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Baked Potato Soup

There’s something undeniably comforting about a bowl of warm, creamy Baked Potato Soup. It’s a dish that wraps you in warmth and nostalgia, perfect for chilly evenings or when you’re in need of a culinary hug.

This classic American soup, with its rich flavors and hearty ingredients, is not just a meal but an experience that brings together families and friends.

Tracing its roots, potato soup has been a staple in many cultures, known for its simplicity and heartiness. The American version, particularly the Baked Potato Soup, has evolved into a richer, more indulgent version of this classic.

It’s a testament to the ingenuity of home cooks who transformed basic ingredients into a dish that’s both comforting and luxurious.


The magic of Baked Potato Soup lies in its ingredients, each bringing its unique flavor and texture to create a harmonious blend. Let’s explore these key components:

  • Russet Potatoes (4 large, equal to 2 lbs.): The star of the show, russet potatoes are chosen for their starchy quality and ability to create a creamy texture.
  • Thick Cut Bacon (6 slices): Adds a smoky depth and richness to the soup, while the rendered fat is a cooking medium for other ingredients.
  • Yellow Onion (1 large): Its natural sweetness balances the savory elements.
  • Garlic (3 cloves, minced): A flavor enhancer, garlic adds a subtle kick.
  • Butter (2 Tablespoons): Enriches the soup, giving it a velvety mouthfeel.
  • Flour (¼ cup): Acts as a thickener, giving the soup its characteristic body.
  • Chicken Broth (3 ½ cups): The base of the soup, it brings all the flavors together.
  • Half and Half (2 cups): Provides creaminess without overpowering the other ingredients.
  • Sour Cream (¾ cup): Introduces a slight tang and smooths out the flavors.
  • Pepper (½ teaspoon): Adds a slight heat and complexity.
  • Salt (¾ teaspoon): For the flavor.
  • Shredded Cheddar Cheese (2 cups): Melts into the soup for a gooey, cheesy texture.
  • Chives (1/8 cup, finely diced): Offers a mild oniony flavor and a pop of color as a garnish.

Each ingredient in this recipe plays a pivotal role in creating a soup that’s not just a dish, but a comforting embrace in a bowl. As we delve into the cooking process, we’ll see how these elements come together to create a symphony of flavors.

Creating a delicious Baked Potato Soup involves a symphony of steps, each crucial to achieving that perfect blend of flavors and textures. Let’s dive into the detailed cooking process, ensuring your soup turns out just right.

A Step-by-Step Cooking Guide:

  1. Begin with Bacon: Start by cutting your bacon into 1-inch squares. Cook them in a large pot over low heat. This slow cooking allows the bacon to crisp up perfectly while rendering out the fat, which will be used for sautéing other ingredients. Once crisp, set the bacon aside, but keep 2 tablespoons of the drippings in the pot.
  2. Potato Prep: Peel your russet potatoes and chop them into 1-inch cubes. Place these in a separate pot, covering them with about an inch of water. Add the salt here. Boil gently for 20 minutes or until the potatoes are tender enough to be easily pierced with a fork. Drain them and then give them a gentle mash. This step is crucial for the soup’s texture.
  3. Sauté Onions and Garlic: In the pot with the bacon drippings, add your diced onion. Cook until it’s softened, which should take about 5 minutes. Then, stir in the minced garlic and butter, cooking for an additional minute. This process infuses the base with rich flavors.
  4. Creating the Roux: Sprinkle in the flour, stirring constantly. Cook this mixture for a full minute. This step is essential to cook out the raw flour taste and forms the thickening base for your soup.
  5. Liquid Love: Pour in the chicken broth gradually, stirring to combine it with the roux. Then, slowly add the half and half, stirring continuously. Bring the mixture to a boil, then reduce to a simmer. This gradual process ensures a smooth, lump-free soup.
  6. Combine and Creamify: Add the mashed potatoes into the simmering liquid. Next, stir in the sour cream and pepper. The sour cream adds a tangy depth to the soup. Remove the pot from heat. For a creamier texture, you can blend the soup using an immersion blender or in batches with a regular blender.
  7. Cheesy Goodness: Gradually sprinkle in the shredded cheddar cheese, stirring until it’s completely melted and combined. Be cautious of the soup’s temperature here; too hot, and the cheese may not melt smoothly.
  8. Final Touches: Garnish your soup with the crispy bacon and finely diced chives. This not only adds flavor but also a delightful textural contrast.

