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Single-Story 4-Bedroom Modern Farmhouse With Spacious Front Porch (Floor Plan)


  • 1,843 Sq Ft
  • 4 Beds
  • 2 Baths
  • 1 Stories
  • 2 Cars

Oh, reader, have you ever dreamed of a farmhouse?

No, not the kind with chickens squawking at 5 am (unless that’s your thing – no judgment here).

I’m talking about the stylish, cozy, and oh-so-trendy modern farmhouse that’s all the rage these days.

Picture this: a spacious abode with all the modern amenities, yet with the soul of a 100-year-old barn. Intrigued?

Buckle up, buttercup; we’re going on a house tour!

Stepping onto this property, your eyes are immediately drawn to the decorative gable sitting proudly atop the 6’4”-deep front porch.

It’s almost like the house is wearing a fashionable hat.

And, let’s be real: we could all use a porch in our lives, especially one that seems perfect for sipping a cup of morning joe or enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon.

But wait! Before you even get to the front door, you’ll be captivated by the forward-facing 2-car garage.

“Why?” you ask.

Apart from housing your rides, this isn’t just any regular old garage.

Boasting three storage closets (two at the back and one on the side), there’s a place for everything.

Say goodbye to the days of tripping over garden tools and old paint cans.

And for those of you with a penchant for seasonal decorations or hiding presents from nosy kids, the pull-down stairs lead to additional storage above.

And let’s not forget that decorative window – it’s like the cherry atop an architectural sundae!

Venture inside, and you’re greeted by an expansive open concept area.

The great room, equipped with a heartwarming fireplace, sits at the front.

Here, memories will be made, stories shared, and inevitably, someone will spill wine.

But that’s what memories are made of, right?

Separating this room from the kitchen and dining area is a beam in the ceiling – a subtle yet effective division.

No longer will you shout dinner announcements; a simple gaze over the room will beckon everyone to the table.

And for those of you who love the outdoors but also appreciate a roof overhead (because unpredictable weather, right?), there’s a 260-square-foot covered porch at the back.

Perfect for BBQs, sunsets, or gazing at stars, this porch guarantees your home’s livability doesn’t stop at the back door.

The master suite is strategically located on the right side of the home, ensuring privacy when you need it.

And here’s the kicker: ever had a laundry epiphany in the middle of the night?

You’re in luck.

The master closet has direct access to the laundry room!

No more lugging heavy baskets across the house.

It’s the kind of thoughtful design that makes you think, “Why hasn’t everyone been doing this?”

Now, let’s venture to the other side.

Three sizeable bedrooms await, each boasting walk-in closets.

That’s right; every family member gets their sanctuary.

Sharing a contemporary bath, it’s the perfect space for kids, guests, or that cousin who promises they’re only crashing for “a couple of days.”

So, there you have it, folks.

A modern farmhouse dream packed neatly under 2000 square feet.

With 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, and plenty of style, it proves that big dreams don’t necessarily need a lot of space.

In fact, sometimes the best things come in 1,843-square-foot packages!

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