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Should a Backsplash Go Around a Window? (Read This First!)

The wall back to your cooker or sink can get easily ruined by splashing water and oils. If the wall has no protection over it, the splashes are likely to cause discoloration.

Backsplash can prevent the wall from getting discolored by giving the wall a layer of protection.

Following below information and tips regarding backsplash around a window and its best outcomes would give you an idea on installing the backsplash.

Should a backsplash go around a window?

A backsplash should go around a window. Well, if the sink or the cooker is located right in front of the window, you have no other choice but to backsplash around the window. Backsplash would protect the wall around the window from getting damaged by the splashes, oils, grease, and dirt.

The backsplash is nothing but a panel or a layer of material that protects the wall from getting damaged by the splashes of water, oils, grease, and kitchen dirt.

Using backsplash is now a trend to decorate the kitchen as well. You can use tiles, wood, or other materials to create a backsplash.

Well, you can put designed tiles to make the appearance more attractive. As long as the wall is protected, any material would do good as a backsplash.

Many kitchens do not contain any windows. In that case, only putting a backsplash on the wall is enough. Going for full tiles is trendy nowadays.

If the stove or the sink is installed just before the window, you have to backsplash around the window.

Well, the window can be located in a higher place or a few inches higher than the countertop. In any case, you would need to backsplash all around the window.

The backsplash is provided to protect the back wall. Even if the window is there, the wall beneath the window needs to be protected.

Also, the wall around the windows is not safe from splashes. You should protect all around the wall. You can either go for a full tile or a half tile on the wall.

Full tile would give a beautiful appearance with a protective surface. This is way more elegant. On the other hand, if the budget is low, you can go for a half tile.

This would also give protection if you put the tiles up to enough height. In any case, you need to cover everything around the window.

3 reasons why should backsplash go around the window

The backsplash is required if you want to secure a good wall. You can either put backslash all around or up to a certain height.

Well, if you want to go for a full tile, the budget has to be in your favor. If the budget is low, the full tile would be too expensive to go with.

A full backsplash around the window gives certain benefits than covering only up to a certain height. Some of the benefits of putting a backsplash all around the window are listed below.

Protect the wall:

The main use of backsplash is to protect the wall from splashes. Well, the splash of water, oils, grease, or kitchen stuff can create marks on the wall.

Not just a mark, rather cause discoloration. With time, the discoloration would get worse. Apart from that, cleaning the wall would spread the grease and dirt.

A perfect appearance can get ruined. Putting backsplash would protect the wall from getting splashed with stuff and creating marks. Full protection of the wall all around the window can be secured.

Improve appearance:

One can also use a backsplash up to a certain height instead of using it all around the window.

Well, putting the backsplash all around the window would give a beautiful appearance to the kitchen. If you are using decorative tiles in case of a backsplash, you are at no loss.

The backsplash would create a natural shiny environment in the room. As a result, the whole kitchen can get a classier appearance overall.

Easy to clean:

Keeping the wall open without using a backsplash can easily get the wall to get dirtier. The dirt on the wall would go black with time.

Apart from that, the splashes would create marks all over the wall. Cleaning the wall is more difficult. Cleaning would rather worsen the marks.

If you use the backsplash, it can be cleaned easily. You can clean all around the window without putting in much effort. The appearance would remain as new as before.

Where to end backsplash around the window?

You can end the backsplash near the window sill or right beside the edge of the window frame. Well, you can put a backsplash all around the window from top to bottom.

This would rather protect the surrounding wall of the window. As a result, the wall can be protected.

Well, placing the backsplash can be done after finishing the kitchen instalment. You should place the backsplash after placing the window to get everything right.

The backsplash should be started from the countertop. Near the window, the backsplash should not cover the window. Instead, the surrounding should be covered.

The backsplash should end on the edges of the window or side sill of the window. Make sure the backsplash does not have any extension left. Extensions would rather cover up the window. Cut the extensions after doing a proper measurement.

Should the backsplash goes all the way up around the window? How high should a backsplash go?

You can install a backsplash all the way up around the window or up to to the height of 4 to 6 inches from the countertop. Well, putting the backsplash all the way up can indeed multiply the beauty of the kitchen.

Moreover, it is expensive too. In case of a tight budget, it is better to put backsplash up to a certain height.

A backsplash can be installed up to 4 to 6 inches in height from the countertop. It depends on the budget. For a very low budget, you should go with a 4-inch backsplash.

Well, if you are going with tiles, the size of the tiles would also influence the height. You should consider the end of the tile too.

How to finish the backsplash around the window?

Backsplash can be done with tiles or wood or other materials. Well, using tiles is easier and more beneficial.

As the appearance would become more attractive. You should not install backsplash abruptly. If you do, there is a chance of messing it all up.

You can follow the below steps to get an idea of finishing the backsplash around the window.

Measure the space:

The first thing to do is measure the space around the window. Well, you need to have a proper idea of how many tiles would be required for the backsplash.

Sometimes, you may need to cut the tiles near the edge. In that case, measuring would give you an idea of the required sized tiles.

Put backsplash tiles:

After doing the proper measurement, it is time to set up tiles. While setting up tiles you should start from the centreline and finish at the edge of the wall.

When you start from the centreline, the tiles on the centre are set smoothly. On the other hand, the tiles on the edges may need to be cut.

It would be easier as it is not in the centre. Also, both the edges would look the same. Near the side, the sill follows the same order. From the sides to edges. The edges should look the same in sequence.

How to backsplash around kitchen window?

Backsplash around the kitchen window would require a lot of your time. You need to measure all around. From the windows to the height of the cabinets.

Everything should be measured precisely. After measuring you can mark the places from where to start and where to end.

You should start putting backsplash tiles from the centreline to the edge. Well, you need to cut the tiles if required. The tiles on the edges should be of the same size.

That’s why starting from the centreline is necessary. On the side of the window, you can follow the same order.

The tiles on the edges should be of a similar size. Well, below the window you can start from the centreline, but it is not the same case for sides.

Final Thoughts

Overall, a backsplash can go around a window. If your budget is tight, no need to go for a full tile. Instead, only backsplash up to a certain height. Securing the wall to keep the surroundings as new as before or easy cleaning can only be done by putting a backsplash all around the window.