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Can You Freeze Boiled Peanuts? (Complete Guide)

If you have leftover boiled peanuts then you must be wondering about the proper methods to store them without them getting ruined.

Freezing might be one of the methods that you are considering. If so, you must ensure to do your proper research and how exactly you can freeze them.

Can you freeze boiled peanuts?

You can certainly freeze boiled peanuts. If you maintain the appropriate steps to freeze them then they will last you for a while as they do good in the refrigerator. You must ensure it is stored in proper methods so that your peanuts do not end up getting spoiled.

Can boiled peanuts be frozen?

Yes, boiled peanuts can be frozen and it will help you to keep them edible for a longer time. If you keep them refrigerated then they will be edible for a short time. However, if you maintain the proper methods and keep them frozen in your freezer then it will last you a very long time.

They need to be stored in proper containers so that it does not get worse as well as retain its flavor when you are keeping them in your refrigerator or your freezer. You can just simply remove them from your fridge, let it thaw out, and enjoy them!

Can you freeze hot boiled peanuts?

No, you should avoid freezing your boiled peanuts while it is still warm or immediately after you have taken it down from the stove.

There is a big risk that it can end up increasing the temperature of your freezer and make all the surrounding items in your freezer thaw out. This in itself is not safe at all and once the items unthaw, it might end up changing the texture and taste of those items.  

Additionally, if you get hot boiled peanuts in the freezer it will take some time to freeze. This is also quite risky in itself as the time it will take your hot boiled peanuts to freeze up, it might end up becoming a ground for bacteria and other germs to breed on.

Not only that, but this might also end up altering the texture of your boiled peanuts as well as their taste. You must allow your boiled peanuts to cool down properly before you prepare to put them in the freezer. 

How long can you freeze boiled peanuts?

If you are just keeping your boiled peanuts in the refrigerator then you should not keep them in for more than a full week. The highest you can go is around ten days.

After that, your boiled peanuts will not be as fresh and there is a chance that the texture may get ruined, and your boiled peanuts become a breeding ground for bacteria and germs.

It can also grow mold or fungi on it and if you see any growing before ten days then you should throw them out immediately. 

However, if you keep your boiled peanuts frozen in the freezer then you can keep them there and continue to have them for a longer time. You can store it for at least up to an entire year in that way.

If you follow even stricter guidelines and can manage to store them at a temperature below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, you can store them even longer than that and as long as you can resist its taste and texture. 

How do you freeze boiled peanuts?

To properly freeze boiled peanuts, there are certain tips and tricks you should abide by. This will ensure that you can keep it frozen for a while without it getting spoiled in any way.  

Buy the right kind of peanuts:

You must first ensure to buy peanuts that are of amazing quality. Since you are storing them for a long time, it is worth it to spend some extra bucks and get peanuts of higher quality.

Avoid buying any kinds of peanuts that do not look too good or are slightly discolored as this will not end up lasting long and fungi can end up growing on them.

This can also lead to some toxic mold growing on your peanuts which can be quite detrimental to your health. 

Boiling the peanuts, the proper way:​

Take plenty of time to boil your peanuts properly. This will help you make the peanuts obtain the right texture and be very flavorful. Also, soaking it overnight will help the inside of your peanuts be moist and tender.

Do not boil it for too long because it might end up making your peanuts soggy. One hour is a good amount of time, but if you like your peanuts to be softer than that then you can boil them for a longer time. 

Freezing it:

Pour your boiled peanuts in a strainer to allow it to drain all the salty water out. Allow your boiled peanuts to cool down to room temperature. Keep your peanuts in small and separate air-tight containers that are freezer friendly.

Keeping your boiled peanuts in multiple small containers will make it easier for you to later grab, unthaw and consume. You will not have to go through the trouble of fetching it from a massive container. Ensure to properly seal all the containers.

You can keep it in your refrigerator overnight and then put it in your freezer to best retain the taste and texture, but that is optional. 

Consuming it:

If you keep it at a temperature that is below zero degrees Fahrenheit then you can store them for as long as you can resist, If not, you can store them for up to an entire year.

When reheating them for consumption, consider reheating them in brine water that contains the same amount of salt and spices that you previously used to boil them.

This is an optional step but it will make your boiled peanuts taste as good as when you first boiled them. 

How do you prepare frozen boiled peanuts?

After boiling your peanuts in the proper method you must drain out all the salty water properly using a strainer.

After that, you need to keep your boiled peanuts sealed securely in a container or a plastic bag that is freezer-friendly and will not be prone to moisture. After that, refrigerate overnight and keep it in your freezer.  

When you take it out of the freezer, let your peanuts unthaw. You can put the container or plastic bag in a bowl of warm water so that it unthaws much more quickly. 

You can also microwave it.

If you microwave it using the amount of salt and spices you used when you first boiled it, it will give you the best taste of the peanuts.

However, if you are only consuming a small amount from the entire batch then add the salt and seasonings according to your taste. Do not add too much as it can get overwhelming in flavor. 

Can you freeze boiled peanuts in the shell?

Yes, you can freeze them in the shell. Many people like having it with the shell. If you do not, then you can still freeze them with the shells on.

However, if you remove the shells before freezing your boiled peanuts then it will be more comfortable for you later on as you will not have to go through the hassle of removing them when you are consuming them later on. 

How do you reheat frozen boiled peanuts?

You should take them out from the freezer and let them unfreeze for a few hours. After they have unthawed, you can heat them in the microwave until you get them to the temperature you want them to be.

Make sure to stir them continuously at every interval so that all the sides get equally warm. You can also boil them in some water with salt and spices and have them taste as good as the first time you originally boiled them. However, do be careful as it might end up getting soggy. 

What can I do with leftover boiled peanuts?

You can consider freezing them as it will allow you to store them for a longer time and have it later on.

You can also alternatively use it to cook up recipes such as mashed boiled peanuts or hummus made from boiled peanuts. These can be great side dishes you can have alongside bread or just your dinner. 

Are boiled peanuts good reheated?

They are good if you reheat them properly. Boiling them in just plain water when reheating might cause them to lose their saltiness and make them taste bland.

However, when reheating them if you add some salt and spices to it which you originally did when boiling them will make them taste fresh and no one will realize it is reheated.

Why are my boiled peanuts slimy?

After boiling your peanuts you must ensure to drain the salty water immediately. If you keep your peanuts submerged in the salty water for way too long it can cause them to turn slimy in texture.

All the peanuts already absorbed the salt and spices when you were boiling them so you do not have to soak them any longer after taking them off the stove. 

Final Thoughts:

Freezing your leftover boiled peanuts is a great way to enjoy them later. As long as you are freezing and reheating them in the proper method you will not have any issues with enjoying them later on. It is a quick and tasty snack that you can just whip out from your freezer, unthaw and enjoy.