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Can Squirrels Eat Watermelon? (Read This First!)

Squirrels are omnivores, so they will eat anything to generate heat and survive. Squirrels love to eat some vegetables while others prefer fruits. Squirrels can eat anything, but they will not binge on everything they see. Let’s see how likely it is that a squirrel will eat watermelon.

Can squirrels eat watermelon?

Yes, Squirrels can eat watermelon. In fact, they love to eat every part of a watermelon. Scavengers like a squirrel will feed on anything, but that does not mean that you should feed squirrels watermelons regularly. The high sugar boost from watermelon can harm squirrels if fed daily.

Squirrels are survivalists, so to adapt to any situation, they will feed on anything. However, if the resources are plenty, they tend to become picky eaters.

There are various types of squirrels of which Fox squirrels, Red squirrels, American gray Squirrels, and Flying squirrels are common in the United States. Squirrels can be fed any food if it is safe for them.

Flying squirrels tend to feed on insects, seeds, fruits, and nuts. They can eat watermelon as well. Let’s see the various parts of watermelon a squirrel can eat.

Watermelon Flesh:

Watermelon flesh is entirely safe for squirrels. The watermelon flesh is the main attraction for squirrels. Watermelon flesh has a high quantity of water, so it keeps squirrels hydrated.

The high sugar content of watermelon flesh could be harmful to squirrels if they eat it daily. Make sure that you are not feeding squirrels watermelon regularly.

Watermelon Rind:

Watermelon rind is non-toxic and safe for squirrels to eat. Watermelon rind contains a high amount of potassium and fiber, so it keeps squirrels healthy.

However, squirrels prefer the flesh over the rind as the rind is not as tasty as flesh to the squirrels.

Watermelon Seeds:

Watermelon seeds are safe for squirrels. The seeds contain a high amount of protein and other essential minerals. In addition, watermelon seeds do not contain cyanide like other seeds.

Leaves and plants:

You will often see squirrels nibbling on the leaves and young watermelon plants. This is both harmful for plants and squirrels. Pesticides used on plants are toxic for squirrels.

Even though organic plants are safe for squirrels to eat, the use of pesticides makes them harmful for squirrels.

Can baby squirrels eat watermelon? Is it safe or toxic to them?

Baby squirrels cannot eat watermelon. Watermelon is toxic for baby squirrels. Watermelon has high sugar contents, which is not suitable for them. It negatively affects their growth. Baby squirrels should only be fed mother’s milk because it contains all the nutrients they need.

After six to seven weeks, baby squirrels start munching on fruits. During that growing stage, baby squirrels should only be fed good quality and healthy snacks.

Is watermelon good for squirrels?

Yes, watermelon is good for squirrels. Watermelon is a highly nutritious and low calory food for both squirrels and humans. Watermelon’s low salt composition makes it squirrel-friendly, and it is 90% water.

That being said, you should not feed a squirrel watermelon every day. The high sugar content will be lethal for squirrels if provided daily.

Watermelon best fits as a healthy snack that provides a squirrel with all the nutrients they need. Moreover, being a scavenger, squirrels do not really have to eat watermelon to survive.

What are the nutritional benefits of watermelon, watermelon rind, and seeds?

Watermelon is low in calories, filled with nutrients, and rich in water. Watermelon is beneficial for both humans and squirrels. Let’s see the nutritional benefits of different parts of watermelon.

Watermelon flesh:

Watermelon flesh contains about 90 percent of water. And the low salt composition is more than suitable for squirrels. Its minerals, proteins, and fibers keep your diet in balance.

Watermelon’s antioxidant properties reduce inflammation. It also reduces the risk of heart diseases. However, one drawback is its high quantity of sugar. Apart from the mentioned things, watermelon contains calcium, iron, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C.

These components help in reducing stress, improving heart health, and preventing muscular degeneration.

Watermelon rind:

Watermelon rind is high in fiber. It also has an increased number of fatty acids, magnesium, phosphorus, and vitamins. These components are highly nutritious for both you and squirrels.

