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Can You Use Magic Eraser on Glass Stove Top? (Explained)

We need to clean our glass stove regularly to avoid firm dirt and stain. But it’s not that easy to clean any glass components with a regular cleaner. It requires extra effort and becomes a tiresome task to clean the glass stove properly.

You cannot even use any bleach or harsh detergent on the glass stove since they can damage the skin and leave some stains. But can you use a magic eraser on a glass stovetop? Keep reading to know in details.

Can you use a magic eraser on a glass stove top?

You can use the magic eraser on the glass stovetop. It will deeply clean the top without damaging and scratching it. But you have to carefully clean the stovetop following some tips and the instructions, although the magic eraser is safe for every surface, including glass & metal.

The melamine foam is the core component of the magic eraser. It’s a formulated foam that makes this cleaner work on every surface. It also helps users to clean the glass stove and remove the dirt. 

The magic eraser might be a good solution if you find too much stain and land on your glass stovetop.

It will work magically by removing the stains and dirt without damaging the glass top. Instead of using a magic eraser, you cannot use the harsh detergent on the stove. It contains a chemical that’s not suitable for glass. 

When you scrub the glass top with detergent, there will be some new stains on the surface. You won’t find any reason behind it, but the detergent will leave those stains. So, it’s recommended not to use any harsh cleaner on the glass stovetop.

Mr clean magic eraser: 

You can use the Mr clean magic eraser. It maintains the highest-quality magic eraser that safely cleans the glass top or other surfaces. When you search for the magic eraser, you may find hundreds of different brands with similar cleaners.

It will be challenging and time-consuming to select the best one. So, you may go for the Mr clean magic eraser to avoid such a dilemma. It will be the best cleaner for your entire home, particularly the kitchen.

Will Magic Eraser scratch the glass stove top?

Magic Eraser won’t scratch the glass stovetop; you can use it to clean any oil or food stains.

You may use a Magic Eraser on your stovetop as long as it is a name-brand Magic Eraser. In general, knock-off products are more abrasive and can scratch the stove. When using the eraser, avoid applying excessive pressure; a light touch will suffice for most stains.

It is safe to use on various surfaces, including walls, kitchen worktops, and glass shower enclosures. When an ugly buildup of soap scum occurs, grab for an eraser to remove the discoloration. Cleaning glass showers using the Magic Eraser is both safe and effective.

Can you use a Magic Eraser on a black stove top?

You can use a magic eraser on a black stove top. Pour a small amount of cleaner onto the stove and rub it into the glass in circular motions with the Magic Eraser until it is sparkling and clean. 

They are made of dura foam, a dense melamine foam mixed with cleaning products to make one of the best cleaners available. Because they can be used on almost any surface, they are always helpful to have on hand.

“3” reasons why you can use magic eraser on glass stove top

You can use magic eraser on glass stove top for the following reasons –

Safe Cleaner:

The magic eraser is a safe cleaner. You can use it on every surface, including your glass stovetop. It will not damage the glass surface like other harsh detergents since it doesn’t have unsafe chemicals.

It’s the main reason you can use a magic eraser on a glass stovetop. Your glass top is very sensitive. It can’t even bear the typical detergent scrubbing.

Remove Stains:

Removing stains and strong dirt from the glass stovetop is tiresome. Sometimes, removing the stains with regular detergent powder or another cleaner becomes impossible. In this situation, the magic eraser could be a great relief.

It has enough ingredients to work against the glass stovetop and remove the stains. Although it might take time to remove the entire stain, it will do it perfectly. 

Easy to Use:

You may fall into difficulties when you plan to clean the glass stovetop. There are few cleaners available that offer you easy to use, but the magic eraser gives you that. You can use some drops of the eraser and clean the entire glass stovetop.

There is nothing complicated about using the magic eraser. It comes with all the required instructions written in the manual. You need to follow them and get the stove cleaned.

The magic eraser is an excellent cleaner that you can use on metal and plastic. You can also use it on your glass stovetop because of its safety components and easy to use options. It also helps you to remove the stains.

How do you clean a glass top stove with a magic eraser?

Follow the steps to clean a glass top stove with a magic eraser.

Prepare the Stovetop:

You must prepare the glass stove before applying the magic eraser. The preparation process includes drying and removing debris. 

If your glass stovetop is wet, you need to dry it properly because a wet stove is not suitable for the magic eraser.

Also, the stove needs to be cool. You should never clean the hot stove; it’s no longer safe practice. So dry the stove and then let the stove cool down.

Prepare Sponge:

You can now prepare the sponge by adding water. The magic eraser requires a pre-squeezing sponge because too much water and the magic eraser could be a danger to your glass stovetop. 

Therefore, preparing the sponge is another great challenge of using a magic eraser.

It should be wet at the same time and dry a bit. Once the sponge is ready to use, you can start cleaning the top without more delay.

Scrubbing & Finishing:

You need to start scrubbing lightly after the magic eraser is ready. You should never press hard or try to over clean the stove. It might damage the glass by leaving some scratches on it. So, take your time and carefully scrub the entire stovetop.

The entire cleaning process will end when you have nothing left on the glass stovetop. Check carefully and collect all the debris and dirt from there. Also, there is no more stain available on the glass stove. If you find any, use the eraser and remove them soon. 

Once the process is done and you clean the glass stovetop, you need to dry it soon. You can use your kitchen fan or let the air come through and dry the glass stovetop. You will get the result beforehand. 

How do you remove burn marks from a glass top stove?

You can remove burn marks from a glass top stove by following a few simple steps –

Scrape the cooking surface:

Slide a plastic scraper across the top of your stove to get rid of any grease. Keep the edge at a 45-degree angle and scrape with less pressure.

The stovetop should feel smooth to the touch. If it doesn’t, you can try this: Spray some white vinegar on the burn marks and leave them on the stove for 20 minutes. Then, scrape the stove again. 

There will be much acid in the vinegar, so it will help soften the dirt.

Use Baking Soda to clean:

Make a paste by adding water and baking soda. Spread the baking soda paste all over your stovetop, especially where there have been burn marks.

If the burn marks are really bad, spray some white vinegar on top of your baking soda to make it clean. Let the baking soda do its thing for about 15 minutes, then rinse it off with water.

Rinse and buff the stovetop:

Clean the stove with dish soap and warm water. Keep the baking soda and vinegar away from your stove so you do not burn them when you use them again. Move it in a circle with a damp cloth to remove any streaks from the stove.

What is the best cleaner for glass top stoves?

Although the magic eraser is one of the best cleaners for glass top stoves, you will find others on the list. They will also clean the top very well without damaging the glass. Sometimes, you may use the regular detergent if the stove manufacturer allows that.

  • White Vinegar
  • Baking Soda
  • Magic Eraser
  • Glass Stove Cleaner 

Final Thoughts

Although you can use a magic eraser on a glass stovetop, you should use a glass stove cleaner to get the best result. If you use the magic eraser, follow the right instructions and clean with patience. It will remove the stains and dirt from the corner of the glass stovetop.