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What Is Considered High Pile Carpet? (Answered)

Carpet is a household fiber product that is used to cover floors. Carpets come in handy if you want to save your feet from feeling the cold of the floor in the winter.

Carpets also make sitting on the floor more comfortable. Today, we are going to discuss and find out what high pile carpet is.

What is considered high pile carpet?

If the height of a carpet’s pile is greater than 12.7 millimeters and smaller than 19.05 millimeters, then it is usually considered as a high pile carpet. High pile carpet comes with a fluffy texture that feels incredibly soft and comfortable under the feet.

There is a layer of fiber loops that is situated on top of the carpet. This layer of fiber is known as the pile of the carpet. The height of this fiber loop can vary depending on the type of carpet.

Usually, a high pile carpet’s pile height ranges from 12.7 millimeters to 19.05 millimeters. If your carpet’s pile falls in this range, then you have a high pile carpet.

High pile carpets also come with a soft texture on it that looks elegant and beautiful. It is also great at providing comfort to your feet.

One of the setbacks of high pile carpets is that they work as dirt and dust magnet. It makes them vulnerable against garbage materials. It is important that you vacuum your high pile carpet regularly.

But high pile carpets are known for being a durable variety of carpet. You will need to rearrange the furniture of the house once in a while to stop your high pile carpet from flattening.

What is a pile in the carpet? What does high pile carpet look like?

Carpets have many variations. One of these varieties is made on the basis of pile. A pile in the carpet is made of the side of the carpet that faces upwards.

Basically, the soft side of the carpet that touches our feet is the pile of the carpet. The high or low loops of fabric that you feel below your feet when you step on the carpet is its pile.

If the pile on the carpet is slightly tall and loose, then it is considered a high pile carpet. High pile carpets will also feel softer under the feet. It will also look fluffier to the eyes with an elegant appearance.

Is high pile carpet good? What is a good pile height for carpet?

High pile is a good choice if you seek comfort in your home. High pile carpets have taller and looser loops of fibers that make them more comfortable than other variety of carpets.

High carpet also looks more elegant and beautiful than other carpets because of its fluffy texture. If you are someone who prefers carpet flooring every season of the year, then high pile carpet can be a good choice for you.

You can measure your pile height to find out what type of carpet you possess. Generally, if the pile is shorter than 6.35 millimeters, then it is a low pile carpet.

If your pile has a carpet whose pile is taller than 6.35 millimeters and shorter than 12.7 millimeters, then you have a medium pile carpet. And the high pile carpets have a pile that is taller than 12.7 millimeters and shorter than 19.05 millimeters.

There is no specific pile height that is labelled as a good height for carpet. A good pile height depends on what the user prefers.

How can you tell if you have a high pile carpet?

If you are confused about whether you have a high pile carpet or not, you can follow some tricks to find out which one it is. First of all, a high pile carpet will have a fluffier and more elegant appearance compared to other carpets.

When you touch the carpet with your feet or hands, you will also feel a softer texture on the high pile carpets.

You can also measure the height of pile of your carpet to be absolutely sure about its type.

A high pile carpet’s pile usually has a height of 6.35 millimeters to 12.7 millimeters. If your carpet possesses this pile height, then you have a high pile carpet.

What are the types of high pile carpets?

There are different types of high pile carpers available in the market. Let’s discuss in detail about some of them.

High cut pile carpets:

The high cut pile carpets are the most famous types of high pile carpets. They have a unique texture that is soothing to the eyes.

One special thing about high cut pile carpet is that all the fibers on this carpet have the same height and are open ended. They are one of the most easy to clean high pile carpets because of their open ended fibers.

High looped pile carpets:

The fibers on the high looped pile carpets make an individual loop on their own. This loopy texture makes them unique from other high pile carpets.

But this texture is also responsible for making them harder to clean compared to other types of high pile carpets. High looped pile carpets is not recommended for heavy use.

High patterned pile carpets:

High patterned pile carpets are a combination of cut pile and looped pile carpet. So they offer the best and the worst of both the worlds.

If you are struggling to decide between cut pile and looped pile carpet, high patterned pile carpets can be a safe choice.

What are the pros and cons of high pile carpet?

A high pile carpet offers excellent featured in some areas while it falls in other areas. Let’s discuss in detail about the pros and cons of high pile carpet.



A high pile carpet has a rich appearance that looks elegant and soothing to the eyes. If decoration of the floor is your main concern, a high pile carpet can be your savior.


A high pile carpet also feels really soft because it has taller and looser loops of fibers compared to other carpets. You can even lie down on it all day because of the comfort it provides.

Limiting ability:

A high pile carpet is excellent at controlling the noise of your house by limiting it. It is also able to control the coldness of your home by decreasing its impact.


The texture of a high pile carpet might be soft, it possesses a certain level of rigidity inside it. You can not easily flatten a high pile carpet and it offers you greater durability compared to other carpets.


Cleaning problem:

A high pile carpet is not the best option for high traffic areas. It works as dirt and dust magnet making it difficult to clean. If you do not enjoy cleaning your carpet regularly, then a high pile carpet is not a wise choice for you.

Allergy problem:

A high pile carpet can become the hub of allergies. It is not ideal for your house if the residents have different kinds of allergy. It can even cause allergy problems for your pet animals.

How to maintain high pile carpet?

Maintaining a high pile carpet can be easily done if you follow certain steps and methods. Let’s discuss in detail about them.

Rearrange furniture:

The high pile carpet is most often flatten by the weight of your furniture. You will need to rearrange the furniture once in a while to give your high pile carpet recovery time. Otherwise, the flatten area will get a chance to regain its shape.

Rearrange the carpet:

You can also rearrange your high pile carpet after it has been installed in a position for some time. Rearranging the carpet will give the most pressurized area of the carpet a chance to recover.

Rearranging the carpet sounds a lot more difficult than rearranging the furniture. But it is more effective in the long run.

Vacuum the carpet:

High pile carpet works as a special attraction of dirt and dust. That is why you will have to vacuum your high pile carpet on a daily basis to keep it free from excessive dirt and dust.

Protect the high traffic areas:

All parts of your high pile carpet do not deal with the same kind of pressure. There are certain areas of the carpet that come under the feet most often because of its position.

These high traffic areas need extra attention and should be vacuumed more often than other areas. You can place mats and rugs on these areas to protect them from flattening earlier than expected.

Final Thoughts

A carpet whose pile’s height is 12.7 millimeters or more is considered to be a high pile carpet. A high pile carpet needs constant care because of its taller and looser fiber loops. It does not do well in high traffic areas. But it gives great comfort to one’s feet.