Watermelon rind helps in regulating blood pressure. Furthermore, it aids in the digestive process. Watermelon treats urinary tract complications. Beta carotene is found in plenty in watermelon seeds.

This greatly benefits squirrels’ health formation. Another benefit of watermelon rind is that vitamin C boosts the immune system and fights against infections.

Watermelon seeds:

Watermelon seed has many wonderful health benefits. A detailed list of nutrients in one cup of watermelon seed is given below.

Protein30.6 gram
Calcium58.32 gram
Magnesium556.2 milligram
Phosphorus815.4 milligram
Potassium699.84 milligram
Sodium106.92 milligram
Zinc11.06 milligram
Copper.74 milligram
Total fat51.16 gram

Magnesium keeps the heart-healthy. Other minerals and nutrients help keep bones more robust. Along with the rind, watermelon seeds also boost metabolism.

In contrast to the flesh, watermelon seeds keep sugar levels under control. The seeds keep squirrels’ fur shiny and healthy. 

What other fruits can squirrels have?

Squirrels are omnivores who can munch on a bunch of things. Here are some fruits that you can give to squirrels and some you should always skip.


Squirrels love to eat apples. However, there are some things you need to worry about. Apple seeds contain cyanides which are lethal to squirrels. So, remove the seeds before you feed them apples

Also, as it has high sugar content, you should not feed your squirrels apples regularly.


Squirrels love to eat grapes. They are fond of its sweet taste. In addition, grapes provide squirrels with some crucial nutrients. But this delicious treat has some downsides.

Grapes have a high amount of sugar. So, you should not feed them grapes too often. 


Squirrels are not the number one fan of mangoes, but they will not miss the chance to take a bite or two from mangoes hanging nearby. Like other fruits, mangoes have high sugar content.

So, give one or two slices every two or three days to keep their diet in moderation.


Avocado is a healthy snack for squirrels. But squirrels should not eat the peel and pit of avocados. Avocado peel and pit are poisonous to squirrels.

Also, avocados have a high amount of saturated fats; it is better to feed squirrels avocados in moderation


Bananas provide squirrels with vital vitamins and nutrients. But it contains a high amount of sugar as well. Squirrels love to eat bananas. Make sure that you do not overfeed them as the excess sugar will hurt their health.


Squirrels love to eat berries. The sweet, juicy nature of berries makes them hard to avoid. Berries have unprocessed sugar that boosts squirrels’ energy.


You should never feed squirrels dates. Dried fruits are a big no for squirrels.

Processed fruits:

Processed fruits should not be fed to squirrels. They contain artificial flavors which are harmful to squirrels’ health.

How to keep wild squirrels from eating my watermelon? 

If you want to keep wild squirrels from eating your watermelon, then go through the following tips –

Wire mesh fence:

Squirrels can dig under your fence easily, so you need at least 44 inches tall wire mesh fence. Bend 6 inches outwards and dig six inches deep into the soil for the fence. This way, the squirrels cannot dig under the fence and cause damage.

Squirrels are notoriously known for damaging fruits. If there are tall plants nearby, they can quickly drop on the watermelons. Use chicken wire to make cages for your watermelons.

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Squirrels are attracted to the sweet taste and scent of watermelons. Chemical repellent like thiram works great in repelling squirrels. Spray thiram over your watermelon beds, and squirrels will stay far away.

If you are wary of artificial chemicals, you can adopt natural ways to deter squirrels. Spraying ground chili peppers, pepper flakes on your watermelons to deter away squirrels.

You can also spread predator urine around your garden. This liquid works as a repellent and keeps squirrels away.

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Make your habitat less squirrel-friendly. Remove any brush piles and piles of leaves that squirrels cannot use to hide. Keep watermelons at a distance from other plants.

Keeping a dog works as a blessing. Squirrels are afraid of dogs, and your companion will always make it hard for squirrels to enter without notice.

Doing these will make your backward less desirable to squirrels.

Final thoughts

There are countless good sides to the watermelon. But squirrels can do without eating it. The best practice would be feeding squirrels watermelon every week. Cut small-sized snacks and put them in a bowl for squirrels. Keep in mind that squirrels may prefer the flesh over the rind and seeds.