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Can You Eat Cod Raw? (Explained)

If you are an avid eater of sushi and raw fish then you might be wondering if raw cod is edible and if it is safe to eat it. Before consuming any form of raw meat or fish you should be well informed about it to avoid any type of food poisoning or worse salmonella.

Can you eat cod raw?

It is not risky to eat raw cod as long as you are eating it from a trustworthy source. Some cod might have bacteria feeding on it or worms and those are very harmful to consume as you can contract diseases from it. You can contract Vibrio bacteria or salmonella from those. 

Can you eat codfish raw?

It is a delicacy to have certain kinds of fish raw. Codfish is one of them and you can have it raw. However, you should only have it from certified chefs and renowned restaurants. This is because such restaurants verify if the codfish they are serving is safe to eat raw.

If it is not verified then there are chances that the codfish is contaminated with worms or bacteria. This as a result can expose you to severe health risks. 

Salt cod raw:

It is recommended to not eat salt cod raw. Not only is it very salty, but it is also quite risky to have salt cod raw. You have to soak it in water for quite some time and by that time you should not have raw seafood that is not fresh.

Unless it is prepared by a certified chef do not even consider eating it raw as it can be harmful.

Smoked cod raw:

Yes! You can certainly eat smoked cod just the way it comes because it is cooked enough to not cause any harmful side effects. However, do consider having it fresh or else it might cause mild stomach problems. 

Frozen cod raw:

It is certainly not okay to have frozen cod raw. Even though freezing can terminate the harmful parasites, it will not end all types of diseases you can get.

Codfish are a lot more sensitive to pose certain health risks and thus you must only consume it raw when it’s safe enough to do so from a trustworthy source. Avoid having frozen cod raw as it can cause food poisoning. 

Black cod raw:

You can eat black cod raw as it is served as thin slices at many restaurants. It is very rich in taste and enjoyed by many people raw to savor its natural taste. It is coated with a light layer of lemon juice just enough for the acidity to cook it.

However, please ensure that you are having the raw fish from a safe place because if raw black cod is not checked properly then it might contain harmful bacteria or worms. 

Is it bad to eat raw cod?

Unless it is from a reputable source and you are sure it is safe to eat then yes, it is quite harmful to eat raw cod. Raw cod can particularly be a danger to your health because you can get bad food poisoning from it. You can also acquire vomiting and diarrhea.

Not only that, but you can also contract harmful diseases such as salmonella or vibrio virus from raw cod. If you are someone who has a compromised immune system then you should stay far away from raw cod as the foodborne illness can tend to get quite severe for you. 

Does cod have worms in them?

Parasites such as worms are very common in sea fishes such as codfish. Even so, they have their name known as cod worms. They are very small and slightly dark in color in codfish. However, do not worry as this is very common in seafood.

Upon cooking them, the temperature repels the parasite and it is safe to consume. Besides that, seafood is also frozen at an appropriate temperature that terminates the worms.

If you are having raw seafood from a certified chef then it is likely that they have the skills to remove the worms or the portions containing the worms. 

Can you get ill from eating raw cod?

You cannot get ill from just eating raw cod. However, you can get ill if the raw cod is contaminated with worms or bacteria.

It can lead to food poisoning and as a result an upset stomach, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach ache, anemia, itching in intimate areas, and very low energy.

It can be such mild foodborne illnesses and can get worse and even lead to more serious diseases such as salmonella and contamination of vibrio bacteria.

If you are immunocompromised then these illnesses can get serious for you and it might end up threatening your life as well. 

What happens if you eat raw cod?

There are a lot of foodborne illnesses you can face off if you eat raw cod that is not safe. It might contain parasites such as worms and if it gets into your blood it can end up hurting you badly.

Some symptoms of such parasites include pain, anemia, and loss of energy as these worms attach themselves to your cells and feed off you. In some cases, you might even have to undergo surgery to remove them from your body. 

You can also contract bacteria from eating raw cod. Most of the people that end up contracting vibrio bacteria contract it from consuming raw seafood. Once this bacteria enters your system you will experience vomiting, stomach aches, and even diarrhea.

If your immune system is weak then it can get even more serious than that for you and end up being lids threatening. You can also end up contracting a virus from eating raw cod and get stomach bugs.

You will experience fever, headaches, and stomach aches and it can also get contagious. 

For people with compromised immunities, this can get even more serious than such symptoms and end up being life-threatening. 

What fish can you not eat raw?

When it comes to eating raw fish, salmon and tuna are very common. However, there are some types of fish that you should avoid eating raw as it can lead to foodborne diseases and harm your health. 

Yellowtail, King Mackerel, Seabass, Swordfish:

Some of these fishes are commonly eaten raw which should be highly avoided. This is because they have a high content of mercury in them.

If you eat them raw in large amounts then too much mercury will end up harming your health. It can affect the way your nervous system is working if too much mercury is in your blood flow. 

Cod, Pacific red snapper, Eel, Squid, Herring:

These fishes sometimes are contaminated with cod worms. Unless you are eating it from a safe place, you are likely to get infected with these worms.

If these worms infect you then you will go through anemia and weakness. It can get pretty serious if not treated properly. 

Largemouth bass, Wild salmon, Trout:

These fishes can also contain parasites such as tapeworms which when entered into your body can cause nausea, pain, and decreased levels of energy.

Not only that it can also cause major illnesses such as scombroid and can even cause certain bacterias. This can lead to stomach aches and excessive vomiting as well as diarrhea. 

What can you do with raw cod?

You can marinate your codfish according to your choice of flavor. To keep the taste as natural as possible you can also lightly season it and preserve the seafood flavor. You can either bake or pan-fry your cod.

Once it becomes opaque and slightly flaky you know it is cooked properly. Avoid overcooking it as it can get chewy. 

Can you eat medium-rare cod?

It is recommended that you do not eat cod medium rare since it is not fully cooked and it might not end up terminating all the worms and parasites. Besides, since it is a delicate fish it is better to have it cooked to medium or medium-well.

Well done oftentimes might end up making your cod rubbery. 

Can you eat raw cod when pregnant?

No, you must avoid raw cod when you are pregnant at all costs. You must avoid raw seafood in general. This is because when you are pregnant you are a high-risk individual when it comes to raw seafood.

You are at an increased risk from such foodborne illnesses and it can end up harming your baby. 

Does cod need to be fully cooked?

It does not necessarily have to be fully cooked as it can get rubbery and chewy. As long as the inside temperature of your cod measures up to fifty-four degrees you are good to go. However, do not leave it undercooked as it might contain bacteria that can give you food poisoning. 

How to tell if cod is cooked?

You can tell a cod is cooked if it turns into an opaque color from a translucent color. You should also check the thickest part of your cod with a fork. It should be moist and flakey for you to determine that your cod is cooked perfectly.

You can also use a thermometer to measure the internal temperature. 

Final Thoughts:

You should not eat raw seafood from just any place as the foodborne illnesses are just not worth it. It can also end up getting quite serious especially if your immunity is weak. However, you can always try raw cod or seafood from any certified sushi chef as they clear out the worms properly.