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Can You Mix Pine-Sol and Vinegar? (Read This First!)

You might be wondering if it is safe to mix pine-sol and vinegar because oftentimes not mixing such strong cleaning liquids properly and safely can cause damage. It is important to learn more about them before attempting to mix the two liquids and use them. 

Can you mix pine-sol and vinegar?

Pine-sol and vinegar can indeed be mixed together. It is a great way to use as a cleaner around your house and even works better than regular cleansers to remove dirt and grime. However, you must keep in mind that pine-sol can be quite toxic to pets so avoid using it if you have one at home. 

It is recommended to in fact not use pine-sol straight from the bottle it comes in. It is advised to use it by mixing it with something first and then it can be more effective. 

Mixing pine-sol with vinegar is a great way to clean around the house especially the pieces of equipment in the bathroom and kitchen such as tubs, shower walls, basins, toilets, kitchen counter, etc. 

The mixture works great to remove certain stains and it is said to work even better than the usual cleaners found in the stores. However, you must be aware that pine-sol can be toxic for pets and if you have pets at home then it is important that you do not use this mixture.

Is it safe to mix pine-sol and vinegar?

It is perfectly safe to mix pine-sol and vinegar. It produces a very strong cleaner that is effective at cleaning off stains from anywhere ranging from kitchen counters to bathroom toilets. However, this mixture is completely unsafe if you have pets at home. 

There are certain components and chemicals present in pine-sol that can actually cause seizures and even life loss for pets. 

Even if your pet ends up licking somewhere where the cleaner has been used to clean the area, it can end up being very harmful and cause severe damage to your pet. 

It is also important to note that pine-sol itself contains chemicals that can be harmful to humans by causing allergies, difficulties during pregnancy, and even cancer. 

This is why it is very important that no one with a compromised immune system or pregnancy inhaled the fumes of pine-sol to avoid any complications. 

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What happens if you mix pine-sol and vinegar?

It creates a very strong cleaning solution when you mix pine-sol and vinegar which is very effective at removing certain stains around the house. However, since pine-sol in itself can be quite harmful it can produce harmful fumes when used around the house mixed with vinegar.

This is why it is important to wear a mask when using it to avoid inhaling the fumes and always cleaning the residue that it leaves behind with warm water and soap. Do not use it if you have pets at home as the chemical phenol is very harmful and life-threatening for them. 

Does pine-sol contain vinegar?

Store-bought Vinegar is made from acetic acids and flavorings. Pine-sol does not contain those core ingredients and therefore does not contain vinegar. However, since pine-sol can be quite strong you can make it with vinegar to make an very effective cleaner. 

It is good because it effectively terminates surface-level bacterias present in normal households such as Salmonella and Staphylococcus aureus. And mixed with the vinegar it can also help remove stubborn stains around the house. 

How to use Pine-sol and vinegar mix?

There are a few ways you can use the strong pine-sol and vinegar mix which you should be aware of. 

Pine-sol and vinegar cleaner (floor cleaner):

The most common way of using pine-sol around the house is by using it as a cleaner. It is a very effective cleaner. You can mix half a cup of pine sol with two cups filled with vinegar. 

If you just need a normal cleaner then you can add that to your floor cleaning water and mop away. However, if you have a really dirty floor and you want to get rid of the dirt you can just use the mixture itself since it is more concentrated. 

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Pine-sol and vinegar spray for fleas:

This is one interesting use of pine-sol and vinegar spray. It can be made into a great homemade spray to fight off fleas. The plant extract is known as pine which the fleas cannot tolerate. 

In a spray bottle mix one-third water, one-third vinegar, and one-third pine-sol. You can spray that around your house to effectively repel any fleas. 

Pine-sol and vinegar disinfectant:

Pine-sol and vinegar mixtures are great and strong at being used as a disinfectant. Not only are they great at removing any bacteria on the surface, but they are also amazing at keeping pests away because of their repulsive smell. 

When using it as a disinfectant, ensure to use fifty-fifty of both pine-sol and vinegar solution for it to work effectively. You can spray it on the surfaces and clean it off with paper towels. 

Pine-sol and vinegar as stain remover:

This strong solution is great at removing stains around the house. It effectively removes any yellow stains and grime. 

You can mix it with vinegar and water for a diluted stain remover or just use it in fifty-fifty parts with vinegar to remove more stubborn stains. You can also add some baking soda afterward if the stains are particularly stubborn. 

You can also use it to remove stains on your clothes by treating the area with the pine-sol and vinegar mixture then soaking it in water. 

What can you not mix with pine-sol?

There are certain elements that you must never mix with pine-sol which you must be aware of. 

Pine-sol and bleach:

You should never mix pine-sol and bleach together. This is because one key ingredient in pine sol is glycolic acid and when it is mixed with the chlorine present in bleach, it creates very toxic chlorine gas. 

This can not only restrict your breathing but also cause damage to your respiratory organs. 

Pine-sol and Clorox:

You must never mix pine-sol with Clorox. Clorox is the most popular bleaching product out there. Mixing both of these can produce toxic chlorine fumes that will result in coughing, respiratory issues, and burn your eyes. 

It is even warned on the back of Clorox to never mix it with any other cleaning agent present in your house. 

Pine-sol and other cleaners:

It is suggested by the pine-sol company itself to not mix pine-sol with any other cleaners out there. 

Since pine-sol is an ammonia-based cleaner it has the dangers of producing something very toxic when mixed with other cleaners so you must certainly avoid that. The toxic fumes can cause chest pains and breathing problems. 

Pine-sol and dish wash:

Pine-sol should not be mixed with dish wash simply because it should not be used on dishes. It is also very flammable so it is best to keep away from your dishwasher and your dishes. 

What can you mix with pine-sol?

Even though it is best to use pine-sol on its own, you can still mix it with other elements to make it an effective cleaner or to simply dilute it. 

Pine-sol and baking soda:

Baking soda is also ammonia so you can certainly mix it with pine-sol. It can make a strong cleaner to remove very dirty, grime, and stubborn stains very easily. 

Pine-sol and vinegar:

Pine-sol and vinegar is a very popular and effective combination to not only clean floors, but also to repel flies and even use as a disinfectant. 

Pine-sol and detergent:

Pine-sol can be mixed with detergent to remove stubborn stains off your clothes effectively. Just ensure to spot treat the stained areas instead of using the mixture on the entire clothes. 

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Is pine-sol toxic to breathe?

Over time, pine-sol can get toxic to breathe. This is because of the chemicals present in it. Prolonged inhalation can irritate the mucous membranes present in us which can, in turn, cause respiratory issues, nausea, and chest pains. 

This is why you should not use it from the bottle directly and dilute it with water. You should also consider wearing a mask when using it around to avoid inhaling the fumes and wherever you use it, ensure to clean that area afterward so that no residues remain. 

Is pine-sol flammable?

Pine-sol is volatile, evaporates quickly, and thus is very flammable. You must completely avoid using it anywhere near the fire because it can end up being a health risk. 

Whenever you use pine-sol make sure to be very careful and always clean up the area afterward with soap and water to take extra precaution. 

Final thoughts:

Mixing pine-sol with vinegar and ammonia-based cleaners can be very effective in working with dirt, grime, and stains around the house. However, since pine sol contains acids and other hydrocarbons you must be very careful and do your research when mixing it with something else to avoid toxic fumes.