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Can You Eat Raw Pumpkin? (Complete Guide)

Pumpkins have garnered a lot of popularity over the past decade. It is being used in an array of different foods and even drinks. Sometimes, these delicacies are served with raw pumpkin. But it is important to determine if raw pumpkin is healthy to consume by everyone.

Can you eat raw pumpkin?

Pumpkin is traditionally baked or cooked before eating. But it can be eaten raw as well. However, raw pumpkin doesn’t particularly taste good as the texture is quite fibrous and unless it’s fully ripe, it is hard to bite into the flesh of the pumpkin. Digesting raw pumpkins can be difficult too.

Is it safe to eat raw pumpkins?

Pumpkins are safe to consume even when they are in raw form. Raw pumpkin is even richer in nutrients since some of the vitamins and minerals can be stripped when it gets baked or cooked.

However, if you are new to eating raw pumpkin, start by eating a small quantity and increase the amount gradually. Because consuming a large portion of raw pumpkin at once will cause digestive issues as it is new to your body and also contains a lot of fiber.

Can you get sick from eating raw pumpkins?

It is rare to get sick from eating raw pumpkin but it can happen. Some people go through severe food poisoning which includes nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea after consuming raw pumpkin.

But this usually happens if the pumpkin they ate had gone bad or if they ate the pumpkin rapidly and in large portions. Ergo, not allowing the body time to digest it properly.

Does Pumpkin need to be cooked?

Pumpkins don’t need to be cooked before eating. It is edible in its raw form. In truth, pumpkin loses a lot of its nutritious elements when it is cooked. But most people prefer cooked or baked pumpkin as it alleviates the taste.

Also, it becomes soft when cooked which makes it easier to chew and digest. This lowers the chances of bowel issues caused by the consumption of raw pumpkins.

Can you eat pumpkin out of a can without cooking it?

Pumpkins can be eaten right out of the can. Canned pumpkin isn’t actually raw pumpkin! The pumpkin is steamed and pureed before they are canned. Canned pumpkin is best for making pumpkin-based desserts such as pumpkin pies, pumpkin mousse cups, and many other items.

Bakers prefer it over raw pumpkin puree as it has the right texture due to the perfect pumpkin to water ratio.

What happens when you eat raw pumpkins?

If you are a fan of raw pumpkin or thinking of eating pumpkin raw, it is best to know how it affects your body. Whether it benefits or harms you.


Raw pumpkin is low in calories, eating it will help you feel fuller for longer and suppresses appetite which eventually leads to weight loss.

Reduce cancer and heart disease:

The vitamins and minerals present in pumpkins also help reduce the risk of stomach, lungs, colon, and breast cancer and also lowers the risks of heart disease.

Fight the loss of eye-sight:

Pumpkins are loaded with antioxidants and regularly eating them will fight the loss of eye-sight due to increasing age.

Gas and bloating:

Gas and bloating can be a side effect of eating pumpkin if you eat too much of it at once.


Raw pumpkin seeds eaten in moderation can do wonders for you but eating too many can cause constipation.

Stomach issues:

Raw pumpkin can sometimes cause stomach issues such as vomiting and diarrhea, especially if your body isn’t used to it.

Who should not eat raw pumpkins?

Pumpkins should not be consumed by people who are allergic to them, especially raw pumpkins.

Some people experience an aggravated allergic reaction just by touching the flesh of a pumpkin. They should not eat it under any circumstances as this can lead to inflammations, breathing problems, and in serious cases losing life.

People who are on medications such as lithium should also avoid raw pumpkin as it will cause them to urinate more than usual because of its diuretic nature.

What part of the pumpkin can you eat?

If you have only been eating the flesh of your pumpkin, then you have been missing out! Because almost every part of the pumpkin can be consumed. And the best part is, not only does it taste divine but every part of the pumpkin is loaded with beneficial nutrients.

This helps in keeping our skin, hair, and internal functions healthy.

  • Pumpkin flowers
  • Leaves
  • Young stems
  • Seeds
  • Flesh
  • Skin

Is pumpkin bad for your kidneys?

Pumpkin can be good for our kidneys as it contains fiber which commonly helps with renal function. But it also contains high levels of potassium which can be harmful to people with chronic kidney disease.

They can still enjoy pumpkin but in moderate quantities as too much potassium in their blood isn’t good for their health. Kidney patients under-going dialysis may consume pumpkin before their session as the excess potassium can get removed from their blood during dialysis.

Is pumpkin bad for the stomach?

Pumpkin can be highly beneficial for your stomach depending on how you eat it. It is usually the first solid food babies are introduced to in pureed form after cooking it properly, due to the ease of digestion and the soothing and healing effect it has on the stomach.

This also makes it perfect for people go through diseases like diarrhea and constipation, it helps if they eat it in cooked and unsweetened form.

Is pumpkin skin poisonous?

Pumpkin skin is not poisonous but always make sure to clean it properly before consuming. Pesticides are sometimes sprayed on pumpkin patches and you do not want to consume that with your pumpkin skin.

Pumpkin skin is usually mixed with butter and spices then baked and served as chips because raw pumpkin skin tends to be very tough and doesn’t taste good.

Is it ok to eat raw pumpkin seeds?

Raw pumpkin seeds are safe to consume. They are enclosed inside the outer shell which protects them from being contaminated by any surface bacteria. They are packed with nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants.

But most people prefer to bake or roast them before eating with olive oil and spices which makes them much more flavorsome. This is great because roasted pumpkin seeds tend to be more nutritious than raw pumpkin seeds.

Can you eat raw pumpkin seeds when pregnant?

Raw pumpkin seeds are not unsafe for pregnant women but it is recommended by dietitians to keep them unsalted and roast them before eating. They have ample amounts of iron and magnesium in them alongside protein and omega-3 fatty acids which are usually absent in regular diets.

This is necessary for pregnant women because they aid in the development of the bones, brain, and eyes of the fetus.

Each part of the pumpkin has essential benefits for our body from the flesh to the seeds. And there are so many delicious ways they can be eaten. But eating them raw provides the most health benefits as the nutrients don’t get taken away, still, it is best to consume them in small servings.