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Can You Use Jb Weld on Exhaust? (All You Need to Know)

JB weld is one of the most famous adhesive producing companies in the world. They create adhesives and glues that can be used for repairing jobs on many different surfaces. These  adhesives and glues are known for their effectiveness and usability. 

Today, we are going to discuss and find out whether one can use jb weld on exhaust.

Can you jb weld on exhaust?

Jb weld ExtremeHeat adhesive and JB ExhaustWeld total exhaust repair wrap can be effectively used on exhaust. The exhaust system of the car sometimes requires small repair jobs like sealing holes and cracks that can be done with jb weld. Jb weld works well under high temperatures of exhaust.

Let’s look at different parts and systems of exhaust and find out if you can use jb weld on these parts and systems.

Exhaust manifold:

The exhaust manifold is one of the most crucial parts of an exhaust system. The primary job of an exhaust manifold is to control the flow of exhaust gas inside the engine. It is very important in terms of maintaining the eco-friendly behavior of your engine. 

But the exhaust manifold can sometimes become faulty due to several reasons. When the exhaust manifold develops any leak due to crack, you can use a jb weld to seal it off effectively. 

The jb weld ExtremeHeat adhesive will be a good choice for the exhaust manifold repair. The ExhaustWeld Total Exhaust Repair is another recommended adhesive for the repairing of exhaust manifolds.

Exhaust pipe:

The exhaust pipe is another important piece of the puzzle when it comes to the exhaust system. The exhaust pipe can become faulty due to cracks or holes developing in it. Jb weld can be successfully used to seal these unwanted holes and cracks. 

The heat resistant variants of jb weld like jb weld ExtremeHeat and ExhaustWeld total exhaust repair wrap are wise choices for repair of exhaust pipe.

Exhaust leak:

Any kind of exhaust leak is a disaster for them. If the leak is due to a crack or a hole, it can be easily repaired by using jb weld products. The list of products include jb weld ExtremeHeat and ExhaustWeld total exhaust repair wrap. 

Exhaust header:

The exhaust header can become faulty due to holes and cracks on it. These holes and cracks can be repaired with the help of JB weld products such as ExhaustWeld total exhaust repair wrap and jb weld ExtremeHeat adhesive. These products work very well under heat.

Exhaust flange:

The primary job of an exhaust flange is to keep the exhaust pipe attached to each other. If the flange becomes cracked and faulty, then one can take the step of using a jb weld to repair the cracked exhaust flange. 

Jb weld ExtremeHeat adhesive and ExhaustWeld total exhaust repair wrap can be applied in this case.

Car exhaust:

The exhaust system of the car is very crucial for the optimum performance of the engine. The exhaust system of cars can become cracked due to various reasons. It can also start leaking exhaust gasses unfiltered onto the environment which puts the environment at risk. 

This kind of problem can be solved with the jb weld products such as jb weld ExtremeHeat and ExhaustWeld total exhaust repair wrap. 

Will jb weld work on an exhaust pipe?

Some products of jb weld work wonderfully well on an exhaust pipe. These products are jb weld ExtremeHeat adhesive and jb ExhaustWeld total exhaust repair wrap. Specially, the jb weld ExtremeHeat is known for handling tremendous amounts of high temperature. 

This makes it usable on an exhaust pipe as the exhaust pipe is always under high temperature due to the nature of its job. 

The cracks and holes on an exhaust pipe can easily be filled with jb weld. It works wonders on this type of repair job and is highly recommended. If you want to repair the exhaust pipe yourself, then jb weld ExtremeHeat will be a safe and cost effective choice. 

3 reasons why you can use jb weld on exhaust

The effectiveness of jb weld depends on a lot of reasons. Let’s discuss in detail and find out why you can use jb weld on exhaust.

Heat resistant:

The exhaust system of the car is known for dealing with the most extreme level of heat inside the car. Exhaust gasses pass through the exhaust system continuously. That is why you will have to use an adhesive on exhaust that is heat resistant. 

Otherwise, the adhesive will not be able to perform its job under extreme heat and the repair will be undone. JB weld adhesives can withstand extreme heat conditions which makes them a good choice for the repairing job of exhaust.


Jb weld as a company is known for producing a variety of adhesives for various repairing purposes. The most famous heat resistant jb weld products are jb weld ExtremeHeat and ExhaustWeld total exhaust repair wrap. 

These two products are great at repairing different parts of the exhaust system. 


The durability of jb weld adhesives and epoxy products are known to all. That is why experts suggest you to use jb weld products when there is a leak in the exhaust system. 

If the leak is so bad that you can not seal it using jb weld epoxy, then you will need to get it checked and repaired by a mechanic. But most often than not, a little bit of jb weld adhesive does the trick of sealing those troublesome leaks. 

When can you use jb weld on the exhaust?

Jb weld can be used on the exhaust when there are any kind of leaks in the exhaust system. The holes and cracks of the exhaust system can be effectively repaired by the high heat resistant jb weld ExtremeHeat adhesive. 

But jb weld can not be used on the exhaust when the damage is so deep that only repairing exhaust parts will solve the problem. Otherwise, jb weld is a good choice for repairing small holes and cracks of exhaust. 

How to use jb weld on an exhaust pipe?

Using jb weld on an exhaust pipe might seem like a daunting task if you have no prior experience. However, you can take some steps and methods to complete this task. Let’s discuss in detail about some of them.

Identify the problem:

First of all, you will need to identify the exact problem of your exhaust pipe by inspecting it thoroughly. You will have to look for cracks and holes on the exhaust pipe. 

The exhaust pipe has to handle high temperatures continuously and that is why it is very usual to see the exhaust pipe becoming faulty. 

You will also notice a significant decline in the overall performance of your car when the exhaust pipe has leaks.

Select a product:

The most famous heat resistant jb weld product is the jb weld ExtremeHeat adhesive. This adhesive is known for being good under temperatures of up to two thousand degrees Fahrenheit and more. 

The temperature endured by the exhaust pipe is usually somewhere between one thousand to fifteen hundred degrees Fahrenheit. This heat resistant ability of jb weld ExtremeHeat makes it a very good choice for exhaust pipe repair. 

Clean the area:

Next, you will have to clean the area of the exhaust pipe you are going to apply the jb weld ExtremeHeat on. A fine grit sandpaper will be helpful when it comes to cleaning dirt, debris and other harmful components off the surface. 

Stir the mixture:

The jb weld ExtremeHeat comes in a premixed container. But the premixed adhesive has to be stirred properly for it to reach its full potential. A wooden stick will be helpful for this process.

Apply the ExtremeHeat:

In the final step, you will need to apply the jb weld ExtremeHeat mixture with the help of a wooden stick. After you have successfully sealed the holes and cracks of the exhaust pipe, you will have to give it a drying time of twenty four hours. 

The extra portion of jb weld adhesive can be removed using a sandpaper. You will need to inspect the success of the process with your finger nails after it has dried off. 

What exhaust parts can you fix with jb weld?

People are sometimes confused about the exhaust parts jb weld can actually fix. The list of the exhaust parts you can fix with jb weld is given below.

  • Exhaust manifold
  • Exhaust muffler
  • Exhaust flex pipe
  • Exhaust tail pipe
  • Exhaust catalytic converter
  • Exhaust gasket
  • Exhaust header
  • Exhaust flange

Final Thoughts

The heat resistance of the jb weld enables it to be used on exhaust. Various exhaust parts like exhaust manifold, exhaust pipe, exhaust header, exhaust flange, exhaust gasket, and catalytic converter can be fixed with the help of jb weld ExtremeHeat. It needs twenty fours to completely dry off.