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Can You Paint Over Drylok? (Read This First!)

Drylok is an absolute godsend when it comes to waterproofing your walls or even floors. But the main question is if painting over the drylok will disturb it or hinder its waterproofing ability.

Can you paint over drylok?

You can paint over drylok. Drylok helps to prevent water or moisture from seeping in. But it also works as a great primer for paint. Therefore, after 24 hours of applying drylok, it is fine to apply any good quality acrylic or latex paint over top of it. And that will work great. 

Is it okay to paint over drylok?

Drylok works by filling up the pores and tiny gaps in a wall. It not only works on the surface level but goes deep to bond with the masonry of the wall to ensure the wall becomes waterproof by stopping moisture from penetrating.

And this doesn’t change even when it is painted on top. So, when the drylok dries completely, it can easily be painted and it even helps provide a smooth base for the paint and helps it adhere just like a primer.

Can you paint over drylok pro?

It is absolutely fine to paint over drylok pro. It is the same as painting over an acrylic or latex primer. But it is important to make sure the drylok has dried fully. It is recommended to wait 24 hours before applying the paint over top.

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Can you paint over drylok clear?

Drylok clear is a waterproofer that contains zero pigments. This makes it perfect to be used before painting as no color will be visible from it through the paint since it’s transparent.

And also if you want to leave your brick walls bare for a rustic look, this works perfectly for that as it only provides a glossy finishing without leaving a yellow tint behind.

Can you paint over drylok fast plug?

Drylok fast plug is mainly used to help stop water with high pressure. As it is a hydraulic cement that sets really fast, almost in 3 to 5 minutes. This might need a couple of coats. And it is still advised to wait a full 24 hours before painting over it.

Drylok fast plug like the other drylok options doesn’t cause any problems when it is painted over after it dries.

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Can you paint kilz over drylok?

It is best to avoid painting kilz over drylok as it is a solvent-based primer but if there are any stains or discoloration visual even after applying 3 or more coats of drylok, then it is best to use kilz to paint over the stains to cover them.

Can you paint over Drylok with regular paint?

Drylok does not readily accept regular paint like enamel or water-based paint. This can change the waterproofing ability of the drylok and most importantly they don’t complement one another. It works better with acrylic or latex paint.

When they are applied over the drylok by following the right procedure, they tend to last for a very long time. The same result may not be achievable when regular paint is used over drylok.

Should you paint over drylok?

Whether you should paint over drylok or not depends on what look you are going for. But there are drylok which come in a number of tints such as pink, blue, mint, white, and many more. But if you want your walls to be a more opaque color, then it is best to paint them.

But if you are planning to keep the walls bare, then there is also the option of using Drylok clear. This will waterproof your walls and leave a glossy, transparent finish behind.

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What happens when you paint over drylok?

When regular paint is applied after the application of drylok, they don’t complement each other. The paint above can cause the drylok underneath to lose its adherence and waterproofing abilities.

This is why manufacturers of drylok advise people to use the paint from their line which is specifically made to work well with the drylok or use a good quality acrylic or latex paint to get similar results that their own line of paints provide.

What can I paint over DRYLOK?

Drylok helps to waterproof the walls but leaving them bare may not be an option as it can clash with the existing decor of the house or seem unappealing.

And people try to avoid that by painting over it but the paint should be selected with great precision to ensure the drylok underneath doesn’t get disturbed.

  • Latex or oil-based paints work well over drylok but it is required to wait for at least 24 hours to give the drylok ample amount of time to dry properly.
  • Acrylic paints also can be applied over drylok without any problems but it is best to apply two coats of drylok. This stops any stains from showing through and won’t require too many layers of acrylic paint to be opaque.

How to paint over DRYLOK paint?

If the look of bare walls with coats of drylok seems to clash with the overall look of your house, a great way to spice it up is by painting it with a color of your choice. And it is best to follow the right steps to get the smoothest and most desirable paint application.

Step 1:

Once your drylok application is completed, wait a full 24 hours to let it dry and harden completely.

Step 2:

Choose a color of your choice. It is best to choose a good quality acrylic or latex paint as they work best over drylok.

Step 3:

The drylok works as a primer. So, no additional primer is required.

You can directly move onto painting now by using a paint roller to cover the entire perimeter of the wall in an even coat of the paint or if it is spray paint, you can simply spray it over the dried drylok.

Step 4:

Let the paint dry completely for a few hours.

Step 5:

If you still notice stains or the drylok’s grainy texture peeking through, add another even coat of the paint. And wait for it to dry completely.

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Can DRYLOK be applied over old DRYLOK?

After years of application, the drylok sometimes begins to peel off from a few areas and needs to be repainted with a new layer of drylok. This is possible but it is important to use drylok as this works even on top of old drylok.

The other drylok options are not guaranteed to work as well as this over the top of old drylok.

Will epoxy adhere to Drylok?

Epoxy can be used over the top of Drylok as it adheres to the Drylok nicely. However, it needs almost 5 to 7 days to dry and fully cure before use. But it is strongly advised not to paint epoxy over old 2 part epoxy.

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When can I paint over the Drylok fast plug?

It is best to wait 24 hours before painting over the Drylok fast plug. Even though this can set in 3 to 5 minutes unless the surrounding air is damp and humid in which case the drying time can be prolonged.

It is still advised to wait for that long to let it not only dry but permanently set.

Can you paint drylok over mold?

It is not a good idea to paint drylok over the mold. Drylok contains a mildewcide additive. This completely stops the promotion of mold and mildew which is usually the result of water damage but it can’t expel the existing mold.

Therefore, it is best to get rid of any existing mold or mildew from the walls before painting it with drylok.

Can you paint drylok on wet walls?

Drylok can be painted onto wet walls that are already damaged by water or prone to water damage. There are different types of dryloks and among them, one comes specifically for wet walls in powdered and pre-mixed form.

This can be painted straight onto the wet walls to stop the water damage.

Can you paint drylok on wood?

Drylok is not manufactured to be used on wood. But you can paint it on wood by following a certain method. You will have to begin by applying a very thin layer and then apply a few more consecutive layers but make them a little thicker as you go along.

This will not make the wood completely waterproof but will help it repel water and moisture.

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Final Thoughts:

Drylok comes in a ton of different forms. Some of them don’t even need to be painted over as they come in a variety of different tints. However, if you still wanted to paint over them with different paint, then it was possible as well. As long as the paint is a good quality acrylic or latex paint.