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Will Disconnecting Battery Reset Airbag Light? (Answered)

Generally, an airbag is a sensor installed in the car for indicating any problem with the vehicle’s Supplemental Restraint System. The airbag light turns on when it indicates problems. So, an airbag light is pretty essential in the car.

But sometimes, the airbag sensor provides faulty information. You might have to resent the airbag light then.

That’s why you might be confused about whether disconnecting the battery will reset the airbag light or not. You have to know details about the airbag’s functioning and the requirements for resetting it. Then you can reset the airbag light.

Will disconnecting battery reset airbag light?

Disconnecting the battery will not reset the airbag light. The airbag light will turn on if there is any problem in the vehicle’s system. If you disconnect the battery, the problem will not be solved. So, the light will remain the same since the setting of the light is related to the problem.

In your car, there are some sensors that are related to the car’s efficiency and warning. If your vehicle faces any problems, the airbag sensor will track the problem and the airbag light will turn on.

That means when you see that the airbag light is on, you have to understand that your vehicle is facing a problem.

This type of detecting problem is coded firstly when the sensor is installed in the car. So, the light will work the same until you solve the specific problem. Even if you disconnect the battery, the airbag light will not be reset.

Because the battery can’t solve the problem that is turning on the airbag light. When you disconnect the battery, it might make the light turn off instantly. But when you connect the battery, the light will still be on. Because the main problem is not solved yet.

If you want to reset the airbag light, you have to follow other processes. In those processes, you might have to disconnect the battery so that you can solve the problem effectively. But this doesn’t mean that disconnecting the battery will reset the airbag light.

You have to either change the code that is turning on the light or change the sensor to make it work differently. Besides, you can also reset the airbag light manually to get the light to work differently.

But your main focus should be on solving the problem that turning the airbag light on. Otherwise, a serious problem might arise.

Should the airbag light be on or off?

The airbag light should be off if your vehicle and airbag system are working properly. But if there is a problem with your airbag system, the airbag light should be on. If you see that your airbag light is on, that means there is a problem with the airbag system.

If the airbag light turns off after a few seconds, the problem might be temporary. But if the airbag light remains on, the problem might need to be solved. Some specific problems can turn the airbag light on.

For example, if the airbag system’s battery is depleted, a faulty sensor, wet airbag module, etc., the problem arises, the light can turn on. But without any problem, the light should be off.

Why is my airbag off light on? What does it mean when the airbag light stays on?

If your airbag is off light on that means that the airbag is not detecting properly. The airbag will remain off if the weight sensor detects that someone or something is on the seat.

But if the weight is not heavy enough, the sensor indicates that the airbag is not safe for the lightweight person. So, the light might be on but the airbag will remain off.

But if your airbag light is on, that means the airbag system is facing a problem. If the airbag light stays on, there might be some specific problems related to the airbag system.

For example, if the sensor gives faulty information, the light can remain on. Besides, a depleted airbag backup battery can make the airbag light turn on. Moreover, if the airbag light stays on, that might indicate a damaged airbag clock spring or wet airbag module.

What happens when you remove the airbag battery? Can an airbag warning light be reset?

When you remove the airbag battery, the battery will be disconnected from the airbag. When the battery is disconnected, the car will not fire the airbag. That means removing the battery will not set the airbag off.

So, when you remove the airbag battery, the airbag light will get on. Because the airbag light gets on when there is a problem in the airbag system.

But you can also reset the airbag warning light. You can reset the light using a handheld computerized tool.

But doing it yourself might be a complex task. So, you can also reset it from your home garage. The mechanic will reset the airbag warning light quickly with his experience.

What to do if your airbag light is on?

If your airbag light remains on, it indicates some problems. So, let’s see what you can do if your airbag light is on.

Professional help:

The first and easiest thing you can do is to take the car to the mechanic or professional. But airbag light problem might not go away with disconnecting the battery. You will need special tools and experience to solve the problem.

So, it would be better if you take your car to the mechanic if you see that your airbag light is on.

Charging the battery:

When the airbag battery is depleted by the battery drainage of your car, it might get solved automatically when you recharge your car battery. So, you can try to charge the battery if you see the airbag light is on.

Resetting or exchanging sensors:

The airbag system has a sensor that is connected to the car’s computer system. So, if the sensor gets any problem, you can change or reset the airbag system.

Resetting airbag system:

You can also reset the airbag system when the airbag light is on. Though the resetting process is complex, you can do it with a handheld computerized tool. But you must follow the instructions to reset the airbag system.

How much does it cost to reset the airbag light?

Resetting the airbag light is not an easy task. Sometimes, you can’t do it on your own. You might need professional help to reset the airbag light. So, the resetting process is expensive. It can take from $100 to $600 according to your car and its requirements.

Generally, the airbag light resetting process can take up to several times and skill. So, it will not be cost-effective to reset the airbag light.

Generally, when we take our car to the home garage, it can be expensive. So, resetting the airbag light is expensive since the job is not easy.

How to reset blinking airbag light? How do I reset my airbag light manually?

You might notice that your car’s airbag light is blinking. That means your car’s airbag system has a problem and you have to reset the airbag light. The resetting process requires time and skill.

Generally, professional help can reset the airbag light quickly but it can expensive. So, if you want to reset your airbag light manually, you have to follow a process. Let’s see how you can reset the airbag light manually.

Put the key to ignition:

You have to put the key into the ignition. Then you have to turn the switch on.  

Check the light:

Then check for the airbag light. The light will remain illuminated for a couple of seconds. Then the light will turn off itself. When the light is shut off, you have to turn the switch off immediately. Then wait for another couple of seconds.

Repeat until fixed:

Now you have to repeat the 1 and 2 steps a couple of times. Then you can start the engine.

You will see that the Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) light should come on for seven seconds. Then the light will shut off and stay off. That means the airbag light has been reset.

Final Thoughts

Disconnecting the battery doesn’t reset the airbag light necessarily. Airbag light is related to any problem in the SRS system or the airbag system. If you don’t solve the problem, the light will remain on if you disconnect the battery. So, disconnecting the battery won’t reset the airbag light.