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Small White Worms in House: What Are They? (With Solution!)

House worms are disturbing and disgusting also. Sometimes, these worms come from waste materials. Sometimes, you might don’t know where these worms come from. You might have seen white worms in your house and in different places of your house.

You might want to repel these worms. But you have to know what type of worms they are. So, you might be confused about what these white worms are in your house. After knowing which worms these are, you can apply different processes to repel them.

What are the little white worms in my house?

Generally, white little worms in your house are maggots. Maggots are flies. Maggots are so common that you might see these worms in different places in your house. Even you can see them in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and other places. So, repelling these worms is essential.

Generally, white worms are pretty common and are seen everywhere. These insects don’t only make a place dirty, they also make your house unhygienic. Because these worms can travel through the whole house.

For example, you might see these worms in the kitchen and the bathroom. So, seeing them everywhere makes them more disgusting.

Maggots are the most common white worms. Generally, maggots are larva and become flies when they grow up. These worms can live in water too. That’s why if you want to repel them with water, they will not go away. So, repelling maggots is pretty difficult.

These white worms can create a lot of problems. So, if you don’t repel them effectively, they might spread through the house.

So, they will also carry germs with them in different places in your house. So, once these white worms invade your house, they can make the whole house a nasty place.

Why are there small white worms in my house?

You might see small white worms in your house. Even they might be in different places. Generally, these small white worms are maggots. So, let’s see why these small white worms are in different places in your house.


White worms in the kitchen comes from the waste of food. Generally, when there is a rotten or waste food item in your kitchen, flies come to the food and lay eggs there.

From the eggs, the larva of the flies form. These larvae become the white worms that you can see in your kitchen.

Bathroom Shower:

Generally, drain flies prefer the damp and slimy environment of the bathroom shower. Especially the pipes of the bathroom. So, these flies lay eggs and the larva of the flies become the skinny small white worms.


Like the bathroom pipes, sink pipes are also damp and slimy. So, drain flies prefer this place and produce small white worms in the sink pipe as well as sink. Moreover, if you keep waste food items in the sink, maggots will be there.


Moth larvae are common in the carpet. These worms generally feed on the protein found in carpet wood or silk. So, they can spread through the carpet. Even they can live some days there.


Like the carpet, cloth moth larva and pinworms can be in the bedroom. These white worms feed on the cloth protein. These cloth moths lay eggs on the clothes of your bedroom and become white worms on some days.

Beds & Bed Sheets:

Cloth moths are the most common insects in beds and bedsheets. These moths lay eggs on the beds and bedsheets. On some days, these eggs form into small white worms. These worms are so disgusting that they can make the bed nasty and dirty.

Garbage Can:

Maggots are the most common white worms found in the garbage can. Generally, these maggots live on the waste of food and other waste materials. Even they can live up to one week. So, waste materials attract these small white worms.

Garden Soil:

White worms are generally larvae of fungus gnats in garden soil. These white worms can live in the soil and can harm the roots of plants. They will come to the soil for taking protein from the plants. But these are harmful to the soil and the plants.

Laundry Room:

Generally, white worms can be in the laundry room in search of filth. Moreover, if there are any food ingredients in the dirty clothes of the laundry room, cloth moths will come. These moths will produce white worms in the form of larvae.


If your house wall is related to rotten food, feces, or a decaying animal, white worms will invade the walls.

These small white worms will spread through the walls in search of this rotten food. Generally, flies will sit on this rotten food and produce these worms.


Pantry moths are commonly found in flour, cereal, pet food, and other dry goods. They will lay eggs on these food ingredients. These eggs will turn into white worms in some days. These worms are so disgusting that they will spoil these ingredients.


Pot moths or fungus gnats will lay eggs in the soil of the house plants. These eggs will form larvae and these larvae will become white worms that can harm the root of the houseplants.

Where do small white worms come from?

Small white worms are pretty look-alike. So, you might think that all these worms come from the same place. But these worms can come from different places and animals. So, let’s see where these small white worms come from.


Small white worms generally come from different types of moths. For example, some worms might come from cloth moths and some from fungus gnats.

When these moths lay eggs on something, these eggs become larvae and these larvae are the white worms.

Generally, white larvae can live up to some days. That’s why these larvae look like other insects. But these worms will turn into flies after some days.


Like the moths, flies also lay eggs and produce larvae. Generally, maggots are the most common white worms that are found everywhere. So, maggots come from the flies’ larvae.

Waste materials:

All types of waste materials are the best place for white worms. So, you can say that small white worms come from waste materials. Though these worms are the larvae of flies and moths, these worms live on waste food and rotten things.

Sometimes, any insects or animals lose its life and small white worms invad them. So, white worms like damp and waste materials. So, where there is a rotten thing in your house, small white worms will be there.

How to get rid of small white worms in my house?

If you want to get rid of white worms in your house, you have to follow some processes. Because sometimes these worms are so adaptable to the environment that you can’t repel them easily. So, let’s see how you can get rid of small white worms.

Hot water:

Hot water is pretty effective to get rid of small white worms. But the water must have to be pretty hot. Pour the hot water in the sink pipe, bathroom, and other wet places where you see these worms. The worms will be repelled immediately.

Vinegar mixture:

You can make a vinegar mixture to terminate the pantry and kitchen moth. Mix water, vinegar, and peppermint oil. Make a mixture and spray this mixture on the white worms. This will terminate the worms.

Moreover, throw away all the waste food materials and pantry items where you saw the worms.

Thorough cleaning:

The first rule to prevent white worms is to keep things clean. Because flies and worms come to the filthy things.

Moreover, these worms will spread soon if you don’t clean the place where they live. You have to repel these worms and clean the place so that they can’t spread.

Otherwise, dirty things will attract these worms. So, keep your kitchen, bedroom, beds, and bedsheets clean to prevent worms.


If your house has a place where you can’t pour hot water or vinegar, you can use insecticide to get rid of small white worms. You can sprinkle some salt on the worms and then spray the insecticide. This will repel the white worms immediately.

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What do worms dislike?

Worms dislike a list of things and keeps themselves out of the sight of those things. You can use those things to keep your place fresh of worms. Those are:

  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Citrus
  • Cheese
  • Animal waste

Along with these you can also use butter to keep the worms out of your house.

Final Thoughts

Small white worms are commonly maggots. These white worms can spread easily and make our house dirty. Moreover, worms carry germs with them. So, repelling these worms is essential. Besides, these little white worms come from flies and live in waste food and dirty places.