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How Do Grillz Stay on Your Teeth? (All You Need to Know)

Well-known rappers such as Gucci Mane, Jay Z, Kanye West have made Grillz very popular in the music industry. And to no one’s surprise, many of their fans were inspired to get Grillz fitted on their teeth as well.

But some people are still curious to know how this accessory works.

How do Grillz stay on your teeth?

Grillz covers teeth the way a glove covers a hand. When Grillz are fitted over your teeth, they sit on top of it by gripping it from both front and back. They stay on top of it snuggly which removes any wiggle room that could cause the Grillz to slide off. This allows the Grillz to stay put.

Grillz can be permanently fitted on your teeth to make sure it stays in place. But even temporary ones don’t usually move when they are worn.

This happens because with every purchase they will add wax mold bars which will make it easier for you to adjust the Grillz to the size of your teeth.

There are also some stores where you can send in the shape and size of your teeth using a putty material they will send and this will help them custom make the Grillz for you.

That will be made exactly to the size and shape of your teeth, there will be no reason for it to move around anymore.

How do custom Grillz stay on your teeth?

Custom Grillz are usually created according to the unique size of your teeth. This makes them stay on your teeth without any problems. Custom Grillz are usually created by dentists or Grillz experts.

They will first take the measurements of your teeth using a soft, malleable material known as putty. When you bite into the putty, the imprint of your teeth will be left on the putty.

The dentist will then use this to mold a mock-up set of teeth exactly as your teeth and then this will be used as a guide to creating your custom Grillz. And as the Grillz will be made by following the shape and size of your teeth, it will cover your teeth fully and won’t move from the place.

How do you get Grillz to stay on your teeth longer?

Grillz are very expensive since they are mostly made using gold, silver, or platinum and decorated with precious gems. Therefore, it is no surprise that most people want their Grillz to stay shiny and pristine as long as possible. 

But things like how the Grillz was set on your teeth and the aftercare play a huge role when it comes to its longevity.

Seek an expert Grillz manufacturer:

You need to seek a dentist or an expert Grillz manufacturer if you wish to get a good and long-lasting Grillz. This step may seem like a no-brainer but it is important to take help from someone knowledgeable.

Make a mold:

They will first want to make a mold of your natural teeth which will help them create Grillz that will be perfect for your teeth.

Wear them:

After your Grillz are ready according to the mock-up mold it is time to wear them. You must remember to brush and floss your teeth thoroughly beforehand.

It is now time to snap your Grillz in place, make sure it fits on top of your teeth snuggly and isn’t wobbling around.

Take care of the Grillz:

The final and most important step is to take care of both the Grillz and your teeth to help make them last longer by taking off the Grillz while eating or smoking and cleaning them and your teeth before putting it back on.

It is also wise to take them off before sleeping.

Do Grillz stay on your teeth forever?

There are permanent Grillz available and if they are maintained properly, these are known to last forever. However, permanent Grillz comes with its own set of risks, if you decide to get them.

It is best to make sure there aren’t any gaps between the Grillz and teeth because food and debris can enter through these gaps and get stuck. This will then cause bacteria to start breeding and producing acid which will eventually decay the teeth underneath.

This is why most Grillz experts suggest their clients get temporary Grillz which they can take off while eating, drinking, or smoking and it also allows the wearer freedom to keep both their teeth and Grillz clean which is very crucial.

And because of this many people say that the temporary Grillz end up lasting forever as it is easier to maintain and keep in good condition.

How to make Grillz fit your teeth?

If you don’t want to get your Grillz custom made or simply cannot afford the huge price tag it comes with, you need not fear because if you follow a few steps and position your Grillz correctly you can get your Grillz to fit your teeth perfectly at home.

Push & curve:

Once you have received your Grillz, push them onto your teeth and curve it by following the natural curve of your teeth.

Do not press them hard:

You will find hooks at the bottom backs of your Grillz which you should bend when you use slight pressure, do not press on them too hard though.

Place the wax molded bar:

You will find a wax molded bar with your Grillz, place it inside the Grillz.

Clear the wax bar:

You now need to take hot water and, using a pair of pliers, dip the Grillz and wax bar inside the water and hold it under there until the wax bar turns clear.

Wear them:

Shake off the excess water after taking your Grillz out. And you can now slide them over your teeth and push them softly with your fingers and let the bar harden. It should be adjusted after a few minutes.

Now, you are ready to dazzle the world with your smile.

What does wearing a Grillz do to your teeth?

Grillz can look absolutely stunning on some people’s teeth but as we have discussed early it all comes down to how you take care of it. And since Grillz are worn 24/7, they do bring some change to our teeth and also their overall health and hygiene.

Food & debris slip inside:

One of the biggest issues most people face is food and debris can very easily slip inside the Grillz through the gaps and if they are not cleaned out they stay there and cause bacteria to start decaying the teeth within.

This produces acids that cause very repulsive smelling breath.


People who sleep with their grillz have reported that the grillz causes abrasion and damage to the enamel of the teeth surrounding it.

Recede gum:

The gum of the teeth with grillz will begin to recede as well when the wearer continues to keep the grillz on their teeth permanently.

Chip teeth:

Grillz are also known to chip teeth.

Even though these things have been known to happen, it is important to know that grillz itself isn’t unsafe, the lack of proper hygiene and wearing grillz all the time usually causes these problems.

How to make a homemade grill for your teeth?

In order to make your own grillz at home, you will need to first curate a few necessary items such as a dental impression kit, dental cement mix, wax cutting tool kit, and a few other items according to what mental and gems you would like to decorate your grillz with.

You will need to follow a few steps to create your grillz starting with making a teeth impression mold and also a dental cement impression model which you will then have to wax up followed by casting the whole thing in the metal of your preference.

This will have to be polished before setting the diamonds and gems on top of it. Finally, you must finish it off with a final polish to make all the edges smooth and the metal and gems shiny.

Can you eat with grillz?

You can eat with permanent grillz which have been attached to your teeth but it is best to take out your grillz if you wear ones that are temporary and removable. This will prevent food from getting inside and staying inside the grillz.

You should also clean your grillz every day to stop the collection of food and debris inside it but don’t use any jewelry cleaners that may be unsafe for human consumption.

Final thoughts:

Grillz are made in a way that it can hug the teeth within, it snaps on top of it and prevents any movement which helps it stay put in one place, especially custom grillz which are made and fitted by experts according to the unique shape and size of your teeth which diminishes any unwanted movement.