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Will Cayenne Pepper Stop My Dog from Digging? (Answered)

Dogs are currently one of the most popular pets all around the world. They are famous all around the globe for their devotion, gentle, and peaceful temperament, which never ceases to amaze us.

They are adorable and make a wonderful addition to any family as a new member. However, your small furry pal’s playful nature may occasionally create mayhem.

If you are a nature lover with a dog that enjoys digging, your lawn may resemble a moon surface with crates and holes all over it.

So, let’s talk about whether or not cayenne pepper will stop your dog from digging, as well as some other intriguing ideas and tactics for stopping your furry buddy from digging in the lawn and other muddy areas of your house.

Will cayenne pepper stop my dog from digging?

Cayenne pepper will most definitely stop your dog from digging. Because dogs are repulsed by the odor of cayenne pepper. It makes their nostrils, eyes, and throats feel like they’re burning. As a result, they avoid the place where they first smelled cayenne pepper and refrain from digging.

Dogs have a natural instinct to dig into the earth. This trait was also present among the forefathers of dogs since ancient times. 

As a result, despite the rigorous evolution of the animal kingdom, the digging propensity of dogs remains dominant. Furthermore, digging is still one of the most distinguishing traits of dogs in present times. 

Almost all dogs, with a few exceptions, like digging in the lawns and other dirt surfaces surrounding your home.

Even though the digging habit of dogs is regarded as one of their regular and natural behaviors, it may cause a lot of issues if you do not take the appropriate steps to stop it.

As a matter of fact, there are a number of repellents that work well in keeping dogs from digging. However, after extensive research, cayenne pepper was shown to be the most effective repellent for preventing your dog from digging.

Cayenne pepper will keep your dog away from any areas where it has been detected. As dogs have a strong sense of smell, they keep themselves completely away from those areas where they could sense the presence of cayenne pepper. 

Moreover, cayenne pepper generates a burning sensation in dogs. As a result, they can’t seem to tolerate the smell of it. Therefore, cayenne pepper may be used as an efficient repellant to keep your dogs from digging around.

Is cayenne pepper harmful to dogs?

Dogs usually can’t tolerate the hot and spicy smell of cayenne peppers. However, this doesn’t mean that cayenne peppers are harmful to your dogs.

Cayenne peppers are not harmful to your dogs. However, if they come into direct contact with cayenne pepper, it might cause a burning sensation in their eyes, nose, and throat.

Therefore, it is better to use cayenne pepper as a dog repellent to prevent them from digging around your house. They should be supervised strictly when you take them out to play on your lawn and other surface areas of your house.

Just a few pinches of sprinkle would be more than enough to keep your dog away from the potential digging areas. Because once they detect the smell of cayenne pepper by their strong sniffing, they will avoid going near that area, let alone digging.

Thus, even though cayenne peppers do not harm dogs, they might irritate them to quite an extent. As a result, it can be used as a dog repellant to keep them away from potential digging surfaces around your house.

Does cayenne pepper deter dogs from digging?

Yes, cayenne pepper most definitely deters your dogs from digging. With a few exceptions, most dogs can’t tolerate the smell of cayenne pepper.

Therefore, if you want to deter your dogs from digging around your home, sprinkle a few pinches of cayenne pepper in the potential digging areas where your pet dogs usually go for digging.

If you think a few pinches are not working as an effective repellant, apply more cayenne pepper to the holes and crates.

This would make your pet dog well-aware of the presence of cayenne pepper in that particular area by making them sneeze a couple of times.

Thus, your furry little friend will avoid the area once it detects the presence of cayenne pepper, which will also deter it from digging all around your house.  

3 reasons why cayenne pepper stops dogs from digging

There are quiet a handful of reasons why the cayenne pepper deters the dogs. Let’s get to know them.

Burning sensation to eyes:

Cayenne pepper is quite hot and spicy in nature. Thus, when dogs come into direct contact with it, the pepper causes a burning sensation in the eyes of the dogs.

This is one of the major reasons why dogs refrain from digging if they detect the presence of cayenne pepper.

Irritates their nostrils:

Cayenne pepper irritates the nostrils of dogs. If they take sniffs amidst the presence of cayenne pepper while digging, they will end up sneezing a couple of times.

Thus, cayenne pepper causes irritation in the nostril region of the dogs, which is another reason behind their avoidance of digging.

Discomfort in the throat:

If dogs end up sniffing the cayenne pepper, it will slowly start affecting their throats as well as their nostrils.

So, they begin to experience severe burning in their throat. Thus, once they sense the presence of cayenne pepper in any particular area, they strictly avoid it.

What happens if a dog licks cayenne pepper?

Once you dog licks the pepper, it will start to get some reactions. What are those? Let’s get to know them.

Issues in the digestive system:

Consumption of a small amount of cayenne pepper would not cause that many issues for your dog. However, if a dog licks quite a bit of cayenne pepper, it might cause severe issues in its digestive system.

Additionally, formation of gas is one of the major issues that can cause immense pain to your dog once it licks cayenne pepper.

Untimely pains in the stomach:

Licking cayenne pepper might cause an untimely pain in your dog’s stomach. This might make them nauseous, for which they won’t be willing to eat any kind of food.

Heartburn and Ingestion:

Heartburn and ingestion are two common problems that a dog can face if it ends up licking cayenne pepper. This heartburn and ingestion caused by the cayenne pepper can also lead to other health problems as well.

Vomiting and Diarrhea:

The dogs might start vomiting once they end up licking a moderate amount of cayenne pepper. This might lead to diarrhea as well, making your dog weak and fragile.

Thus, if you think your dog has swallowed quite an amount of cayenne pepper, take it to the vet as soon as possible.

How to stop a dog from digging with cayenne pepper?

Let’s take a look at the step-by-step instructions for using cayenne pepper to stop a dog from digging:

Identify the areas that are prone to digging:

The first and most important thing you should do to stop your dog from digging is to identify potential areas where your dog is prone to digging.

Look for any region where the soil is a bit sandy and refined. Make sure to check the backyard and lawn carefully for any holes or crates.

Follow your dog’s movements:

The second thing that you have to do in order to prevent your dog from digging is follow the movements of your dog.

This will help you to keep track of where your pet usually spends time when playing in the lawn and other areas around the house. Mark the exact digging points where your pet usually keeps digging around.

Put the cayenne pepper in:

Once you have marked the exact spots where your dog usually digs, sprinkle cayenne pepper on those areas.

You can either make a spray of cayenne pepper or apply its powder to the holes and crates. You can also directly apply cayenne pepper by cutting it into small pieces.

Apply it on a weekly or monthly basis:

Check whether or not the cayenne pepper is still there in the holes and crates.

You can either check it on a weekly or monthly basis, as once dogs can detect the presence of cayenne pepper in a particular region, they avoid those areas strictly for quite a long period of time as long as the pepper is there.

Check the effectiveness of the repellent:

Make sure to check the effectiveness of the cayenne pepper and whether it is actually working to repel the dogs from digging or not.

If you think that the amount of cayenne pepper that you applied previously is not enough, apply some more cayenne pepper in order to make the repellent even stronger and more effective.

Final Thoughts

Cayenne peppers will undoubtedly deter your dog from digging. Because dogs mostly dislike the fragrance of cayenne pepper, it irritates them. Considering dogs have a keen sense of smell, they will instinctively avoid digging in those areas where the scent of cayenne pepper has been detected.