6 hours to dry in a compatible environment. 

Deck paint brandDrying time
Behr Deck Over paint 24 Hours 
Sherwin Williams deck paint24-48 hours
Valspar porch deck paint6-8 Hours
Dyco pool deck paint8 Hours
Olympic deck paint24-48 hours
Cabot deck paint4-6 Hours

How long should deck paint dry between coats?

You should let your deck paint dry for at least 1 to 6 hours before putting another coat of paint on it.

This is because the previous coat of paint has to get thoroughly absorbed in the wood pores so that a proper application can be maintained from it.

However, if you do not wait for such a long time before applying another coat of deck paint, you can risk your paint peeling off or looking splotchy.

Therefore, you have to look at the determining factors or conditions before applying deck paint so that it can assist in decreasing the drying time of your deck paint.

In fact, you can apply a thin layer of paint or you can thin the paint by using paint thinner, and then you can put it on the deck so that the paint is thin enough for it to be dried faster which makes it ready for another coat quickly.

How long does pool deck paint take to dry?

It will take a considerable period of time for pool deck paint to dry. Accordingly, pool deck paint needs 24-48 hours to dry thoroughly.

In addition, if the temperature is warm enough and if there is a moderate level of humidity present in the atmosphere, then it is more than likely for your pool deck paint to dry within three to four hours.

In addition, you need to make sure there is no moisture in your pool deck because it will lengthen the pool deck paint’s drying time.

What conditions affect deck paint dry time?

Several factors or determinants can affect deck paint’s drying time and being knowledgeable about such factors will help you to mold your decisions accordingly.


One of the biggest factors that will affect your deck paint’s drying time is related to the temperature.

Accordingly, any kind of maximum temperature is not sufficient for you to apply deck paint on your deck as this will increase the drying time.

In addition, if the temperature is above 90 degrees Fahrenheit or below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, then the applied deck paint will take a long time to dry.

Moreover, scorching hot temperatures will destroy the integrity of the deck paint itself while drying. Additionally, even a cold freezing temperature can cause the deck paint to lose its dampness while drying.

High Humidity:

It is really important to check the humidity level of your surrounding environment to know whether or not it is a good idea for applying deck paint.

Accordingly, deck paint’s drying time can be increased by a large margin if the humidity level in the atmosphere is high.

This is because a high humidity level means there is enough moisture in the atmosphere which is why it will be hard for the deck paint to evaporate fully.

This lack of evaporation of the deck paint will result in lengthening the drying time to almost 48 hours. 

Therefore, the higher the humidity level of the surrounding area is, the longer it will take for the deck paint to get absorbed into the wood pores quickly and balance moisture from it.

To get rid of this high humidity problem, you need to make sure to apply thin layers of deck paint so that it can assist in decreasing the drying time of deck paint.


Another condition that can affect deck paint’s drying time is wind. You do not want the deck paint to dry very quickly due to strong wind because this will lead to a flawed paint job.

This is because fast-drying of the deck paint can cause the paint to not adhere to the surface of the deck properly.

Moreover, this wind condition can also cause the deck paint’s application to look freckled or dirty because high wind can bring a lot of debris or dirt which can then get attached to the deck paint thus creating a disproportionate look.


Another condition that can affect deck paint’s drying time is rain. Therefore, it is better to let the deck paint dry or cure for 6-48 hours before there is a chance of rain.

Otherwise, rainwater will seep into the wood pores and block the paint itself to get into the pores which will lead to a blundering paint job.

Final Thoughts

Nothing can beat the effectiveness of having your deck painted on however, it is also necessary for you to consider the deck paint’s drying time. Accordingly, your deck paint will need somewhere between 1 to 6 hours to dry totally if provided with the best temperatures.