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Can You Use Vanilla Extract in Candles? (Explained)

Candle-making has become a form of art for the general public. And what is more pleasing than scented candles? Surely, a satisfying day making candles is worth the trouble of learning all you can about it.

Multiple ingredients go into candle-making and more so for fragrant candles. Yet, people tend to search for safe essential oils or other substitutes to make them scented. Take a look below to know what to use in your scented candles.

Can you use vanilla extract in candles? 

You can use vanilla extract in a candle to make it gain the signature fragrance. However, take safety measures while dealing with the hot wax. Add the required amount of vanilla extract to the melted wax after removing it from the heat. This will help the essence mix with wax properly.

Candles made from natural extracts such as vanilla are the new hype. This is justified because who wants to spend their hard-earned money on expensive candles?

Although, spoiling oneself with a bubble bath, while being surrounded by scented candles is a weekend must-have. That being said, with veganism at its peak, many people have switched to soy wax instead of traditional bee wax.

Some say soy candles are an environment-friendly alternative to bee wax. Soy wax is also a lot cheaper than bee wax since the latter needs to be harvested from beehives.

Old candles can also be recycled in this manner by being molten down and then mixed with vanilla extract. This will give the old candle a new twist and this approach saves money and is environment friendly.

DIY hacks for making scented candles is a hot topic and rightfully so, given the ease of action. Not to mention the long-term pleasure it produces.

Can you put vanilla beans in candles?

In short, yes, you can put vanilla beans in candles for a decorative effect. However, they will not release any fragrance while burning.

To make full use of the hack, you can add vanilla extract to molten wax and follow this by adding vanilla beans. You can use whole beans or chop them up into small pieces. When the wax solidifies, it will be both functional and aesthetically appealing.

How do you make vanilla-scented candles?

Vanilla is a common scent and its fan base is quite large. It has been a popular fragrance in perfume and other cosmetic products.

With the inception of homemade candles, vanilla has secured for itself a new market to conquer. Keep reading to find out how to make the perfect vanilla-scented candle.  

Select your material:

Before you start the candle-making process, you need to make sure you have the right ingredients.

The basics are wax, either paraffin or soy, or even bee wax. Bee wax is expensive hence, the former two are preferred.

Next on your shopping list is, obviously, vanilla extract. You can get this directly from the shelves of the baking section in any grocery store.

All you need now is a double boiler, or a microwave oven, whichever fits your wax pack.

 Melt the wax:

You need to be careful with this step as it involves a heating source. Read the instructions from your wax pack to get an idea of how you should melt it.

Generally, wax is melted on a double boiler, although some types can be microwaved. Either way, heat the wax until it melts completely.

Add in the fragrance:

Now that the wax is molten it is time to add the scent. Pour in a few drops of the vanilla extract. The amount depends on how strong you want the smell to be.

Once you have done this, stir the mixture so that the vanilla extract mixes evenly with the wax.

Pour into a container:

The container can be anything. It can be an old candle jar or even a silicone mold. Silicon molds are available on the internet and cost very little. Pour the mixture into the mold and move on to the next step.

Add in decoration:

This step is optional although people usually want their creation to look good.

You can add vanilla beans or even rhinestones. Whatever you think will look nice inside your candle you should put it in.

However, make sure to not put in anything flammable. Plastic has a low melting point and cannot withstand heat hence it is best to not use any plastic decoration.

Let wax solidify:

This is the final stage and requires a lot of patience. It might be tempting to take the candle out of the mold early. This is discouraged.

Give the wax 2-3 hours to solidify completely before taking it out. If you do not do this, the shape of the candle will be affected.

At this point your candle is ready and all that is left for you to do is relax and get rejuvenated by the fragrance.

Can you use baking vanilla in candles? 

It is a common practice among amateur candle makers to use baking vanilla to provide fragrance to their creations. The practice is very easy and safe. Not to mention it is a very cheap and effective way of achieving a strong scent of vanilla.

Baking vanilla is widely available in stores and is often part of a home baker’s shelf. Who would have thought that the versatility of this magic ingredient could be further enhanced?

What can I use to scent candles?

There is a range of ways in which one can add a scent to candles. Read on to get an idea about some of the ways it can be done.

Artificial Fragrance:

These are available everywhere in the market. They are quite cheap and work very well in adding fragrance to candles. You can choose from a variety of flavors such as vanilla, orange, strawberry, and rose.

Fragrance oils:

Although not as readily available at stores as opposed to artificial fragrances,          they can be found online. Their popularity has increased among the candle-making lot in recent times.

Ground coffee:

Ground coffee or even instant coffee powder can be used to give homemade candles a very strong smell. You will feel like you are sitting at a Starbucks, sipping away your worries.

How to scent candles without essential oils?

It is possible to create scented candles without the use of essential oils. You can choose any suitable substitute instead.

Some people choose perfume, although the idea is not widely accepted. Air freshener is also on the list of things that work well in this regard.

You can also use natural extracts for example lime zest. Many people also use lemon juice or orange juice for a more mild fragrance.

How can I make my candles smell stronger?

To add extra fragrance to your homemade candles, you can put in herbs from your kitchen. Cloves and cinnamon are common examples of this.

You can also put in some rosemary to make the candle have a strong scent. Otherwise, while adding the scent ingredient use it with the wax in a ratio of 1:4. By adding more of the fragrance component you will naturally get a stronger smell.

What happens if you put too much fragrance oil in a candle?

You have to be very careful with the measurement of ingredients. Yes, adding a bit more of fragrance oil to the wax can enhance the smell and give you a stronger scent.

However, adding too much can turn into a fire risk. There is a fine line between safe and unsafe when it comes to flames. Follow the directions provided by the manufacturer to get the best experience.

Final Thoughts:

To sum it up, you can make your scented candles using vanilla extract. Make sure you add the extract when the temperature is set to the manufacturer’s instructions. Remove the wax from heat before you add the vanilla extract to get the perfect scented candles.