Customization Ideas:

Baked Potato Soup is versatile, and with a few tweaks, you can make it suit your taste or dietary preferences:

  • Vegetarian Version: Skip the bacon and use vegetable broth instead of chicken broth. You can add smoked paprika for a similar smoky flavor.
  • Lighter Option: For a less rich soup, use milk instead of half and half, and a light sour cream or Greek yogurt.
  • Extra Veggies: Feel free to add carrots, celery, or even spinach for an extra nutritional punch.
  • Spice it Up: Add a dash of cayenne pepper or hot sauce for a soup with a kick.

This part of the process is where you can get creative, making the recipe truly your own. Remember, cooking is not just about following a recipe to the letter; it’s about making it resonate with your personal taste.

After mastering the cooking process and exploring variations, let’s focus on the final touches that make your Baked Potato Soup not just a dish, but a memorable experience.

Pro Tips:

To elevate your soup to a gourmet level, consider these expert tips:

Cheese Selection: Opt for a cheese like Cracker Barrel Sharp Yellow for its smooth melting quality. Avoid aged or crystallized cheeses, as they don’t melt as well.

Prevent Curdling: If substituting milk for half and half, warm it slightly before adding to the soup. This helps prevent curdling and maintains a smooth texture.

Texture Tweaks: For a chunkier soup, blend only a portion of it. For a smoother soup, blend it all.


Baked Potato Soup is a star on its own, but pairing it with the right sides can enhance the meal:

Bread Pairing: Serve with crusty bread or garlic toast for dipping.

Salad Side: A light, crisp salad can balance the richness of the soup.

Wine Pairing: A glass of Chardonnay or a light Pinot Noir complements the creamy texture and rich flavors.


While indulgent, it’s good to be aware of the nutritional aspects:

Caloric Content: Each serving is around 482 calories, making it a hearty meal.

Balancing the Meal: Consider serving smaller portions if paired with heavy sides, or increase the vegetable content for a lighter version.

Embarking on a culinary adventure with Baked Potato Soup not only promises a delightful taste experience but also brings with it a certain nutritional profile. Here’s a quick glance at what each serving offers:

  • Calories: Approximately 482 kcal
  • Carbohydrates: 28g
  • Protein: 16g
  • Fat: 34g (Saturated Fat: 18g)
  • Fiber: 2g
  • Sugar: 2g
  • Vitamin A: 756IU
  • Vitamin C: 15mg
  • Calcium: 317mg
  • Iron: 2mg

Understanding the nutritional value of this soup can help you integrate it thoughtfully into your diet, ensuring you enjoy not just the taste but also the benefits it brings to your overall health and well-being.

Whether it’s a cozy dinner or a hearty lunch, this Baked Potato Soup is sure to satisfy both your palate and your nutritional needs.

Storage and Reheating:

Proper storage and reheating are key to enjoying leftovers:

Refrigeration: Store in an airtight container for up to 3 days.

Freezing: Freeze for up to 3 months. Thaw overnight in the refrigerator before reheating.

Reheating: Warm on the stove over low heat, stirring occasionally to prevent sticking.

Baked Potato Soup is more than just a recipe; it’s a journey through flavors and textures, culminating in a dish that’s both comforting and satisfying. Whether you’re a seasoned cook or a beginner, this soup is a testament to the joy of cooking and the warmth it brings to the table.

Happy cooking, and enjoy the warmth of your homemade Baked Potato Soup!