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Can Throttle Body Cause Misfire? (Explained)

Most fuel-consuming vehicles need to have air to run the engine. The amount must be controlled by a mechanical part. Too much air and too low air both are harmful to the engine.

Then comes the throttle body. It is an oval-shaped mechanical part that has some holes on it. When you press on the accelerator, the throttle body starts to pass the optimum air to the engine. If the throttle body goes bad, it will be challenging to run the machine.

More symptoms and occurrences will happen if the throttle body goes bad. On the other hand, when the throttle body goes bad, the fuel and air flows will be hampered, directly affecting the engine performance.

Misfiring the engine is a significant concern for the driver. You might get the check engine lights for a bad throttle body but if you can get a misfire or not?

Can throttle body cause a misfire?

The throttle body can cause a misfire when it goes bad. If the throttle body cannot offer the right performance, the engine will either get an overflow of air, or it will not get any air. Therefore, it will face problems from starting and running. As a result, the engine will misfire now and then.

That means the throttle body must be sound quality to back up the engine with the right amount of airflow to the engine. In any other case, your engine will misfire.

Bad throttle body:

The bad throttle body can cause a misfire. When the throttle body decays or loses efficiency for some dames or long-term uses, we call it the bad throttle body. Also, you will see the check engine light come on for that.

Apart from the misfire, a bad throttle body can also decrease engine performance and efficiency. Therefore, you should take it seriously and sort out the problem soon. If needed, you need to replace the lousy throttle body.

Dirty throttle body:

Most of the time, the throttle body gets a lot of dirt and dust while running and passing airflow to the engine. Therefore, you need to clean the throttle body regularly. At least once a month or week.

When the throttle body gets too much dirt and dust, it will cause a misfire of the engine. Therefore, you will struggle to run the machine.

The main reason is that the dirty throttle body won’t be able to pass air. That’s why the dirty throttle body can cause a misfire.

Leak in the throttle body:

Leak in the throttle body will cause too much airflow to the engine.

As a result, your engine will fail to run correctly or get less fuel to run. That’s why leaks in the throttle body can cause misfires, a common incident.

On the other hand, you have to get to the point that leaks are harmful to both the throttle boy and engine. They will make the throttle weak and hinder the engine’s performance. Which ultimately affects the vehicle performance.

How does a throttle body cause misfire?

A throttle body flows air to the engine. When it gets wrong, it will fail to flow the air to the engine. Either it will pass too much air or pass too low. Therefore, the engine will fail to produce enough power to run. That’s how a throttle body causes a misfire.

On the other hand, when the throttle body gets too much dirt or dust too much, it will also cause the misfire of the engine. Here the dust will clog the holes of the throttle. That’s why the throttle will fail to pass air to the engine.

Does cleaning a throttle body make a difference?

Cleaning a throttle body makes a massive difference in engine performance and drivability. It will increase the engine power bypassing the required air through the holes. On the other hand, you can also avoid misfires.

On the other hand, cleaning a throttle body will optimize the braking system. You will smoothly brake the car and engine without making or creating any misfire.

But, if you don’t clean the throttle body for a while, it will decrease the engine performance.

How to clean throttle body?

Cleaning a throttle body is no longer a difficult task. You can follow some simple steps and clean your throttle body within a while. Also, you should keep in mind that you should clean the throttle body routinely.

Put on safety gear:

You should put on safety gear, including rubber glass, and wear a mask. You will spray the cleaner on the throttle body that might have chemicals. Therefore, maintaining safety is a must.

Open the throttle body:

Open the throttle body or open the opener from the engine. Now, spray on the throttle body holes and inside the throttle body. Before that, you should depart the wires that are connected with the engine and brakes.

Clean the throttle body:

You need to clean the throttle body with clean clothes or something like that. You need to clean it properly so that there should not be any water left on the body.

Close the panel:

Insert the throttle in its place and close the panel. You should dry it or let it be there for some time. Once the throttle body dries, you can connect the wires and run the engine after that.

What are the symptoms of a bad throttle body?

There can be multiple symptoms of a bad throttle body. Symptoms of a bad throttle body are given below. 

Rough acceleration:

Rough acceleration is the first symptom of a bad throttle body. You cannot smoothly use the accelerator when the throttle body goes bad.

Check engine light:

If you have a bad throttle body, you will notice the check engine light is coming on. It’s another symptom of having a bad throttle body.

Low engine performance:

You should check the throttle body when you get poor engine performance because poor performance is the third symptom of the wrong throttle body.


Misfires of the engine are another symptom of a bad throttle body. It’s a serious concern for the engine. You should check the throttle body and replace it if needed.

Engine overheating:

Heating the engine is another symptom of a wrong throttle body. Since the throttle body passes air to run the engine smoothly, your engine will get a high temperature when it stops passing the right amount.

What problems can a throttle body cause?

One of the main problems a throttle body can cause is electrical issues. There are more you can count as the problems of a throttle body.

False engine signs:

If your throttle body goes bad, it will give your false engine information. At that time, the engine will fail to get the true fuel flowing information. As a result, your engine will get either too low fuel or too much fuel.

High or low airflow:

The throttle body plays a crucial role in the engine running by providing the required airflow to the engine. If it goes bad, your engine will not get the correct air to run smoothly. Therefore, the friction will rise and decay the other parts,

Engine light to come on:

A throttle body can cause the engine light to come on. It’s another problem of using the bad throttle body in the engine.

Poor idle:

Poor idle is another throttle body problem if it fails to function correctly. In that case, you will face issues regarding engine performance and other related things.


When your throttle body goes wrong, you will face stalling problems. Especially if you go to a stop or brake will find that the engine is stalling and creating issues for you.

How long can you drive with a bad throttle body?

You can drive approximately half an hour with a bad throttle body or more. But it’s harmful to the engine’s health. Your engine will stall and produce excessive heat and other issues by this time. They all together will reduce the engine performance.

On the other hand, driving with a bad throttle body is dangerous too. It will create misfires. If needed badly, you should drive the car for 5 minutes and go to a garage and fix it up soon.

Can throttle body cleaner cause misfires?

Some users find that the throttle body cleaner causes misfires. But that’s an unusual case. If you follow the cleaning steps properly and dry it after cleaning, you should not get any misfire in the cylinder or other parts.

It’s a must to dry the throttle body after cleaning it and carefully use the cleaner or spray on it. Let it dry properly, and then run the car.

Final thoughts

The throttle body is one of the main engine parts that help to run smoothly. It passes the air throughout the entire engine, letting it cool down and run quickly. However, if the throttle body goes wrong, it can cause a misfire. That’s why you should clean it regularly and dry it properly.