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Do Mice Dislike Aluminum Foil? (Answered)

Mice infestation is every home owner’s nightmare and we would go to new heights to get rid of mice. This leads us to look for items that repel mice. So do mice dislike aluminum foil? What are the reasons for mice to be afraid of aluminum foil? And how can we use it to get rid of mice?

In this article, we will address these crucial questions.

Do mice dislike aluminum foil?

Mice dislike aluminum foil. It looks like a strange item to them and they cannot chew through it. These factors contribute to their dislike of aluminum foil and you can use it to stop mice infestation. Close any holes or entry points in the house with the foil to repel mice.

Mice infestation is very bothersome for homeowners and they would constantly look for ways to get rid of the last mice in the house. While we could do anything to stop mice infestation, there is a pretty simple way and it’s readily available at any super shop near your house.

As strange as it may sound, mice are repelled by aluminum foil. You can easily buy aluminum foil from a store in your area and mice-proof your home.

Mice dislike aluminum foil for several reasons. They are not accustomed to the looks of aluminum foil. It looks very unnatural to them, so they try to avoid it to the best of their ability.

In addition, mice cannot chew their way through aluminum foil, which prevents them from entering their marked territory. Locate gaps and holes in the walls of your home. Any hole larger than 1/4 inches can fit an average-sized mouse.

Use aluminum foil to block every hole and entry point in the walls that may accommodate mice in your home. Repeat the process for gaps in door frames and windows as they can be hosts to mice as well.

Does aluminum foil keep mice away?

The aluminum foil keeps mice away from your space. You can use it to block the cracks, holes, or gaps in walls or door frames.

Even if it does not fill the block completely, it can still repel mice from entering as they are afraid of the foil. Mice avoid going near aluminum foil because it looks very unnatural to them as they are not accustomed to metals.

Are mice afraid of aluminum foil?

Mice are afraid of aluminum foil. In fact, it looks like kryptonite to them. Mice are not used to being around any metallic elements. So they are naturally repellent to things such as aluminum foil, steel wool, and more.

Moreover, the fact that mice cannot chew through aluminum foil is rather unnerving for them as they have very sharp teeth that allow them to chew through most objects. All these factors make aluminum foil seem like a very strange thing to mice. 

3 reasons why mice are afraid of aluminum foil:

Mice are very afraid of aluminum foil and a sheet of these foils is enough to drive out the whole pack of mice from your home. Here we will dissect the main reasons why mice are afraid of aluminum foil:

Mice dislike metal:

Mice do not like to be around metallic objects, including steel wool, aluminum foil, and more. This is primarily because metallic sheets have very sharp edges which may prove to be hurtful to them.

In addition, they quickly realize that metal sheets like aluminum foil can be quite harsh to their teeth and nose. 

Mice cannot chew through aluminum foil:

Another reason why mice dislike aluminum foil is that they cannot chew through it. Aluminum foil is rather abrasive. It hurts to their teeth and nose when they attempt to chew their way through a sheet of aluminum foil.

Mice are not accustomed to aluminum foil:

The first and foremost reason why most mice dislike aluminum foil is that they are not accustomed to it. They have never seen it previously, as you are not likely to have a sheet of aluminum foil lying around at home.

So this metallic sheet looks very unnatural to them. And mice are not curious enough to go near it, rather it makes them very afraid.

How to get rid of mice using aluminum foil?

You can easily get hold of a sheet of aluminum foil and use it to get rid of mice from the house. Here are the steps that you can follow to get rid of mice using aluminum foil:

Identify the mice holes:

Mice are likely to mark their territories upon infesting your home. So the first thing that you’ll have to do in your mission of getting rid of mice, is to identify the holes.

Look for holes, cracks, or gaps in the walls. These places are most likely to host mice comfortably. Also, look for gaps in the frames of doors or windows.

In addition, try to identify where the highest concentration of mice activities is located. Because this is where you should begin the disinfestation process.

Lay down aluminum foil:

Once you have identified where all the mice are coming from, lay down some sheets of aluminum foil around those areas.

Fill the cracks and holes where the mice have established their base. This will drive them away from your home.

In addition, make sure to cover any leftover dinner or fruits with aluminum foil. This will help you prevent the mice from contaminating your food.

Keep the house clean:

While getting rid of mice using aluminum foil is a rather effective process, you will still need to keep your guards up. Be on a lookout, and if you find even one mouse nibbling around in your home, repeat the whole process.

Mice infestation can pose serious health risks and hygiene issues. So you should not take it lightly at all.

Make sure to keep your house clean. Cleaning it regularly will minimize the necessity for another disinfestation project anytime soon. Cover the food and fruits with aluminum foil if you think that it’s attracting mice into your home.

Can mice eat through tin foil?

No, mice cannot eat through tin foil. This is the major reason why mice avoid metallic sheets. It prevents them from contaminating an area, food, and fruits.

You can cover your meal leftovers with tin foil and it will keep it safe from mice. Moreover, you should fill up any entry points in your home that might allow mice infestation.

Simply laying down tin foils around areas of mice concentration will also drive them away as they are quite afraid of it.

How do you scare mice out of hiding?

Mice are very likely to hide in your home until nightfall. They wait till you go to bed to come out and search for food. So it is rather difficult to identify where they are located or how bad the infestation is.

To scare mice out of hiding, you can use smelly items such as onion, garlic, or peppermint. We mention these items because they are generally available at home. You can use any such smelly item to repel them and scare them out of their hiding place.

In addition, you can use their favorite food as baits. Use chocolates, cheese, peanut butter, bacon, or pet foods to lure them out of hiding.

What will mice not chew through?

Mice have very sharp teeth that allow them to chew through most objects. They can even chew through the drywall. However, there are a few things that mice cannot chew through.

Mice cannot chew through metallic things. They cannot chew through steel wool, tin, or aluminum foil. These items prove to be hurtful for their teeth. They are rather abrasive and irritate mice if they so much as try to chew through them.

Will mice ever go away?

Mice will never go away by themselves. But you can surely drive them away.

You will have to drive mice out of your property by using anti-rodent sprays, limiting their food source, covering the holes and entryways with aluminum foil, and more of such measures. You can also take help from experts to rodent-proof your home and property.

Final Thoughts:

Mice dislike aluminum foil for a number of reasons. They cannot chew through these metallic sheets which makes them pretty afraid of aluminum foil. So you can leverage a sheet of aluminum foil to drive mice away from your home and free your property of mice infestation.