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How to Cover a Doorway Without Door? (Explained)

Your home reflects your choice and style. But often our requirements and the result don’t match and that can make us really uncomfortable in our own place. 

For example, it’s fine if you decided to have no door in the doorway like a usual house. But without any door-like cover, the place might lack privacy. Thankfully, you can always balance your choice and need just by brainstorming a bit.

If your doorway has no door but you don’t want to expose the whole space at once, you can try some ideas to cover the doorway and at the same time utilize the broad open space. 

Here we’ve talked about some ways to cover a doorway that has no door.

Tips to cover a doorway without door:

You can use curtains to cover a doorway without a door. Cotton curtains, sheer ones, or beaded curtains are great choices to cover a doorway. Apart from curtains, screen dividers or folding screens too can be used to conceal the way. You can use rugs or any wooden décor piece such as a bookshelf.

Your house is your comfort zone and that’s needed to be furnished and decorated keeping your requirements in mind. So just like most houses, you’re not bound to keep a door in the doorway.

But that doesn’t mean it’s okay to keep the doorway open as it will affect your privacy as well as make the interior look incomplete.

The doorway is the entrance to your bedroom, master bed, and other rooms. Generally, it has a door that covers the way to the house and the rooms. But the door can be a problem if you want your house open for kids to roam around and play.

Since kids are restless and energetic they always run and play everywhere. But since the doorway door is usually made heavy, kids can’t open it or can get hurt with it. So there is always a risk of unwanted incidents involving the door.

Handicapped or sick people who rely on a wheelchair can find it troublesome to move within the house if there is a door in the doorway. So if you don’t want a door to block the doorway that’s completely understandable.

Keeping no door in the doorway is fine but you must cover the doorway or it will cost your privacy and the beauty of the house. If you don’t keep it concealed anyone will get a full view of your house just at a glance. Which is not what you want surely.  

So we’ve figured out some ways that can be followed to cover a doorway that has no door. Take a look!

Use Curtains:

Curtains are great alternative to doors if you want to cover your doorway yet want the house to look good.

A pair or two curtains can cover the inside area of your house but won’t act like any obstacle for kids or handicapped members. A curtain will also help to protect your house from harsh sunrays but at the same time let some light peep in. 

Curtains can be made of cotton, synthetic fabric that allows no view, or you can go for transparent fabric too. It’s your decision whether you want the opposite of the doorway looks mysteriously seen or totally hide the view.

To hang a curtain and have a seamless view you can mix and match the curtain shade with the side walls or for an extra charm you can combine the color or pattern with the rest of the interior. 

Beaded strings or curtain:

This can be called curtain and not too. We are talking about the beaded string or beaded curtains that give a reminder of the classic 70s. Though they are old but still can make your house shine if used rightly. 

To keep the doorway out of focus beads can be helpful enough. They create an illusion of the front view reducing the visibility.

It will look decorative as well as serve the purpose to some extent. To make the bead curtain look unique and appealing different colors of beads can be added. 


A wide bookshelf placed in the doorway can solve your problem if you don’t have a door in the doorway.

This is an option that offers you storage, covering, and decoration at the same time. A bookshelf can also be used as a partition between two rooms.

Make sure the bookshelf isn’t too long or bulky. It’s good to keep a sleek yet wide bookshelf that covers the full doorway and blocks almost the view ahead. 

Folding screens:

If you don’t want to get in the mess of drilling or installing rails, you can opt for foldable screens.

It is very easy to operate and use. Folding screens are doors that offer a partial view of the entryway but can block that too whenever needed.

Folding screens can be found in two, three, or four foldable parts. Once you choose the one that’s high and wide enough to hide the rooms, you can set it up just by placing it in the doorway. 

Screen dividers:

Screen dividers or room dividers are quite stylish if you place one at home in the doorway.

They come in 2 and more panels that divide any space when placed. Screen or room divider is similar to folding screens, no need to drill or damage the wall. 

Using a screen divider, you can beautifully make partitions in between the rooms and hide the entryway by opening it at times. It will not occupy an extra space for sliding as these types of dividers are straightforward and plain. 


To add a bohemian look to the house we often rely on rugs and mats. Have you ever thought you can use the rugs to cover the doorway instead of installing a door? 

Well, you certainly can do this as it will not require any extra curtain or cost for making a door.

Pick your favorite rug, if possible match it with the wall shade or interior theme, and place it hanging with a nice rope. You can give the rug a unique cut and shape to make it stand out while hiding your personal space. 

Roman blinds:

Roman blinds or shades are great ideas to use in a doorway that lacks a door as well as privacy. Roman shades are usually placed in a way that’s not used often. 

Using Roman shades will give your house a cover e and at the same time create an ancient vibe.  

What type of curtains is the best alternative to a door?

If you don’t want a door standing in the way of your house entrance, but looking for curtains as alternates, you are on the right track!

Curtains are the best possible alternative to doors. Especially when you want your house to look wide, open yet maintain the needed privacy. There are different types of curtains that you can pick and place in place of the doorway door. 

If you want to block the view totally and the light too, we’d say go for cotton full coverage curtains. A pair of long and wide cotton curtains do a good concealing. 

For a half-visible view, beaded strings or sheer curtains are good options. Beaded strings are decorative and offer a partial view of the rooms. Transparent curtains too make an illusion between the doorway and the open space of the house.

How to make a temporary door without drilling?

Who says you need to do drilling and get in the mess of screws, bolts, and tools to have a door? Sounds impossible but you surely can have a door-like coverage without even making a hole in your wall. 

If you own a doorway with no door but looking for a temporary solution without drilling here are some tips to have that:

Use Folding doors:

Folding doors don’t require any type of installing or drilling in the wall. Folding doors are standing doors. They come in multiple folds and can be used just by placing them on the spot. 

Use stands:

Instead of drilling the walls, you can use stands and hang curtains on the rods. These days many stands are found that are light-weight, sleek, and affordable. 

Place a stand and you can hang your curtains, beaded string, or rugs to use as temporary doors.

Adhesive sliding door:

Sliding door can be installed without drilling too. A few designs come with sliding panels that can be placed without drilling the walls. Install the fittings using the suggested adhesive and get your temporary door. 

Final Thoughts

A doorway with no door can be covered fully or partially by using curtains. You can hang beaded, transparent, or sheer curtains to hide the rooms. Folding doors, rugs, wooden decorative furniture, and sliding doors that can be installed without drilling too can be used in this regard.