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60 Amp Sub Panel Wire Size? (All You Need to Know)

Sub panel wiring is an essential part of building a home or office. This sub panel wiring helps to power your whole building correctly. There are various amps of sub panels available in the market.

You may want to know about the 60 amp sub panel wire size. Here are the details that we think you should about 60 amp sub panel wire size.


Ampacity is known as the ampere capacity of any wire or electrical equipment. It is said that the maximum current that can pass through a medium is known as the ampacity of the medium. Ampacity can be different based on various facts.

Ampacity is vital in electrical wiring and connecting various equipment. This is also important in supplying a particular amount of current to the connected equipment, which requires electricity to operate.

This also refers to the maximum current that a medium can carry without any issue and harm to the people around.


The thickness of a wire is referred to as gauge. This is a common way to differentiate wires from each other. This helps to understand the maximum load the wire can supply. It can also explain various electrical related facts.

Gauge values are usually expressed in numbers. The wire which has a small number is said to be thick. As the value of the gauge increases, the wire becomes thinner.

There are many wire sizes available in the current market. The common gauge wires are 10, 12 and 14.

When choosing a gauge wire, you should keep in mind that your requirement is important. Depending on your requirements, you will need to decide which wire size you will need. Choosing the correct wire size will help you get the best results.

60 amp sub panel wire size:

Depending on the distance or length of the wire, you will need 3 – 6 AWG wires to connect with your 60 amp sub panel. For small distances, 4 – 6 AWG wires for your 60 amp sub panel will be the ideal choice. For longer distances, 3 – 4 AWG wires are the ideal choice for your 60 amp sub panel.

Wire size varies based on the requirement of the current flow. It is said that the appropriate wire size for a 60 amp sub panel is between 3 – 6 AWG. But according to professionals, 4 AWG is the ideal wire size for a 60 amp use case.

As 4 AWG can supply around 95 – 100 amps based on the distance from the sub panel, this is referred to as the ideal wire size for 60 amp sub panel wiring.

NEC code for wire size:

NEC code is known as National Electrical Code. This is an important rule book that must be maintained to build a safe building.

About the wire size, chapter 9 of NEC covers this matter. Chapter 3 of the NEC code book also has some important discussions related to this matter as well.

According to the NEC code, the wire size depends on some particular facts. At first, the size that you have chosen must maintain the 80% breaker rating rule.

Another thing is that the voltage drop in the wire has to be accounted for the best output from the wire.

If the voltage drop is high, then you may not get enough voltage at the output. Thus, you will fall behind your requirement in transferring electricity from your sub panel.

There are more related rules based on wire size. But the above two are the most important. There are various charts that are provided in the NEC code manual for selecting the wire size based on different factors.

If you want the wire sizes for your 60 amp sub panel at different distances or lengths, here is the chart that we recommend you to look into.

Wire size for 60 amp sub panelDistance/Length of wire
6 AWG30 feet away
6 AWG50 feet away
6 AWG75 feet away
6 AWG100 feet away
6 AWG150 feet away
4 AWG200 feet away
4 AWG300 feet away

How to determine a 60 amp sub panel wire size?

Determining the correct wire size for a 60 amp sub panel is an important matter. This will ensure that the wire you selected is correct for your use purpose in your building. There are many ways to determine the wire size for this matter.

Let us discuss the steps that we think you should follow in order to determine a 60 amp sub panel wire size.

Measure the distance between the sub panel and equipment:

The distance between the sub panel and equipment is important to identify the correct wire size. The distance may cause a voltage drop.

Although voltage drop will not matter for short distances, it matters when the distance between the two points is more than 100 feet.

Use a measuring tape to calculate this. Measure from the sub panel to the point where you will power a piece of equipment. Keep in mind that you will have to include the extra gaps and wall length as well to get the best possible results.

Apply the 80% breaker rule:

Applying the 80% breaker rule is crucial for your safety. This will also help to choose the correct wire for your use case. As you will be determining for a 60 amp sub panel, the target amp value will be 60.

Now, multiply it by 0.8 and you will get the minimum current rating that the chosen wire needs to have.

Calculate the amp rating by voltage drop:

At last, you need to calculate the voltage drop for your sub panel. The voltage drop calculation entirely depends on the distance between the sub panel and point. The general thumb of rule is for every 100 feet, there will be a 20% voltage drop.

Now, measure the voltage drop of the distance you have measured and convert it to decimal. For example, if your voltage drop is 30%, it will be 0.3 in the decimal figure.

After converting, add it with 1 and then multiply it with the measured value from the 80% breaker rule rating. This answer will provide you with the amount of current that the choosen wire will have to handle.

Use the NEC code wire chart:

After you get the amp rating from the voltage drop, you will need to choose the wire suitable for your use.

You can check the NEC wire chart for various current flow and wire types. Select the correct wire size from the chart based on your use case and requirement.

Why Is wire size important?

Wire size in electrical wiring is said to be one of the most important things to keep in mind. This can decide if you will get the required electricity or not. If you do not use the correct size, your house may have an unstable electrical distribution.

You may try to find the reason behind the importance of wire size. Let us provide you with the information that you are looking for regarding the importance of wire size.

Ensures the right electrical capacity:

Wire size is important because it ensures the right electrical flow. Lower gauge wires can provide high amp ratings and higher gauge wires can provide low amp ratings.

Thus, you can provide a certain amount of electricity to any part of the house by identifying the correct wire size.

Prevents any kind of safety issues:

Safety is a huge concern when it comes to the wire size. If you use a high rated gauge wire in a high amp connection, it may cause the wire to overheat.

As a result, it may cause the electricity to burn the wire. It may also cause a fire as well. So it can be said that, wire size is important to ensure your safety.

Prevents any kind of damage to your electrical equipment:

The proper wire size can also prevent any kind of damage to the connected electrical equipment as well.

As a certain wire size can supply an exact amount of current, it can ensure that your electrical equipment is getting the right amount of electricity. This is how the right wire size prevents any kind of damage to your electrical equipment.

Sub panel wire size & Amp rating chart:

Amp ratingAluminum wire gauge size (AWG)Copper wire gauge size (AWG)
125 amp1/02
100 amp13
60 amp68
50 amp68
40 amp810
30 amp1010
20 amp1212

Final thoughts

60 amp sub panels require 3 – 6 AWG wires. Although 6 AWG wire is commonly used for 60 amp sub panels, professionals recommend using 4 AWG wires. It is said to be the ideal wire size for a 60 amp sub panel. But for longer distances, 3 AWG wire can be considered if 4 AWG is not enough.