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Can You Use Butcher Block Outdoors? (Explained)

You might notice that the butcher block was previously used for chopping meat and cooking outside the home. Time has changed, and people started using the butcher block inside the house. This wood-made systematic material can bear the hardworking and can bear everything.

Since the butcher block is strong enough to bear both the direct sunlight and different temperature, you can use it for other purposes. But can you still use it outside?

Let’s find it out below.

Can you use butcher block outdoors? 

You can use the butcher block outdoors. Since the butcher block can bear the weather, direct sunlight, and water, you can use it inside and outside the house. It will give you the best feeling of using different versions of the butcher block. Besides, you can seal the butcher block.

If you don’t have the blucher block, you can make it using quality wood. Or you can buy the readymade butcher block from a different super shop and turn it into a waterproof table. If you decide to buy the butcher block, you must get it from a trusted shop.

Carefully check the butcher block and be sure to get the after-sales service from the buyer or manufacturers. It will ensure the butcher’s quality and provide the best experience in cutting or cooking different dishes. The butcher block is popular for cooking outside.

If you look at your butcher block’s consistency or wood quality, you should consider going through the manufacturing process. Especially if you want to make your butcher block, you must check the wood quality and buy the best quality wood.

You must want to paint and seal the butcher block to resist the weather or to make it into waterproof tools. It will become the best-suited cooking material outside your house. You can place it pretty much everywhere. 

Butcher blocks countertops:

You can use the butcher block countertops outdoors to increase the functionality of your empty spaces. They are strong enough to resist the weather and ensure the optimum use of your outdoor spaces. 

You can cut the meat and other ingredients on these countertops and enjoy the outdoor cooking.

Moreover, you can paint the butcher block countertops to make them waterproof and weather-resistant. It will become ready to withstand the rain and direct sunlight. 

You can use it to cut your meat and other hard materials without damaging the countertop’s surface. 

Is butcher block good for outdoor kitchen?

The butcher block is good for an outdoor kitchen. You can cut pretty much everything on its surface and use it for other purposes. Especially if you love to cook steak and other recipes outside the home, the butcher block will be your best option. 

You can use its surface to cut everything and prepare the recipe.

It will also become the best surface to add paint or seal. It will be ready to resist everything and be ready to use outdoors. You can also use the butcher block countertops and happily chop the meat and other ingredients.

Is butcher block waterproof?

The butcher block is not waterproof, but you can turn the countertop into a water-resistant surface using mineral oil-based paint. You will also find some sealer that will waterproof your butcher block, and you can safely use it outdoors. 

Sometimes the countertops need to resist kitchen water or rainwater.

In that case, you cannot rely on the regular countertops of the butcher block. It should have the mineral oil coating over the butcher block. It’s a good idea to use the sealant to waterproof the butcher block countertops. 

You must use the food oil-based sealant to safely waterproof the surface.

Will butcher block warp outside?

Butcher block can warp outside. The butcher block is made of hardwood, which is a living thing. Dry temperature shrinks the wood, and in humid temperature, it expands, absorbing moisture. This causes cracking or warping. 

That’s why proper care and suitable temperature are needed to keep it ok. Now the concern is way more because you want to use it outside. 

Butcher blocks placed outside are directly exposed to the environment. It will continuously encounter heat and moisture. This can force the wood pieces to shrink and expand in different seasons and cause the butcher block to warp.

How does butcher block hold up outside?

The Butcher Block does not hold up outside very well. As made of wood, it does absorb heat and moisture. Even if you use it indoors, you need to keep oiling it and maintain it with care. Moreover, if you use it outside, it will not hold up well. 

The continuous change of atmosphere will sometimes cause the block to shrink in the heat and sometimes expand in the rainy season. This will end up warping or cracking the block. The crack can hold germ in it; even black stains will start.

3 reasons why you can use butcher block outdoors

Waterproof, strong build and versatile use are the three main reasons you can use butcher block outdoors. We will explain them in detail in this section to clear your thoughts and prove that the butcher block is the best available outdoor kitchen material. 

Waterproof Surface:

Although the butcher block is not entirely waterproof or water-resistant, you can paint and use the sealant to turn the butcher countertops into a waterproof surface. 

It’s common to paint and turn the butcher block into 100% water-resistant. It will help you install it outdoors and give you the best cooking experience.

You can only use the butcher block or any wood materials outside if it is waterproof. Since you can turn the butcher block countertops waterproof, you can use them outdoors.

Strong Build:

You can use the butcher outdoors because of the robust build quality. Butcher block is made with the highest quality wood, which remains one of the best water or moisture-resistant surfaces. It will not break or get damaged quickly.

You can place it anywhere, and it will remain good and give you the best cooking and shopping experience. Especially if you have some meats and other hard materials to chop, you can do that on the butcher block countertop.  

Versatile Use:

You can use the butcher block for indoor and outdoor purposes. Although it was made for outdoor cooking purposes, you can install and use it inside the house. 

If you have space in your kitchen, and want a large table to chop, installing a butcher block would be an excellent choice.

How to seal butcher block for outdoor use?

You can seal the butcher block for outdoor use by following this process. 


You should begin by using sandpaper with a lower grit to even out the surface and then work your way up to sandpaper with a higher grit. First, use 80-grit sandpaper to eliminate any imperfections in the butcher block. 


After sanding the butcher block with the finest grit, you will need to use a damp cloth. The water will be absorbed, which will cause it to swell slightly and leave a rough surface. 

Sand it one more time using sandpaper with a grit of 220 once it’s dry to remove the fibers that have been raised.


The next step is to seal the butcher block and protect it from moisture. Ensure that the finish is applied to the top and the bottom of the butcher block. 

If you only seal the top, the butcher block will absorb moisture from the air underneath it differently, which could eventually cause it to cup or bow. 

How do you maintain an outdoor butcher block?

You can maintain an outdoor butcher block by following some easy tips. They are:

Clear Stain:

Sand the counters lightly using a medium grit sandpaper block once in a while. You may need to sand more thoroughly if there are any stains present. 

In addition, it is not necessary to be overly concerned with removing every stain, as a slight patina can look quite nice.

Wipe Dust:

Use a rag that is only slightly damp to remove all of the dust. First, run the wax bottle under some hot water to soften the wax, and then use a squirt machine to apply a line of polish around the butcher block. 

You should give it about ten minutes to sit so that the wood can absorb the wax.

Remove Wax:

Remove any leftover wax with a clean paper towel. Let the counters rest for approximately 15 more minutes. Remember, water is the enemy of your butcher block, so make sure they stay dry.

Final Thoughts

Since the butcher block has a strong build and you can waterproof its countertop, you can use the butcher block outdoors. It will remain safe and will last for a long time. You can also install the butcher block inside the house. It has versatile uses that will allow you to use it everywhere.