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Can You Eat Beauty Berries? (Read This First!)

Who doesn’t get amused by the looks of the beauty berries, right? They grow in unique clusters which looks amazing

That being said, you might be wondering if you can eat those beauty berries. Let’s meet all your confusions regarding beauty berries one by one.

Can you eat beauty berries?

Beauty berries are not toxic fruits. They are one of the main food sources for deers and birds in the wild. So, humans can also eat them. However, raw beauty berries should not be consumed in large portions. They are also used in making various food items such as jellies, drinks, and wines.

The beauty berries are humanly edible as they are not toxic. These fruits don’t contain a lot of flavors and are of astringent quality. So, they don’t taste the best when eaten raw. However, you can eat them both raw or use them in different recipes.

American beautyberry:

American beautyberry originally comes from the southeast of the United States. They grow on a beautiful and common landscaping plant. These beautyberries are amongst the most favorite fruits for wild animals.

They are also edible for human consumption and are used in highly delicious recipes.

However, the raw American beautyberries’ taste is such that they can’t be eaten by a handful. They are usually much spicier and less sweet than other beauty berries. These berries taste best when used in making foods and drinks of various kinds.

Florida beauty berries:

As the name implies, the Florida beauty berries grow in the state of Florida in the United States. They are also known as American beautyberries. They don’t contain any toxic elements, so both humans and animals can eat them.

However, you might not be able to eat them in huge quantities due to their blend flavors. That being said, the jelly made from the Florida beauty berries is quite delicious. They are also used in making teas and wines.

Japanese beautyberries:

Unlike other beauty berries, Japanese beautyberries don’t turn purple. They mostly remain white and grow in clusters. The Japanese beautyberries are not poisonous, so you can eat them without any issue. They can even be eaten raw.

The Japanese beautyberries have a slightly medicinal flavor when eaten raw. However, the mild flavor of medicine will vanish when cooked or used in making drinks. The jells of these beautyberries are used to make delicious jelly.

Are beauty berries poisonous?

Beauty berries are not poisonous at all. In fact, they contain the same amount of vitamins and antioxidants as most other colorful fruits. As a result, you can eat it.

Although the beautyberries are not poisonous, they can be a bit astringent. So, you should not have a lot of them at once because they can peel off the skin inside your mouth.

Are beauty berries safe to eat?

The beauty berries are definitely safe to eat. They contain vitamins and antioxidants which your body needs to fight against various diseases. However, you should eat them in small portions.

The taste of the beauty berries is not bitter and they are not toxic but they are a little sharp. So, if you eat a whole lot at a time, you might risk peeling off the skin of the mouth.

Can you eat beauty berries raw?

You can eat beauty berries raw. Since the beautyberries don’t contain any poisonous element, you can eat them both raw or cooked. However, you might not enjoy eating them raw.

Instead of eating them raw, you can delightfully eat them by preparing the berries into some form of drink or food.

What do beauty berries taste like?

The taste of the beauty berries is quite unique, their taste is very difficult to compare to any other fruits. The beautyberry is a bit sweet and has spicy undertones comparable to those of the Asian 5 spices.

The taste of the beauty berries will seem a bit weird to you if you eat them raw. You can cook delicious drinks and jelly using their unique combination of sweet and spicy flavors.

What can you do with beauty berries?

Beauty berries can be used in various ways. Let’s take a look at what we can do with beauty berries.


You can consume beauty berries in the form of jellies, teas, or wine. A lot of people wonder whether beauty berries are edible for humans. Turns out, they are.

However, humans can eat beauty berries in small quantities.

It is not healthy to consume too many beauty berries at once. In addition, wild animals, birds, and deers like to indulge in beauty berries.  

Mosquito repellent:

Beauty berries have been used as a folk remedy for a long time. In the olden days, people used to crush the leaves of beauty berries to rub on their skins. This method would repel mosquitoes, ants, and more.

Recently, a chemical extracted from beauty berries plant is used as a popular mosquito repellent. It is also approved by the USDA.

Medicinal purpose:

Beauty berries are rich in vitamins and antioxidants. They, therefore, serve incredible medicinal purposes. A lot of people consume these berries for the nutrition that they offer.

In addition, the leaves are used to treat fevers, dizziness, urine retention, and more such diseases.

What are the health benefits of beauty berries?

Beauty berries have great potential to make humans immune to various serious diseases. They can also improve the livelihood of an unhealthy person.

Here are some of the health benefits of beauty berries:

Improve memory:

Researchers have found that by consuming beauty berries an anti-amnesic ability can form in humans. This ability is usually formed by medicines that treat nausea, motion sickness, dementia, and more.

As a result, the beauty berries can improve your memory and thinking ability.

Treat diabetes:

The bark of the beauty berries contains phenolic and flavonoid compounds. These compounds are basically used to balance the blood sugar in the body and make diabetes go into remission.

Beauty berries contain antioxidants as well. The oxidants found in them are capable of treating diabetes generated from oxidative stress.

Potential to destroy cancer cells:

From research, it is found that every part of beauty berries develops a cytotoxic impact on cancer cells. As a result of which the cancer cell in humans can get damaged. However, the research is still going on and it is still to be examined outside of the lab.

Skincare capabilities:

Beauty berries have the capability to cure scars. They can cure the scar marks by hindering the formation of melanin. By reducing melanin on the scar marks, the marks remain of the same color as the skin, which makes the scar almost invisible.

Are beauty berries poisonous to dogs and cats?

Beauty berries are non-toxic, so they definitely are not poisonous to dogs and cats. In fact, the beautyberry is one of the most vital food sources of birds and deers.

However, some dogs and cats can be allergic to these kinds of fruits as the beauty berries naturally grow in the wild.

Are beauty berries poisonous to goats, birds, and other animals?

Since beauty berries don’t contain any toxic components, goats, birds, and other animals can eat them without any issue. In fact, birds and deer love to eat these fruits as they are quite tiny and contain a jelly-like juice inside.

Can chickens eat beauty berries?

Chickens can eat beauty berries as they are edible for both humans and animals. Although the chickens can eat these fruits, they might not necessarily like them. However, most chickens enjoy plucking these berries from the plants.

Do birds eat beauty berries?

Birds not only eat beautyberry but it is also amongst their favorite type of fruits. This is due to the fact that these fruits are quite tiny and are full of juices. In addition to that, birds also eat the beautyberry flowers.

Do deer eat beauty berries?

Since beauty berries are edible, deers enjoy eating them. This fruit is a significant deer food in several parts of the South. The deers love to eat beauty berries because they remain in the plant even late into the winter when finding food becomes difficult for them.

Final Thoughts:

You can eat the beauty berries both raw and cooked as they don’t have any toxic compounds. However, they will taste a bit bland when you eat them raw. By having them in any form, you can have several health benefits and get a cure for several serious diseases.