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Transitional 5-Bedroom 2-Story Home with Courtyard Parking for 6 Cars (Floor Plan)


  • 5,388 Sq Ft
  • 5 Beds
  • 4.5+ Baths
  • 2 Stories
  • 6 Cars

Ah, to dream a little dream!

Or in this case, a big, sprawling, 5,388 square foot dream. If you’ve ever imagined what it’s like to live in luxury without actually living in a castle, then buddy, pull up a chair (preferably one of those with a plush cushion).

Let’s embark on a whimsical tour of a home plan that offers more than just four walls and a roof.

Imagine rolling into your abode, not with a mere driveway, but with a courtyard that casually mentions, “Oh, these? Just my matching 3-car garages.”

It’s the sort of entrance that not only screams sophistication but also humbly whispers, “Yeah, I’ve got space for all my cars…and maybe even that random boat I’ll buy on a whim.”

And just as you’re soaking in this grandeur, those gable roofs atop three majestic window sets offer a contemporary wink, inviting you inside.

As you enter, a curved stairway beckons, almost like the grand staircase from every romantic movie you’ve ever watched. To the left? A cozy living room, complete with a fireplace for those Instagram-worthy winter nights.

To the right? A dining room waiting for laughter, clinking glasses, and that one relative who has a bit too much wine and spills the family secrets.

Ah, the great room – it’s called “great” for a reason. Equipped with a fireplace, this space is perfect for heart-to-heart talks, game nights, or simply lounging.

The adjoining kitchen features a robust island, ideal for brunch spreads or a wine and cheese night.

And guess what? This kitchen boasts views of not one, but two fireplaces. Yes, you can literally make a sandwich while enjoying the warmth from two sides. Talk about multitasking!

Got Zoom meetings? Or perhaps a side hustle writing about quirky home features? The home office, with French door access to the side porch, ensures you’re not stuck staring at a blank wall.

Wave to your neighbors, get some fresh air, and maybe let the world know that you occasionally wear pajamas below that formal shirt.

The master suite, folks, is where magic happens. (And by magic, I mean the luxurious act of sleeping.) Featuring a tray ceiling and a bathroom with five fixtures (count ’em!), it’s opulence at its finest. But the pièce de résistance?

A spiral stair leading to the basement (perfect for sneaky midnight snack runs) and a door to a private patio with a hot tub. Stressful day? Just soak it away.

Four bedrooms lie upstairs, symmetrically flanking the family room. Perfect for kids, guests, or that extensive hat collection you never knew where to store.

And oh, a laundry room, because even in fantasy houses, clothes don’t wash themselves.

If you thought this was it, think again! There’s an optional basement. Yes, another 2,614 square feet of sheer amusement. Want a home theater?

Done. A playroom with a slide? Absolutely. And ‘more’? Well, that’s limited only by your imagination (and perhaps budget).

In conclusion, this 5-bed transitional home is what dreams are made of – a perfect blend of luxury, comfort, and style.

And if anyone asks, “Who needs six parking spaces?” Just tell them, “Someone who’s living their best life, that’s who.” Cheers to dreaming big!

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