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Single-Story 4-Bedroom Craftsman-Influenced Farmhouse with Vaulted Great Room (Floor Plan)


  • 2,300 Sq Ft
  • 4 Beds
  • 2.5 Baths
  • 1 Stories
  • 3 Cars

Well hello, future homeowner (or house-admirer), and welcome to a cozy corner of architectural nirvana.

Let’s take a stroll through this 2,300 sq ft slice of heaven, shall we?

Pulling up to this 4-bedroom craftsman-influenced farmhouse, you’ll immediately be struck by its charismatic blend of board and batten, clapboard siding, and stone accents. It’s the kind of house that looks like it’d offer you a cup of tea and a scone before you even step in.

And let’s not forget that cheeky 7′-deep covered porch with a decorative window wink from the gable above – talk about making an entrance!

Ah, the foyer! The doorway to every home’s soul. This one, my friend, promises tantalizing views of the vaulted great room and a glimpse of the beckoning rear porch.

But the real show-stealer? Those barn doors to your left. Perfect for when you’re taking a sneaky midday nap… I mean, a very important video conference in your home office.

Venture a bit further and behold the kitchen that dreams are made of. Can’t you just picture yourself leaning against the 4′ by 8′ island, sipping your morning coffee while gazing at the dancing flames of the fireplace? Or perhaps rummaging through the walk-in pantry, debating between cookies and crisps. Oh, decisions!

Now, about those bedrooms. The master suite sits all regal-like on the right, probably plotting how to pamper its lucky inhabitants. And if you ever wondered what luxury feels like, it’s direct access from your walk-in closet to the laundry room. Goodbye, floor-drobe; hello, convenience!

Meanwhile, on the other side of the kingdom, three other bedrooms are having a little slumber party, sharing stories and a bath.

Let’s talk about that 3-car garage – because three is always better than two, right? And right off it? A mudroom! It’s the unsung hero of every home, offering lockers and standing valiantly against the tide of clutter. Bless its organized heart.

If you’re anything like me, the words “bonus room” send shivers of delight down your spine. But it comes with a twist!

To get this party started, we’ve got some changes to make: a garage roof pitch adjustment and a ceiling height drop. Trust me; it’s like contouring for houses. The dormer, peeking out at the front, becomes the cherry on top, ensuring the room is as functional as it is fabulous.

In conclusion, this isn’t just a house; it’s a homey masterpiece. A craftsman-influenced, farmhouse-style, utterly dreamy abode.

If houses could take selfies, this one would break the internet. So, are you ready to move in, or should we tour it again?

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