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Can You Refill Plug In Air Fresheners with Fabuloso?

Several household cleaners are available around the world. As different brands use different formulas for their products, some cleaners work stronger than others.

Fabuloso is a famous household cleaner known for its ability to wash away germs and dirt effectively, all while leaving a fresh and beautiful scent behind.

Can you refill plug-in air fresheners with Fabuloso?

No, you cannot use Fabuloso as a refill for plug-in fresheners. It is an all-purpose cleaner designed to keep the house fresh and clean. Since it has the formula to be a cleaner and not a freshener, it should not be heated and used as refills for air fresheners.

Fabuloso is designed to clean away dirt and germs, it was not made to be used as a freshener. As a result, the manufacturer advises not to heat Fabuloso to use it as an air freshener. It was not made to be used in that way.

Fabuloso, if used as a plug-in for Glade air fresheners, will not work. Since it is a cleaning agent, it does not have oil and is not oil-based. Since it is not oil-based, heating Fabuloso in the air freshener does not give off any smell.

As for Air Wick, using Fabuloso as a plug-in will not work. This is due to the same reason as Glade that it is not oil-based and so, heating this will not cause it to give off any fragrance. Instead, it will just sit in the plug-in and dry out as it is heated.

Similarly, using Fabuloso in a Febreze plug-in will not work too. Fabuloso products are not to be heated. They are only to be used for cleaning and should be used by following the instructions printed on the label.

So, Glade, Air Wick, or Febreze plug-ins with Fabuloso do not work like other plug-ins.

How to refill plug-in air freshener with Fabuloso?

Refilling a plug-in air freshener with Fabuloso is simple. Following the simple steps below, you can refill the plugin with Fabuloso.

Open the cover of the plugin:

Using a sharp object, such as a knife, you can pry open the cover. Opening the top will give access to the empty container.

Fill up the container of the plugin:

After you have opened the cover of the plug-in, carefully pour some Fabuloso into the container. Do not overfill the container and fill the container by half or three quarters.

Add some oil or lubricant:

Adding a bit of oil or essential oils will give the Fabuloso an oily consistency and make it slightly oil-based. Having this oily consistency will allow the Fabuloso to spread its smell.

Close the cover of the plugin:

Close the cover of the container of the plug-in. Make sure that the funnel that is attached to the top is dipped into the liquid.

Plug it into the air freshener:

Lastly, plug the attachment into the air freshener and turn it on. Having Fabuloso in the air freshener will make a portion of your house smell like Fabuloso.

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What oils to use with Fabuloso in plugin air freshener?

Several options are available when it comes to oils that can be used with Fabuloso in a plugin air freshener. Some of them are given below:

  • Organix Mantra Rosemary Essential Oil
  • Precious Aromas Essential Oil
  • Seyal Lavender Essential Oil
  • Soulflower Rosemary Essential Oil

Most people prefer using essential oils with Fabuloso. These oils do not carry a strong smell of their own, and so they give Fabuloso a bit of oily consistency without tampering with the fragrance. It should be noted that oils that do not have a scent of their own can be used too.

How to make air freshener with Fabuloso?

There are a couple of ways you can make your house smell like Fabuloso. Some techniques are mentioned below:

Air freshener:

As mentioned above, you can use Fabuloso in the plug-ins in air freshener with essential oils which, will make your house smell of Fabuloso. It is required to use essential oils.

Without using essential oils, the air freshener will not work like intended and will result in waste.

Air freshener spray:

Pouring Fabuloso in a container with some water and mixing it makes a solution that you can spray around the house to have the clean smell of Fabuloso.

On wax warmers:

Fabuloso solid can be left on a wax warmer, and as the wax warmer does its job, it will slowly start smelling like Fabuloso.

Pouring a bit down the sink drain:

Pouring some Fabuloso down the drain of the kitchen sink will replace the disgusting smell of the sink with the beautiful scent of Fabuloso.

Cleaning the house:

Cleaning the floors, windows, and walls with a Fabuloso cleaning agent will make it smell clean and fresh.

Carrying out the above actions will make your house smell clean and make it seem like you clean your house with Fabuloso almost every single day.

Is it safe to put Fabuloso in plugins? Is Fabuloso toxic to breathe?

It is safe to put Fabuloso in air fresheners and, it is not toxic to breathe as it contains no harmful ingredients. The website of Fabuloso does not mention the use of any chemicals that is toxic to humans or pets. So, it is safe to breathe.

Although Fabuloso is safe for use in air fresheners plugins, it should not be heated on a stove. Heating Fabuloso cleaning agent on a stove or range will saturate the air with Fabuloso cleaning agent and make it a harmful environment.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claim that the chemicals used in Fabuloso are strong and medical-based disinfectants. Inhaling heated Fabuloso will result in nose, throat, and lung irritation. It will also cause sneezing, wheezing, and dermatitis.

In air fresheners, it is diluted or diffused enough so as not to cause any harmful reactions. Since it is not in the air in toxic amounts, it will not be toxic to breathing.

How long does Fabuloso smell last?

Fabuloso smell lasts for about 24 hours. If the product is solid, it will last longer. However, if it is liquid, it may last for a shorter period.

The smell of the Fabuloso cleaning agent lasts for about 24 hours. Leaving some Fabuloso solid on the wax warmer will make the house smell great for the whole day. It is a cheaper alternative to air fresheners and lasts longer than most of them do.

Spraying some Fabuloso cleaning agent around the house will give off a clean smell and make the house smell like Fabuloso for about a day. It depends on the temperature and how well the product is to determine how long the fragrance will last.

The smell of Fabuloso in normal conditions will last for 24 hours or less.

Final Thoughts

You can use Fabuloso to make the house smell great but use the correct methods. For the cleaning agent, use it in an air freshener with some essential oils, and as for Fabuloso solid, use it on wax warmers. Fabuloso should not be heated or inhaled directly.