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Can You Use Lysol Wipes on Leather? (Answered)

Lysol is a common wipe to clean different appliances in our houses. You use Lysol in so many places. So, you might want to clean the leather products with Lysol wipes.

However, we have many leather furniture or leather products in our houses also. When it comes to cleaning the leather product, you might not know the cleaning process. Moreover, you might be confused about whether you can use Lysol wipes on leather or not.

So, let’s see how you can clean leather and the effects of Lysol on leather.

Can you use Lysol wipes on leather?

You should not use Lysol wipes on leather. Generally, Lysol contains alcohol. Alcohol can damage the outer layer of the leather because alcohol damages the bonding agent of the leather. Moreover, Lysol can fade the color of the leather and make the leather unprotected.

So, you might have known that Lysol wipes are unsafe for leather. So, here are some leather products from where you can find out whether you can use Lysol wipes on them or not.

Leather couch:

You can’t use Lysol wipes on the leather couch. Lysol contains alcohol that is harmful to the leather couch. If you use Lysol one or two times, the leather will not be damaged immediately. But the leather will be damaged gradually.

Leather sofa:

The leather sofa is also not suitable to use Lysol on it. Lysol will damage the bonding agent of the upper coat of the leather. So, the sofa will look dry and discolored.

Faux leather:

Though using Lysol wipes on any type of leather is not recommended, you can use Lysol wipes on faux leather. Faux leather is not actual leather. This leather is made with plastic and other synthetic materials. So, you can use Lysol on faux leather.

Leather steering wheel:

You can’t wipe Lysol on the leather steering wheel. If you wipe Lysol on it, the leather will become dry and brittle. Gradually, the leather will start to split from places.

Leather bag:

You should not use Lysol wipes on the leather bag. Leather bags naturally have an aesthetic and stylish look. But if you wipe them with Lysol, the alcohol in Lysol will remove the leather’s natural oil and damage the leather.

Are lysol wipes safe to use on leather?

No, Lysol wipes are not safe to use on leather. They can damage your leather products or furniture.

You might be thinking that Lysol is a cleaning element and you can clean all the products of your house with Lysol. Generally, Lysol’s alcohol doesn’t react with ceramic, glass, other metals, etc.

But when it comes to leather products, the alcohol in Lysol can be dangerous to use.

If you use Lysol on the leather, the leather might not show the instant result. But the leather will degrade gradually and the color will fade away. So, you should avoid using Lysol on leather products.

How do professionals clean leather?

Leather is a sensitive material when it comes to cleaning. You can’t clean the leather with any random cleaning element. Moreover, alcohol-containing cleaning material is harmful to the leather. So, professionals clean leather with proper care.

Generally, they use a piece of microfiber to clean leather. Then they use saddle soap or any soap that is suitable to use on leather. Soap and water are the best elements to clean leather products.

Sometimes, the professionals clean leather with water and vinegar mixture. After cleaning the leather, they wipe off the leather with a microfiber cloth. Finally, they use flaxseed oil with vinegar to condition the leather.

Can you sanitize leather?

Yes, you can sanitize leather but with proper sanitizer. You can’t use random sanitizer to sanitize leather. Most sanitizer contains too much alcohol. But alcohol will remove the natural oil of leather and make the leather dry.

So, the leather might split off from places and will discolor soon. So, if you want to sanitize leather, you have to use soap and water. You might know that soap has the ability to terminate germs and bacteria. So, use soap and water to clean the leather.

Moreover, you can mix vinegar with water to clean leather. Vinegar will not damage leather if used in a small amount.

How to disinfect leather?

To disinfect leather, don’t use any sanitizing wipes on the leather. You can disinfect leather products by the following process.

  • At first, you have to wear disposable gloves.
  • Put soap and water on the leather and dampen the leather for some time. You can use any type of soap here.
  • Wipe off the soap and water with a piece of cloth. You can use a microfiber cloth to wipe the soap water.
  • Dry the leather with natural air.
  • Use a leather conditioner to keep the moisture of the leather well. You can also use a mixture of vinegar and flaxseed oil to moisturize the leather.
  • Dispose of the gloves and wash your hands properly.

What wipes can you use on leather?

You can’t use random wipes to clean leather. Moreover, you also can’t use sanitizing wipes on leather. You have to use wipes that are alcohol-free. For example, you can use alcohol-free baby wipes on leather.

Moreover, normal wipes containing soap-water can be used on leather. Special leather wipes are also available to use only on leather products. These wipes don’t contain alcohol and other harmful elements for leather.

So, you can use baby wipes or leather wipes on leather. For example, you can use Weiman leather wipes to clean leather products. These wipes will remove grease and stain from the leather without damaging it.

5 products you should never use on leather:

Some products are dangerous on leather. They can discolor the leather and split off leather from the upper coat. So, you should avoid these products. So, let’s see which products you should never use on leather.


Alcohol is a damaging product for leather. Alcohol can remove the natural oil from the leather. So, the leather becomes dry and brittle. So, you should never use alcohol on leather.


Acetone is another cleaning element. We know acetone can remove stains and grease. Even acetone can remove the stubborn stain. But acetone can damage and discolorthe leather. So, you should never use acetone on leather.


Lysol is a common cleaning agent for our households. But Lysol contains alcohol and you might know that alcohol is harmful to leather. So, don’t use Lysol and Lysol wipes on leather.


Sanitizer is convenient for both disinfect and clean. But you should never use sanitizer on leather as it contains alcohol and acetone.

Petroleum-based products:

You should also avoid petroleum-based cleaners to use on leather. They can erode the stitching of leather products.

Is rubbing alcohol safe on leather?

No, rubbing alcohol is not safe on leather. Alcohol is a great cleaning agent to use on many appliances. Moreover, most sanitizer and disinfects have alcohol in them. Besides, many cleaning products contain alcohol.

But that doesn’t mean that you can rub alcohol on leather for cleaning. Alcohol wipes off the leather’s natural oil and makes the leather dry. Dry leather will split off from places. So, the leather will start to damage gradually.

Moreover, the color of the leather will be damaged gradually. If you use alcohol-based cleaning elements to clean leather regularly, the leather will be damaged. So, you should never use or rub alcohol on leather.

Does vinegar ruin leather?

Vinegar doesn’t ruin leather immediately after use. Generally, vinegar contains acid. So, if you use too much amount of vinegar regularly on the leather products, the leather will become dry. Dry leather will damage gradually.

So, if you want to use vinegar on leather for cleaning purposes, you can use it with water. You can make a mixture of 50% vinegar and 50% water to clean the leather. Moreover, you can also use vinegar with flaxseed oil so that the leather doesn’t lose moisture.

But if you use vinegar on leather regularly, you have to use a leather conditioner after that. Otherwise, the leather will become dry and brittle.

Final Thoughts:

You can’t use Lysol wipes on leather to clean it. Lysol wipes are made of alcohol that is harmful to leather. Alcohol that is used to make Lysol and other sanitizing elements dry the leather. They also discolor the leather and reduce its lifespan. So, you should never use Lysol wipes on leather.