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Should You Wallpaper a Whole Room or Just an Accent Wall?

You can use wallpaper on any kind of wall. They’re cheap and pretty. Picking the right wallpaper for the perfect place is harder than you think. Nice wallpaper can change the look of your room.

Should you wallpaper a whole room or just an accent wall?

There are several ways you can wallpaper a room. You can wallpaper the entire room or just an accent wall. Both options are appealing. Whatever you decide, you must have a good understanding of color combinations and design. You can hire an expert to help you.

If you want to change the look of your room on a budget, then wallpaper is your best option. You can easily apply them to your walls. They are also easy to remove. One of the benefits of wallpaper is that you can use it on any wall. 

You can choose a wallpaper from a design in a lot of ways, so you can do something creative. You can apply wallpaper to an entire wall or just to an accent wall.

Accent walls are the coolest part of a wall. Wallpaper accents can make a wall look even better. You can put wallpaper only on accent walls. Just leave the rest blank. It would not ruin the room.

In contrast, wallpaper can be applied to the entire wall of a room with an accent wall since accent walls are a bit different from wallpaper. It’s important to consider the design and color combination of accent walls and normal walls. 

The size of a room can appear small or large depending on the design and color used. When you use wallpaper on an entire wall, if you don’t do it right, it can look tacky.

Is it OK to wallpaper just one wall?

You can wallpaper just one wall. You can enhance the beauty of the room by choosing the right wall and applying wallpaper. If you’re just going to do wallpaper, then the Accent wall should go there. An accent wall makes a room stand out. 

Usually, the accent wall is what you want to focus on when you enter a room. There are no windows on this wall. This part of the room is fully visible.

An accent wall keeps your attention on one side of the room. So you can only have one wallpaper on it. In the case of wallpapering any one wall instead of an accent wall, you will ruin the appearance of the room.

Does wallpaper on one wall make a room look smaller?

The size of the room may seem small or big depending on the design and color combination of the wallpaper. If you don’t use the right pattern, color, and texture, the room will seem smaller. However, single wallpaper doesn’t always make a room look small

You can take the help of a professional if you’re doing accent wall e wallpaper.

If you’re choosing accent wallpaper, pick a color that matches the rest of the room. If you have a white room, then you should use a color that looks good with white. Bright colors work better than dark colors. If you use dark colors, it makes the room look smaller. 

Put the ones that have the pattern of the wallpaper on the accent wall. Using the scale specified in the pattern Improper perspective makes the walls look smaller. However, the overall Accent wall wallpaper will make the room seem bigger. 

But you need to know how to choose the right wallpaper.

How many walls in a room should you wallpaper? What affects the decision?

Wallpaper comes in a bunch of designs. Various ways to attach them to the wall. You could just wallpaper the accent wall and leave the rest blank. There are also options for wallpapering two, three, or all the walls. Here’s how to make decisions.

Wallpapering Single wall:

You can put wallpaper on one wall of the room. When you just want wallpaper on a wall, do an accent wall on it. That’s the most important part of the room. To make the accent wall more noticeable, apply wallpaper only here and leave the rest of the walls blank. 

And that will be the most beautiful part of the room. Unfortunately, if you put wallpaper on one wall without choosing the right color and selection, the room may look small.

Wallpapering two walls: 

It’s not a good idea to wallpaper the two walls. Leaving two walls blank and putting wallpaper on the other one makes two accent walls. The problem is, there is not more than one accent in a room. 

You can still do wallpaper on either side of the corner, focusing on a specific angle based on the texture of the room. However, what you cannot do in this case is use the same wallpaper on both walls facing each other. 

Rather than having wallpaper on the two walls, let’s keep the whole room wallpaper-free.

Wallpapering All walls:

Adding wallpaper to all the walls in a room is fashionable right now. The room looks better if you just use wallpaper and not paint. However, you cannot use the same type of wallpaper for all four walls. You must select an accent wall. 

The accent wall has to have a different type of wallpaper. Using four wallpapers correctly will make your room look bigger. Make sure to do it correctly.

How to choose the wallpaper for an accent wall?

Consider the color first when choosing wallpaper for Accent. Select colors that reflect your personality and preferences. Match the wallpaper to the rest of the room’s color scheme. You should also pay attention to the ceiling color.  

Make use of matching colors and patterns instead of solid colors. The majority of people do not want to use bold colors on their walls, but when you think of Accent Don’t be scared of bold colors.

To make an accent seem more like an accent, the texture is particularly significant. Consider moving fashion and your preferences when choosing a texture. For pattern selection, choose wallpaper with large patterns if the room is very large. 

Also, make sure the wall you want to accent has all the characteristics of an accent wall.

How to wallpaper an accent wall? 

Wallpaper is an easy task to apply. Even those who have never painted before can easily do it. Make sure you choose the right accent wall before you install wallpaper on it. Determine how long and how wide the wall is. 

Select the right number of wallpaper rolls based on the size of the wall. Pick out a wallpaper that suits your preferences. 

Cut the wallpaper in size:

Put polythene on the floor before cutting the wallpaper. Set the tape measure aside. Cut the wallpaper to the desired size. Be careful when cutting it. For wallpapers with a specific pattern, it should be the same pattern at the time of cutting in all wallpapers. 

It is vital for a good wallpaper installation.

Place the mark on the wall:

Mark the wall according to the wallpaper’s width. Level the wall according to that mark and draw horizontally. You can use a laser leveler to adjust the level.

Spray the wallpaper:

The spray needs to be applied properly to make sure it fits the wall perfectly. The wallpaper must be spread individually. Afterward, spray on the wallpaper. Maximum wallpaper comes with a water-activated adhesive base. 

You must, however, ensure the spray reaches every part of the area after spraying, no matter what type of base you use.

Affix it to the wall:

Put up the wallpaper now. Apply the wallpaper using the pre-marked mark on the wall. Place the upper part of the wallpaper first. Use a silicone roller to press the wallpaper to the wall. Using a sharp blade, trim the excess at the top and bottom of the slide after it has been fitted.

Repeat the process of applying the wallpaper. Finally, cut out a piece of wallpaper on that wall to the size of the outlet. Take some time to let it dry.

Final Thought

You can wallpaper your entire room or just an accent wall. Both options are very trendy at the moment. You need to make the right combination with the color scheme of the room if the accent wallpaper is to be used. Put an accent on something exceptional when you are doing wallpaper for a whole room.